801 Articles not accepted as luggage
802 Heavy luggage not permitted to be carried in the chair car of the air-conditioned express and other similar trains
803 Free allowance
804 Booking of luggage
805 Advance booking of luggage
806 Booking of luggage on season tickets
807 Addressing of luggage
808 Packing of luggage
809 Examination of luggage
810 Weighment of luggage
811 Weighment memo
812 Luggage ticket
813 Description of packages to be given on luggage tickets
814 Booked route to be shown on luggage tickets
815 Particulars of tickets/passes to be indicated on luggage tickets
816 Marking tickets/passes on which luggage is booked
817 Booking of luggage when passenger wants to break journey en route
818 Recovery and accountal of luggage charges
819 Booking of certain valuable articles as luggage
820 Booking of bicycles, tricycles and perambulators, etc. as luggage
821 Labelling of luggage
822 Expeditious despatch of luggage
823-824 Transhipment of luggage at junctions
825 Unbooked or partially booked luggage
826 Re-weighment of inward luggage
827 Luggage arriving in advance
828 Free time allowed for luggage
829 Delivery of luggage booked by brake vans
830 Delay to luggage in transit
831 Telegraphing for lost luggage
832 Left luggage and cloak room ticket
833 Delivery of left luggage when cloak room ticket is lost
834 Disposal of unclaimed left luggage
835 Cancelled luggage and cloak room tickets
836 Lockers
837 Recovery of hire charges
838 Accountal of locker's fee and security deposits