401 Military warrants
402 Booking of traffic on warrants
403 Issue of soldier's tickets in exchange of warrant forms B (IAFT. 1707) and C (IAFT. 1707 A)
404 Examination of entries in warrants before issue of soldier's tickets
405-407 Particulars of warrants to be filled in soldier's ticket
408 Issue of return tickets on warrants
409 Entries on soldier's ticket
410 Reservation slip for military personnel travelling on warrants
411 Free allowance of baggage on military warrants
412 Military warrant and ticket form (IAFT. 1752)
413 Correct calculation of fares
414-415 Military certificate forms
416 Military concession forms
417-419 Issue of tickets in exchange of military concession forms
420 Military personnel found travelling on unexchanged warrants
421 Military personnel found travelling with unexchanged certificates and concession forms
422 Military personnel travelling with unexchanged warrant on Guard's certificate
423 Military personnel travelling with unexchanged concession form IAFT. 1720A, IAFT. 1728 or IAFT. 1736 with Guard's certificate
424 Disposal of unexchanged warrants collected by checking staff
425 Military personnel travelling on unexchanged warrants or other forms refusing or unable to pay fares and excess charge
426 Permission to commence journey after date of issue of ticket (IAFT. 1720B)
427 Misuse of military warrants, certificates and concession forms
428 High Official Requisitions
429 Police warrants and Jail requisitions
430 Police and jail officials found travelling on unexchanged police warrants/jail requisitions
431 Privilege ticket orders not transferable
432 Issue of tickets in exchange of privilege ticket orders
433-435 Exchange of privilege ticket orders for tickets of a class/other than that shown in the order
436 Travelling on unexchanged privilege ticket orders
437 Privilege ticket orders not transferable
438 Concession orders
439 Acknowledgement for tickets issued at concessional fares on the authority of concession orders
440 Return tickets at concessional fares on the authority of concession orders
441 Issue of concession certificates to students
442 Exchanging of student concession certificates for tickets
443 Recording of particulars of concession orders on blank paper tickets, luggage tickets, etc.
444 Endorsement on card tickets issued in exchange of certificates and concession forms, etc.
445 Defective warrants, certificates, concession forms,.etc.
446 Return of concession orders issued,
447 Free passes
448 Metal passes
449 Card passes
450 Cheque passes
451 Luggage on passes
452 Issue of privilege passes and privilege ticket orders to Government Ra'ilway Police
453 Emergent police passes
454 Requisition for issue of emergent police passes on home line
455 Grant of free conveyance or otherwise to complainants or witnesses or accused in railway cases
456-457 Responsibility for the correct issue of the emergent police passes
458 Issue of emergent police passes to railway police over other railways
459 Requisition for an emergent police pass on another railway
460 Continuation of journey from one railway to another
461 Check of emergent police passes at ticket checking stations
462 Realisation of charges for emergent police passes
463 Accountal of emergent police passes
464 Daily submission of collected passes
465 Emergent passengers' pass