501 Object of check and collection of tickets
502 Measures for combating tic-kelless travel and check of tickets
503 Ticket nippers
504-505 Provision offences and barricades at stations
506 Checking and nipping of tickets at stations of commencement of journey
507 Children's tickets
508-509 Checking and nipping of platform tickets
510 Collection of tickets
511-512 Cancellation of collected tickets
513-515 Register of collected tickets and Ticket Collector's report
516 Custody of collected tickets
517 Submission of collected tickets, passes, etc., and Ticket Collector's reports
518-519 Submission of journey forms collected from Members of Parliament
520 Check of student concession tickets
521 Check of tickets at ticket checking stations
522 Duties of Traveling Ticket Examiners
523 Checking of unauthorised passengers traveling in compartments reserved for watermen, railway police, postal staff, pay clerks, etc., or Dining Cars, etc.
524 Checking of tickets of lady passengers traveling in compartments reserved for ladies exclusively
525 Examination of paper tickets
526 Return of paper tickets examined
527 Passengers with short distance tickets found traveling in a coach reserved for long distance passengers,
528 Passengers with short distance tickets found traveling by restricted trains
529 Persons traveling in postal vans
530 Mendicants traveling without tickets
531 Checking of tickets and passes of passengers traveling by goods train
532 Powers to remove persons from railway carriages
533 Railway servants authorized to remove passengers from railway carriages
534-536  Fraudulently traveling or attempting to travel without proper pass or ticket
537-539 Traveling without a pass or ticket
540 Arrest of passengers under section 138 of the Railway Act
541-543 Arrest of persons guilty of an offence under section 137 or persons who refuse or fail to pay the charges due under section 138
544-546 Handing over memo
547 Passengers to be made over at headquarter station of railway police
548 Accountal of handing over memo
549 Station staff to assist Traveling Ticket Examiners
550-551 Excess fare ticket
552 Separate excess fare ticket books for local and through traffic
553 Marking of passenger tickets
554 Earnings of Ticket Collectors and Traveling Ticket Examiners
555 Cancellation of excess fare tickets and their disposal
556 Booking of Traveling Ticket Examiners with trains
557 Duties of Traveling Ticket Examiners
558 Check of movement diaries
559 Analysis of cases dealt with by Traveling Ticket Examiners and Ticket Collectors
560  Surprise checks to combat ticket less traveling