601 Arrangements for reservations
602 Procedure for reservation
603 Reservation of air-conditioned AC sleeper and first class berths at the train starting stations
604 Regret slip to show turn for allotment of reserved accommodation
605 Reservation staff to advise passengers of accommodation available by alternative trains
606 Requisition forms to be supplied free of charge
607 Numbering of requisition forms
608 Number to be 'wait-listed' per train
609 Availability of berths/seats to be exhibited
610 Reservation of accommodation on telephone
611 Members of Parliament to confirm telephonic request for reserved accommodation in writing
612 Advance reservation for Members of Parliament and their families
613 Accommodation not to be 'held' for party on request on telephone
614 Reservation to be made by name
615 Number of allotted seats to be shown on tickets
616 Proper upkeep of reservation registers
617 Quota under various heads to be shown on each page of reservation register
618 Clearance of wait-listed passengers
619 Changes in train composition to be advised to reservation offices
620 Unutilized quota to revert to reservation controlling station
621 Intimation to wait-listed passengers when accommodation becomes available before due date
622 Quarterly review of quotas set aside for H.O.R., Defence, etc.
623 First class accommodation set apart for ladies
624 Ladies accommodation in second class sleeper coaches
625 Priority in allotment of air-conditioned AC sleeper and first class berths
626 Display of reservation charts and allotment of berths/seats
627 Reservation booths
628 Test check of accommodation allotted on platform
629 Test check of genuineness of reservations
630 Provision of reserved boards, charts or labels
631 Reservation of berths at intermediate stations
632 Intermediate stations to obtain advance information regarding availability of upper class accommodation,
633 Reservation of berths for return journey
634 Telegrams received from outstations to be registered
635 Facilities to foreign tourists for reservation
636 Release of H.O.R. quota in favour of foreign tourists
637 Permission to entrain from stations other than those from which accommodation is reserved
638 Reservation of accommodation for pass holders
639 Changes in reservation by pass holders
640 Penalties for pass holders who fail to cancel reservations
641 Exemption from payment of reservation fee
642 Recovery of cancellation fee
643 Grant of refund when through service carriages are not attached
644 Occupation of reserved accommodation beyond intermediate station
645 Transfer of tickets on which reservation is made
646 Penalty for transferring tickets for monetary gain
647 Staff authorized to grant, permission to a passenger to occupy a seat/berth
648 Reservation by connecting trains at junctions
649 Validity of reservation tickets
650 Defence personnel not to be allotted berths from general quota
651 R.T.O. to submit statement of accommodation reserved
652 Sleeping accommodation for second class passengers
653 Compartments reserved for attendants
654 Reserved accommodation for prisoners/insane persons
655 Police escort
656-661 Special trains
662 Reservation Against Cancellation
663 Computerisation of reservation System