701 Daily train cash book-cum-summary
702 Supply and pasting of "roneoed lists" and allotment of index numbers
703 Allotment of "index numbers" to new series
704 Posting of the daily train cash book-cum-summary
705 Passenger traffic
706-707 Other coaching traffic
708 Total earnings and the cash on hand
709 Deposit of earnings of each train in the station safe
710-711 Deficiency in cash to be made good
712-713 Closing of daily trains cash-book-cum-summary for the day
714 Certification in the daily trains cash-book-cum-summary and correct remittance of daily cash
715 Station accounts to be kept up-to-date
716 Monthly summary of the daily trains cash-book cum-summary
717 Passenger classification
718 Passenger classification for printed tickets, local and through
719 Monthly summary of non-issued tickets
720 Local passenger, classification for blank paper tickets, etc.
721 Through passenger classification of blank paper tickets, etc.
722 Sorting and entering of concession vouchers
723 Return of Government passengers, baggage, etc. (local)
724 Cancelled soldier's tickets and check soldier tickets
725 Return of Government passengers, baggage, etc. (through)
726 Excess fare return, local/through
727 Posting of excess fare return, local/through
728 Travelling Ticket Examiners' returns
729 Statement of rail travel coupons
730 Statement of Guard certificate books issued
731 Statement of Guard certificates issued
732 Returns of emergent police passes