1001 Forwarding note for animals and birds
1002 Responsibility of railway as carrier of animals and birds
1003 Avoidance of cruelty to animals and birds
1004 Booking of animals and birds at other than parcel rates
1005 Recording of actual number of animals, birds and poultry
1006 Labels for dogs, animals and birds
1007 Labeling of horse boxes and cattle wagons
1008 Loading of dogs and other animals in brake vans
1009 Loading and unloading of horses and cattle, etc.
1010 Loading of camels
1011 Despatch of breast bars
1012 Loading and unloading of animals during night
1013 Attendants accompanying animals
1000 Telegraphic advice to be sent to stations of unloading
1015 Telegraphic advice of despatch of animals, ate. to be sent to break-of-guage station
1016 Advice of animals despatched to and received from other railways
1017 Care of animals, and birds at stations and in transit
1018 Goods train Guards to afford assistance to attendants
1019 Live-stock wagons damaged en route
1020 Check of horses, cattle, animals, attendants, etc., at junctions
1021 Check of luggage, gear and fodder in horse boxes and cattle wagons
1022 Making and taking over of animals and birds
1023 Expeditious despatch of vehicles/wagons loaded with live-stock
1024 Expeditious placement and unloading of wagons loaded with animals
1025 Precautions to be taken for loading and unloading horses
1026 Route, of carriage not to be deviated
1027 Delivery of animals and birds
1028 Disposal of unclaimed animals and birds
1029 Feeding charges to be recovered before delivery
1030 Carriage of animals suffering from infectious or contagious disease