1301 Initial books
1302 Initial returns
1303 Parcels delivery book
1304 Abstract of'To-pay' parcels forwarded (local)
1305 Summary of 'To pay' parcels forwarded (local)
1306 Abstracts of 'To-pay' parcels forwarded (through)
1307 Summary of 'To-pay' parcel's forwarded (through)
1308 Abstracts of 'To-pay' parcels received (local)
1309 Summary of 'To-pay' parcels received (local)
1310 Abstracts of  'To-pay' parcels received (through)
1311 Summary of 'To-pay' parcels received (through)
1312 Returns of 'Paid' parcels received from non-Government railways
1313 Returns of 'Paid' parcels received from Government railways  
1314 Return of undercharges collected on 'Paid' parcels received (local and through)
1315 Submission of way-bills, luggage tickets, etc.
1316 Returns for carriages, motor-cars, boats, etc. forwarded and received
1317 Returns of luggage and specie forwarded (local)
1318 Returns of luggage and specie traffic forwarded (through)
1319 Summary of luggage and specie traffic forwarded (through)
1320 Returns of animals and birds, etc. (local)
1321 Returns of animals and birds, etc. (through)
1322 Summary of animals and birds, etc. (through)
1323-1324 Demurrage and wharfage return
1325 Demurrage and wharfage charges foregone
1326 Demurrage, wharfage or storage charges accrued on parcels or luggage transferred to lost property office
1327 Books and returns for telegraph traffic
1328-1329 Periodical testing of coaching accounts
1330 Agreement of telegraph cash
1331 Paid' parcels outward
1332 Sundries
1333 Excess in booking
1334 Accounts and cash office debits
1335 Testing of inward 'To-pay' parcels, motor-cars, boats, etc.
1336 Rectification of differences
1337 Outstanding in connection with test balances
1338 Coaching station balance sheet
1339 Debit entries of a "Station coaching balance sheet
1340 Credit entries of a station coaching balance sheet
1341 Vouchers
1342 Special credits
1343 Closing balance of station coaching balance sheet
1344 Classification of outstanding
1345 Submission of coaching returns and documents
1346 Transmit, memo for returns
1347 Calendar of returns