901 Forwarding notes
902 Execution of forwarding notes
903 Preservation of forwarding notes
904 General forwarding note for coaching traffic
905 Filling in forms of forwarding notes by consignor
906 Examination of entries in forwarding notes
907 Examination of parcels
908 Packing of parcels
909 Addressing of parcels
910 Marking of parcels by railway staff
911 Marking of parcels consigned in full vehicle loads and not requiring transhipment
912 Risk conditions
913 Charging of parcels traffic
914 Weighment of parcels
915 Different way-bills for 'To-Pay', 'paid', 'Local' and 'through' traffic
916 Custody of parcel way-bill books
917 Preparation of way-bills
918 Parcels containing certain valuable articles mentioned in Part I of Schedule II of the Railways (Extent of Monetary Liability and Prescription of Percentage charge Rules 1990) to be booked separately
919 Erasures on waybills prohibited
920 Booked route to be shown on the way-bills
921 Booking of intoxicating drugs and other contraband articles
922 Booking of bicycles, tricycles, motor-cycles, etc.
923 Booking of carriages, motors-cars, etc.
924 Loading of carriages, motor-cars, etc. in trucks
925 Wagon transfer-register
926 Outward 'Paid' parcel cash books
927 Booking of betel leaves on fixed-value way-bills
928 Percentage charges collected in respect of certain valuable mentioned in Part of Schedule II of the Railways (Extent of Monetary Liability and Prescription of Percentage) Rules 1990, 928.
929 Booking of newspapers under monthl/account system
930 Booking and carriage of parcels containing dangerous goods
931 Precautions for safe transit of arms and ammunition booked by licence-holders or Government departments
932 Labelling of parcels
933 Despatch of parcels
934 Preference in loading and clearance of perishable traffic
935 Clearance of luggage and parcels in brake vans of mail, passenger mixed, trains
936 Arranging room for loading luggage in brake vans
937 Care in loading luggage and parcels
938 Handling of luggage and parcels
939 Locking of brake and luggage vans
940 Preparation of luggage and parcel summaries
941-942 Summaries for sealed vans and compartments
943 Disposal of summaries
944 Packages left behind for want of room in trains
945 Transfer of packages from damaged luggage or brake van
946 Custody of luggage and parcels
947 Care in unloading parcels and luggage from sealed vans
948 Custody of inward luggage and parcels
949 Receipt of inward parcels
950 Check of inward way-bills
951 Re-weighment of inward parcels
952 Surprise checks for detection of under-weighment of parcels
953 Misdeclaration of contents of parcels
954 Surprise checks to detect misdeclarations
955 Accountal of inward way-bills
956 Delivery of parcels against railway receipts
957 Numbering and filing of railway receipts
958 Delivery of parcels when the way-bills shows freight 'To-Pay' and the receipt shows 'Paid' or vice versa
959 Procedure for delivery when railway receipt or way-bill is not available
960 Station Master to obtain permission from Divisional Commercial Superintendent for granting delivery on Indemnity Note
961 Delivery of perishables in absence of railway receipt and way-bill
962 Responsibility of stations for undercharges
963 Cash book for parcels, luggage, etc.
964 Delay to parcels in transit
965 Rebooking of parcels
966 Procedure for the rectification of errors in issue of way-bills
967 Unbooked parcels
968 Way-bills issued 'To-Pay' instead of 'Paid' and vice versa
969 Booked parcels withdrawn by sender after despatch of way-bill
970 Parcels twice way-billed to the same station
971 Way-bills accounted for more than once
972 Parcels over-carried
973 Undelivered, mis-sent or unbooked parcels and luggage
974 Procedure for disposal of perishable consignments held up due to interruption of through communications,
975 Record of qualified deliveries
976 Transhipment advice
977 Monetary Liability of Railway Administration