1201 Conveyance of mails
1202 Billing of charges for the haulage of postal vans and other coaching vehicles (i.e. non-postal vehicles) in which accommodation is reserved for conveyance of mails
1203 Procedure for daily conveyance of mails under the Weighment system
1204 Mail bags carried by Mail Peons
1205-1206 Adjustment of charges for the daily conveyance of mails
1207 Submission of half-yearly statement of mail bags to Traffic Accounts Office
1208 Rebate to the Postal Department on account of interruption of through communication
1209 Conveyance of mail bags as occasional despatches
1210 Unusual changes in the despatch of mail bags
1211 Extra reserved accommodation for Postal Department
1212 Charges for mail bags of High Officials of Government
1213 Responsibility of the railway for carriage or mail bags
1214 Seals on mail bags
1215 Carriage in mail vans of articles on Postal Service
1216 Licensed telegraph offices
1217 Nature of telegraph traffic
1218 Telegram forms
1219 Numbering of messages
1220-1222 Payment of telegraph messages
1223 Telegraph money receipt
1224 Custody of telegraph money receipt books and reply paid vouchers
1225 Reply paid telegrams
1226 Cash in telegraph office
1227 Messenger hire
1228 Statement of telegraph cash transactions
1229 Sundry earnings
1231 Cash transmit note of miscellaneous receipts
1232 Retiring rooms
1233-1234 Bed-rolls/Travel Bag Service
1235 Ice containers
1236 Collection of town duty or terminal tax on parcels/goods
1237 Receipts for terminal tax of town duty
1238 Statement of terminal tax collections
1239 Rail Yatri Niwas