(Railway Board)


1992 Third Edition, 1992

Government of India Press, Coimbatore

First Limited Edition 1967 
Second Edition 1972 (Revised)
Third Edition 1992 (Revised)



The State Railway Code for the Traffic Department (Commercial), 1939, used to lay down the rules and instructions bearing on the working of the Commercial Department and commercial staff. Later, the Railway Board decided that an Indian Railway Code for the Traffic Department (Commercial), containing only essential principles, mandatory instructions and policy directives issued by the Board, should be brought out. The first provisional issue of the code was published in 1961. It was also decided that an Indian Railway Commercial Manual, containing procedural rules for the conduct of day-to-day work at stations by the commercial staff, should be also produced.

2. The Indian Railway Commercial Manual is being brought out in two volumes. The present publication, Volume I, contains chapters relating to coaching traffic, booking and carriage of animals and birds and the articles as mentioned in Part I of schedule II of the Railways (Extent of Monetary Liability and the Prescription of Percentage charge) Rules 1990. Volume II of the Manual will deal with matters relating to goods traffic and other miscellaneous subjects.

3. The provisions of this Manual do not supersede or alter or substitute the rules and instructions contained in the statutory publications like Acts, Codes, Rules, Tariffs, etc.

4. This edition of the Manual is not only a re-print of the old Manual but also incorporates the consequential changes in the light of the coming into force of the new Railways Act, 1989 and the Railway Claims Tribunal Act, 1987. Wherever necessary text of the relevant provisions from these Acts has been reproduced at appropriate places in this edition. Shri Arun Kumar Khanna Commercial Inspector (Marketing) Railway Board, Shri R.S. Yadav Commercial Instructor Zonal Training School Chandausi and Shri OM Prakash Khurana Commercial Inspector (Marketing) Railway Board, have rendered valuable assistance in updating the provisions of the manual.

5. Errors, discrepancies and omissions, if any, noticed in this edition should be brought to the notice of the Railway Board.

Rail Bhavan                                                                                                    S. K. MALIK
New Delhi                                                                             Director Commercial (Marketing
April 2,1992                                                                                  and Railway Act Revision)
                                                                                                                  Railway Board