1101 As mentioned in Part I of Schedule II of THE RAILWAYS (Extent of Monetary Liability and Prescription of Percentage charge) Rules, 1990.Responsibility of the railway as a carrier of valuable articles
1102 Declaration of value and contents, etc., in the forwarding note
1103 Duration of liability
1104 Powers to accept percentage charge on value
1105 Maximum weights and dimensions for packages of fragile or damagable goods
1106 Packing of such articles
1107 Packing of jewellery and other valuables
1108 Examination of packages containing such valuable articles
1109 Booking of such valuable articles
1110 Details of bookings of Government and private treasure
1111 Labelling of insured packages
1112 Safe custody of valuable articles at stations
1113 Despatch of valuable articles by through trains
1114 Carriage of gold, silver, jewellery and precious stones by Rail
1115 Handing of insured packages to Guard
1116 Special guidance for insured packages
1117 Special Guards
1118 Telegraphic advice of despatch particulars
1119 Particulars to be included in telegram
1120 Relieved Guard to enter packages in his rough journal
1121 Transhipment of packages containing valuable articles on which percentage charge has been paid
1122-1123 Examination of packages containing valuable articles at interchange junctions
1124 Action to be taken when valuable articles are found tampered with
1125 Handing over of insured packages at destination
1126 Opening by consignee of insured packages at receiving station
1127 Advance intimation for booking Government treasure
1128 Reserved accommodation for Government treasure and escort
1129 Loading, unloading and transhipment of Government treasure
1130 Station Masters to extend full cooperation to escorting party