201 Description of tickets
202-203 Card tickets
204 Particulars on card tickets
205 Tickets for different classes
206 Colour of card tickets
207 Numbering of tickets
208 Child-cum-Concession tickets
209 Reservation tickets
210-211 Blank paper tickets
212 Excess fare tickets
213 Special ticket for accommodation arranged by special/ordinary trains
214 Season tickets
215 Journey extension tickets
216 Circular journey tickets
217 Coupon tickets
218 Platform tickets
219 Estimate of tickets
220 Stock of tickets
221 Method of ascertaining the number of tickets on hand
222 Preparation of indents
223 Submission of indents
224-225 Dates of submission of indents
226 Emergent indents
227 Receipt and examination of passenger card tickets and money value books
228 Stock books
229 Deficiency or loss of a ticket
230 Custody and cleanliness of tickets
231 Ticket cases and tubes
232 Replenishing of tickets from stock
233 Demand note for drawal of tickets from stock
234 Check of tickets in stock and in tubes
235 Check of ticket stock on relief
236 Surplus, obsolete or damaged tickets and money value books
237 Self printing machines
238 Opening of booking offices
239 Booking of passengers
240 Booking of passengers in advance
241 Dating machines
242 Date stamping on non-uburban card tickets
243 Date stamping on suburban tickets
244 Date stamping when trains are running late
245 Tickets stamped indistinctly
246 Dating of tickets issued in advance
247 Issue of printed card tickets
248 Issue of platform tickets
249-250 Issue of tickets for attendants
251 Route by which tickets are issued
252 Booking of passengers for stations upto which trains do not run
253 Issue of tickets to stations where trains do not stop
254 Issue of tickets available partly by ordinary trains and partly by mail/express trains
255 Issue of tickets between any two stations on a main line section where mail/express trains run, partly by mail/express trains and partly by ordinary trains
256 Issue of tickets in one class for one part of the journey and in another class for the remainder of the journey
257 Backing up' of tickets
258 Tickets issued by slow train not to be made available by fast train
259 Issue of blank paper tickets
260 Corrections in paper tickets prohibited
261 Passenger fare notebook for through traffic
262 Tickets issued out of order
263 Non-issued tickets
264 Accountal and disposal of non-issued tickets and clerkage charges
265-266 Issue of season tickets
267 Advance issue of season tickets
268 Accountal of season tickets
269 Issue of circular journey tickets
270 Sale of tickets by tourist agencies
271 Rail travel coupons
272 Advance issue of single journey tickets for journeys commencing from outstations but terminating at the station of booking
273 Issue of tickets for journeys commencing from and terminating at other than the booking station
274 Accountal of blank paper tickets
275 Train halts
276 Identity Card-cum-Railway Passes for Members of Parliament
277 Ind. Rail Pass
278 Computer Printed Ticket