301-302 Admission to station platforms
303 Passengers crossing station lines
304 Removal of beggars or other unauthorized persons from platforms
305 Accommodation of passengers
306 Passengers refusing to vacate seats, berths or compartments already reserved for other passengers
307 Passengers obstructing the entry of others into compartments
308 Passengers not permitted to travel in higher class than that for which fares have been paid
309-310 Reserved accommodation for females
311 Military Personnel entering compartments reserved for females
312 Travelling on footboards and on the roofs of the trains
313 Precautions before starting a train carrying passengers
314 Passengers not allowed too close to the edge of platforms
315 Overcrowding
316 No room in train
317 Passengers unable to find accommodation in a train
318 Soldiers left behind
319 Action to cope with unusual movement of passengers in large numbers
320 Tickets left behind
321 Entry inside the booking offices prohibited
322 Complaints by passengers of being wrongly charged
323 Refund of fares to passengers unable to use their tickets
324 Procedure to be observed in granting refund of fares on unused and partially used tickets
325 Season ticket holders travelling in a lower class
326 Guard's certificate of permission to travel, 326.
327 Procedure to be followed in issuing certificates
328 Collection of charges by Guards/Conductors not permitted
329 Responsibility to recover charges due from passengers issued with certificates of permission to travel
330 Submission of certificate of permission to travel to the Traffic Accounts Office
331 Certificate to be issued from printed certificate books
332 Carriage of passengers suffering from infectious diseases
333 Passengers suffering from infectious or contagious diseases detected in trains
334 Disinfection of carriages
335 Helpless sick passengers without attendants
336 Prevention of traffic in consequence of outbreak of an epidemic
337 Carriage of passengers in brake vans of passengers and goods trains
338 Break of journey
339 Acceptance of cheques from Members of Parliament towards payment of fares
340 Loaded fire arms
341 Exhibition of certain timings and Tables of fares at stations
342 Supply of tickets on payment of fares
343 Provision of use in which ticket is issued for class or train not having accommodation for additional passengers, 343.
344 Cancellation of tickets and refund
345 Prohibition against transfer of certain tickets
346 Exhibition and surrender of passes and tickets
347 Prohibition against travelling without pass or ticket
348 Power to refuse to carry passengers suffering from infectious or contagious diseases
349 Maximum number of passengers for each compartment
350 Earmarking of compartments etc. for ladies
351 Communications between passengers and Railway servant in charge of train
352 Needlessly interfering with means of communication in a train
353 Prohibition on hawking etc. and begging
354 Drunkenness or nuisance
355 Obstructing railway servant in his duties
356 Trespassing and refusal to desist from trespass
357 Entering into a compartment reserved or resisting entry into a compartment not reserved
358 Travelling on roof, steps or engine of a train
359 Altering or defacing pass or ticket
360 Entering Carriage or other place reserved for females
361 Unlawfully bringing dangerous goods on a railway
362 Unlawfully bringing offensive goods on a railway
363 Defacing public notices
364 Smokingr
365 Arrest for offences under certain sections
366 Arrest of persons likely to abscond etc.