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Ministry of Railways

      Railway Board
      Others Railways
Bharat Gaurav Trains

Zonal Railways

      Central Railway
      East Central Railway
      East Coast Railway
      Eastern Railway
      Metro Railway Kolkata
      North Central Railway
      North Eastern Railway
      North Western Railway
      North East Frontier Railway
      Northern Railway
      South Central Railway
      South East Central Railway
      South Eastern Railway
      South Western Railway
      Southern Railway
      West Central Railway
      Western Railway

Passenger Services

      Coach/Train booking
      PNR Status
      Train Arrival/Departure
      Retiring Room

Freight Services

      Freight Business
      Parcel Business


      Indian Heritage

Manufacturing Units

      CLW Chitranjan
      CORE Allahabad
      BLW Varanasi
      DMW Patiala
      ICF Chennai
      MRVC Mumbai
      RCF Kapurthala
      RWF Bangalore
      MCF Raebareli
      RWP Bela
      WPO Patna

Education & Research

      RDSO Lucknow
      NAIR Vadodara
      IRICEN Pune
      IRIEEN Nasik
      IRIMEE Jamalpur
      IRISET Secunderabad
      IRITM Lucknow
Swachh Bharat


      RTI Act
      Proactive Disclosure of Information U/s4(1)(b)
      RTI Circulars/ Guidelines

National Portals

      NIVARAN Portal
      Pension Portal
      National Voters Service Portal
      IR Green Initiatives
      Integrity Pledge
      National Government Services Portal