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Volume I
(Revised Edition-1989)  

(Embodying All Correction Slips issued upto 200 ,dated 11.03.2008)


The first Manual for the guidance of staff dealing with Establishment matters was published in 1960. This edition embodied all administrative orders on Code rules and allied Establishment matters issued by the Railway Board from time to time and current upto 31st March, 1959. The Second edition was published in 1968, embodying corrections up to 1-4-1968.

2. The Railway Board decided to revise all the Railway Codes and manuals with a view to symplifying them and bringing them up-to-date. The revision of the Indian Railway Establishment Manual was accordingly undertaken. While approving the format for the revised Manual, the Board decided that the subject matters finding a place in other codes and publications may not be included in this book to avoid duplication. As such, Chapter Nos. X, XIII, XIV, XIX, XX, XXI, XXVIII, XXXI to XXXV, HOER and all Appendices except Appendices I to IV have been kept out of the scope of this Book.

3. In this revised edition of, the Manual, chapters of the 1968 edition have been rearranged after incorporating the present day position. The provisions and chapters included in this edition supersede those on the subjects contained in the 1968 edition to the extent these have been revised and incorporated in this Volume. For Labour Laws, the rules contained in the original Acts, as amended from time to time, will hold good and may be used for reference. It must be noted that provisions of this Manual do not supersede the rules contained in any of the Indian Railway Codes, and in case of conflict the latter should prevail.

4. This edition is published in two volumes in diglot form as per Government of India's Policy. Volume I contains Chapters I to XVI and Appendices I to IV and Volume IIó.Chapters from XVII to XXVI.

5. Corrections to this Manual, when published will be serially numbered. The corrections will be printed on one side in Hindi and English, both in loose leaves, so that these may be pasted at the relevant places.

6. It is requested that any error or omission or any suggestion for inclusion of any matter in this Manual or for the improvement or amendment of any provision contained therein, may be addressed  the Secretary,, Railway Board, through proper channel.

A. N. Shukla
Dt. 5-5-1990                                                                                                                                          Secretary/Railway Board.

Table of Chapters and Appendices

Chapter Subject
1 Recruitment, training, confirmation and re-employment 
2 Rules governing promotion of Subordinate Staff 
3 Rules regulating seniority of non-gazetted Railway servants 
4 Scales of Pay applicable to Principal categories of non-gazetted staff
5 Percentage of Posts fixed for various categories 
6 Pay, increments and efficiency bars 
7 Compensatory & other allowances 
8 Dearness allowance 
9 Running allowance rules
10 Arrears claims and recoveries of overpayments
11 Advances 
12 Change in name 
13 Absorption of medically incapacitated staff in alternative employment 
14 Forwarding of applications from serving Railway employees for posts outside Railways
15 Terms and conditions applicable to Railway servants & substitutes in Temporary services
16 Holidays & Special Casual leave 
Appendices .
1 Training of Indian Railway Accounts Service Probationers ....
2 Qualifying examination for promotion above Accounts Clerks of the Accounts Department upto and including the rank of Accounts Assistants
3 Qualifying examination for promotion to the rank of Section Officer (A/Cs), Inspectors of Station Accounts & Inspectors' of Stores Accounts
4 Promotion to and confirmation in the rank of Stock verifiers