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1. "Promotion of persons holding the post of Accounts Assistant in Grade Rs.1400-2600 in the office of  Financial Adviser & Chief Accounts Officers to the rank of Stock Verifiers will be on the considerations of seniority and merit including fitness for outdoor works, failing which persons holding substantively  the posts of Junior Accounts Assistants   in Grade Rs.1200-2040  with a minimum of 2 years service  in that grade may be considered on the same basis.  In the case of Junior Accounts Assistants, promotion to the rank of stock verifiers will not be made unless they have passed the examination prescribed in Appendix 2(IREM) .  The condition of passing the examination prescribed in Appendix-2 IREM by JAAs holding the post substantively with a minimum of 2 years service in that grade before they can be promoted to the rank of stock verifiers, may be relaxed in special cases under the sanction of the General Manager.

(Authority Board's  letter NO.  97/ACII/20/22 dt 10-10-97) 

2.  Persons selected in the above manner for promotion to the rank of Stock Verifiers will be eligible for confirmation on satisfactory completion of at least one year's officiating service as Stock   Verifiers, and   on passing thereafter a departmental examination which will be such as to test their general familiarity with the various classes of stores and the procedure   followed in the Stores Depots and in the Accounts Office, and the practical knowledge of the procedure relating   to the verification of    stock    and    stores,    adjustment arising from such verification and preparation and disposal of stock verification reports.  

3.  Before an officiating Stock Verifier is permitted to appear in this examination he should have obtained branches of works:  

(i) Loco Depot, (2) Carriage and   Wagon   Depot, (3) Signal Shop, (4) Power House Electric Stores, (5) General Stores, (6) Permanent Way Material, (7) Engineering Stores, (8) Traffic Stores, (9) Engine Shed Stores, (10) Train Examiners' Stores, (11) Medical Instruments, (12) Office Tools and Plant, (13) Stationery Stores, (14) Stores Accounts Office, familiarity with methods and reasons for stores adjustments, (15) Disposal of Stock Verifier's Reports. 

4.  The examination will consist of a written paper and a viva voce test and 50% of the maximum marks in the written paper as well as the viva voce test will be required to secure a pass.  

5.  The examination will be conducted by the Head of each office (assisted by an office the Stores Department) who will also decide the intervals at which it should be held. 

6.  No increments will be allowed to a Stock Verifier until he has passed the qualifying examination and failure in two attempts, which are to be availed within a period of 4 years of his joining as Stock Verifier, will entail reversion to his substantive post. The examination will be conducted by the Head of Office (assisted by an officer of the Stores Department) at least once annually.

(Railway Boards letter No. 2k/AC-II/20/23 dated 14-05-01)

7.  Stock verifiers who have passed the examination prescribed in Appendix 3 in Inspector of Stores   Accounts Group need not pass the examination prescribed in this Appendix for the purpose of their confirmation and drawal of increments. 

8.  No alterations shall be made   in   these   rules without the prior sanction of the Railway Board.