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1423. Compensatory (Project) Allowance to open line staff employed on construction and survey projects.--Railway servants employed on construction or survey projects may, subject to the following conditions, be granted compensatory (Construction or survey) allowance at the rates shown below:-

Pay/Grade Rate Quantum
Basic Pay below Rs. 950/- Rs. 75/-
Basic Pay of Rs. 950/- and above but below Rs.1500/- Rs. 150/-
Basic pay of Rs. 1500/-and above but below Rs. Rs.2000/- Rs. 225/-
Basic pay of Rs. 2000/- and above but below Rs. 3000/- Rs. 300/-
Basic pay Rs.3000/-and above Rs. 375/-

( Railway Ministry Letter No. PCIV/86/Imp/AL-15 dated 14-10-86.) 

NOTE.-(i)  The term ‘Pay’ referred to above has reference to the revised scales of pay as notified in the Railway services (Revised Pay) Rules, 1986, as amended from time to time.  For persons who have elected to retain the pre-revised scales of pay, Compensatory (Construction/Survey) Allowance will be admissible at the above mentioned rates but in their case ‘Pay’ will include dearness pay, dearness allowance and interim relief at the rates in force on 31-12-72. 

(ii) For the purpose of calculating the compensatory (Construction/Survey) allowance, pay shall include special pay, as defined in Rule 1303 (F.R. 9(21) (a) (i) ) and not any kind of allowance. 

(iii) The allowance shall ordinarily be sanctioned only for ‘new lines’ or restorations’ or ‘surveys’. 

(iv) The allowance will not be admissible for ‘doublings’ except under very special circumstances to be decided by the Railway Board. 

(v) The cases of ‘projects’ other than  ‘new lines’ or ‘restoration’ or  ‘surveys’ will be decided by the Railway Board on merits. 

(vi)  (a) The allowance will be admissible also to temporary staff recruited through Railway Recruitment Boards, or otherwise by a competent authority, if they are not locally recruited staff, as well as to staff engaged on re-employment terms.  As Group ‘C’ staff as a rule are not recruited locally and recruitment of Group ‘D’ staff also is not confined to only the local Employment Exchange,  this will exclude only such Group ‘D’ staff as are recruited locally (through the local Employment Exchange or otherwise).  Construction allowance will not be admissible to casual labour. 

(b) Staff employed in connection with surveys, new lines under construction, restoration of dismantled lines and such other projects as are specifically approved by the Railway Board will be eligible for the allowance wherever employed in connection with these works i.e., whether residing within the project site or area or not. 

(c ) This allowance will not be admissible in localities where compensatory and/or house rent allowances have been sanctioned to all railway servants by general orders. As an exception to this general principle, however, staff residing in ‘C’ class towns, most of whom draw relatively very small amounts as house rent allowance, will be permitted to draw either the construction/survey allowance, or the other compensatory (house rent) allowance, whichever is higher.   

(d) The staff employed partially on a survey/construction or other project approved by the Railway Board, for the purpose of drawing this allowance, and partially on other projects  for which this allowance is not admissible , will be entitled to draw this allowance so long as they are closely associated with the construction/survey or other project work. 

(vii) Staff transferred to the project even where such transfers involve promotion, will be eligible for the allowance. 

(viii) The allowance will be admissible during leave also, subject to the condition that the railway servant should certify that while on leave he continued to incur a considerable portion of the expenditure for which the allowance had been sanctioned. 

(ix) Survey, construction and project staff and gazetted railway servants will draw this allowance for the duration of sanction to the staff in connection with the survey, & C.  In the case of surveys, however, the allowance will be admissible only during the period of field work and not during recess periods. 

NOTE 1.--The allowance may be sanctioned by the General Managers but the question whether a particular project/survey/new line construction will qualify for the grant of construction/survey allowance or not should be referred to the Railway Board for decision. 

NOTE 2.--Railway servants governed by the ex-Company Railway rules or ex-Indian States Railways Rules when employed on construction/survey/projects will be eligible for construction or survey and consolidated traveling allowance admissible to them under their respective rules.  In case there is no provision for compensatory (construction or survey) allowance under their rules, the principles and the scales of allowance laid down in this rule shall apply. 

NOTE 3.--The staff of the construction organisation, who are otherwise eligible for it, may continue to get the allowance for a maximum period of 12 months after the opening of the line/project for both goods and passenger traffic, provided that- 

(i)  When a line/project is opened in sections, the opened section(s) would be treated as a separate line/project for this purpose. 

(a)  Staff engaged in connection with the opened section(s) only will , therefore be eligible for the allowance up to a maximum period of 12 months after the opening of the section(s) to goods and passenger traffic. 

(b)  Staff engaged partly in connection with opened section(s) and partly in connection with the rest of the line/project would be deemed to be engaged in connection with the rest of line/project for so long as they are closely associated with the rest of line/project; such staff will, therefore, be eligible for the allowance up to a maximum period of 12 months after the opening of the rest of the line/project to goods and passenger traffic.  

(ii)  During the period of 12 months referred to above the allowance will be paid only to     those staff otherwise eligible for it who were a part of the construction organisation and were in receipt of the allowances before opening of the line/project or the Section thereof or as the case may be the section(s) thereof for goods and passenger traffic.  

Railway Board’s Decision 

The allowance will be admissible to the temporary Assistant Officers recruited through the Union Public Service Commission from 9th April, 1956 or the date from which they qualify for the grant of such allowance whichever is later.

(Railway Board’s letter No.E(GR)56/RC/2-42, dated 9-2-1956.) 

1424. National Holiday Allowance--The non-gazetted staff booked on duty on National Holidays may be compensated as under:-

Pursuant to merger of 50% of Dearness Allowance with basic Pay, the pay range slabs for determining the eligibility limit for grant of National Holiday Allowance stand revised as follows:-


Revised pay range by adding DP . (Rs.)


Rate (Rs.)




















( Authority Board’s letter No. E(P&A) I – 2004/HL –1 dated 30.11.2004 and 13.09.2005 )

 2.(i)        The Rule/provisions are not applicable to gazetted officers. 

(ii)     The cash compensation is payable even when an employee is on rest.  It is not necessary that his rest should be abrogated to be eligible for the cash compensation. 

(iii)    The shift duty staff who work round-the-clock and might have performed part duty on the holiday in question can be paid the National holiday Allowance at the full prescribed rates. 

(iv)    The cash compensation is meant only for those who do not enjoy public holiday and are also required to work on the National Holidays. 

(v)     The monetary compensation will also be payable in the following circumstances:-  

(a)   When the day of rest and the National Holiday fall on the same day, and 

(b)   When the running staff are on ‘waiting duty on a National Holiday’. 

(c ) The monetary compensation will also be applicable when the running staff  are  on ‘Light Duties’ on a National Holiday. 

(d)  The running staff who have completed their rest including periodic rest on a National Holiday and who are waiting to be booked for duty on that day will also be entitled to the National Holiday Allowance. 

(vi)     The monetary compensation will be applicable when the relieving staff travel as passengers on the National Holidays to their Headquarters after performing duties at out-stations.  The compensation will also be applicable when the relieving staff travel as Passengers from their Headquarters to take up duty at another stations.  

(vii)    As the members of the Railway Protection Force work round the clock and are not entitled to public holidays, they will be eligible for compensation for working on National Holidays. 

(viii)  Office staff who are eligible for public holiday would not be entitled to additional payment merely because of their attendance on a National Holiday. 

(ix)    The Monetary compensation in lieu of National Holiday may be paid to such of those Railway Territorial Army Personnel, who have opted for Railway pay and allowances even during embodiment on T.A. duty as provided for in Board’s letter No. PC-60/HL-2/1 dt. 10-8-61 read with letter No. PC-66/HL-2/2 dt.3-9-68.         

NOTE:  1 (i) ‘Pay’ for this purpose will refer to pay fixed in the revised scales of pay under the Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules,1997. 

(ii) The employees drawing basic pay exceeding Rs.7848/- but not exceeding Rs. 10,500/- shall also be entitled to national Holiday Allowance at the rates applicable to the pay slab of Rs. 4205-7874 i.e. @ Rs. 140.00. 

(iii) These rates came into effect from 1-1-1998 vide Board’s letter No. E(P&A)I/98/HL/2, dt. 18-2-98 & 14-7-98. 

2.There should be a stricter control and supervision with regard to earmarking the staff for duty on National Holidays.  There should be rigorous and strict scrutiny of the list of staff required to be booked for duty on National Holidays which should be finalised by the concerned Head of the Department in consultation with the Chief Personnel Officer and the FA & CAO and the list should have the personnel approval of the General Manager. In respect of Divisional staff there should be a similar scrutiny at the level of the DRM in consultation with the Associate Finance.  While operational services are required to be manned on National Holidays on a scaled down basis and minimum maintenance services will also have to be provided, without compromising the requirements of the safety of the Railway Assets and the traveling public as well as the operational considerations, it should be possible to ensure that regular work including normal maintenance work is attended to either on the previous day or postponed to the day following National Holiday.  Only such of those staff as are indispensable for maintaining the required scale of operation on a National Holiday, without compromising the requirements of security or the safety of the travelling public are generally to be deployed on National Holiday. For instance, Inspectorial/Line staff need not be booked on a National holiday if their duties are of such a nature that they can be attended to either on the previous day or on the following day. The strictest possible control should be maintained over the list of staff eligible for National Holiday Allowance as well as the over-all incidence of expenditure on the allowance.   

3. (i) The National Holiday Allowance shall be made applicable for 50% of the gangs in turn rather than giving compensatory rest in lieu of National Holiday Allowance. 

(ii) The open line staff booked on line duty on national Holidays irrespective of the fact whether such staff draws TA/DA or not are also eligible for national Holiday Allowance. 

( Authority: Board’s letter No. E(P &A)I-98/HL/1, dated 22-12-98).                                                                       

              1425.  Allowances admissible to RPF/RPSF personnel:-- 

1. Ration Money Allowance--(a)  Non-gazetted personnel upto the rank of Inspector Grade I (Scale Rs.6500-10500) are entitled to Ration Money Allowances at a rate fixed by the Ministry of Railways from time to time. 

NOTE:  with the introduction of this Ration Money Allowance (w.e.f. 1-8-97) Extra Duty Allowance for working more than nine hours in a day as also the Ration subsidy, cease to be admissible. 

(b) During LAP, Ration Money is payable upto 120 days.  It will be paid at full rates for the first 60 days and at half the rates, for the next 60 days.   

(c) RPF/RPSF personnel deployed on Internal Security Duty are entitled to Ration Money at full rates for a miximum period of six months only. 

(d)  DELETED (Authority:- Railway Board letter No. E(P&A)1-2005/ALL/RPF-2 dated23-04.2012) ---acs no. 59

2. Cash Compensation for holidays/Closed days.--(a) In the exigencies of public service, RPF/RPSF personnel are required to perform duty even on gazetted holidays/closed days/restricted holidays/National Holidays/weekly rest days/other holidays.  Every effort should be made to grant compensatory holiday/rest in lieu of the holiday/rest foregone by the staff during the same week or within the next 30 days.  It is only in emergent situation that weekly rest or compensatory rest/holiday for working on rest days or on gazetted holidays should be denied and the reasons therefore  should be recorded by Company Commanders/Officer-in-charge of the post.  The permission to staff for leaving station on rest days should invariably be granted, if asked for.  The Security Officer/Assistant Security Officer will personally ensure this and issue suitable instructions to the Company commanders/Post Incharge. 

(b)The cash compensation is payable for each day the personnel actually work on holidays for  which it is not possible to grant compensatory off as per sub-rule(a) above. 

NOTE:  The total amount of cash compensation in a Calendar year will not exceed one month’s salary comprising basic pay, special pay (if any) and dearness allowance. 

(c )  RPF/RPSF personnel will not be entitled to National Holiday Allowance in addition, for performing duty on a National Holiday. 

(d) The term ‘holiday’ includes all the 16 public/gazetted holidays/Restricted holidays, weekly rest days (whether Sunday and any other day), 2nd Saturdays and 9 National Holidays for the purpose of Cash Compensation in lieu of attendance on these holidays. 

3.  Washing Allowance. (A) Non-gazetted Staff--RPF/RPSF personnel may be granted Washing allowance at a rate fixed by the Ministry of Railways from time to time. With effect from 1-8-1997 Washing Allowance is payable @ of Rs. 30/- p.m. 

 (B) Gazetted Officers--Group ‘A’ officer of RPF/RPSF are entitled to the Uniform Allowance and Kit Maintenance Allowance as follows:-

S.No. Type of Allowance Rates effective from 1-8-1997
1. Uniform Allowance  
1. (a) Initial grant Rs. 6500/-
1. (b) Renewal  grant Rs. 3000/- to be granted after every seven years
2. Kit Maintenance Allowance Rs. 150/- p.m. for group ‘A’ Officers of RPF/RPSF.

Note:    The Inspectors in scale 6500-10500 who are promoted as Group ‘A’ officers      on Adhoc basis, will be paid Renewal Grant at the rate of Rs. 425/- per annum, till they are promoted on Regular basis. 

(Authority:- Railway Board's letter No. E(P&A)I-98/ALL/RPF/3dated 25.5.99)

1426:   Allowance to Doctors.--(1)    Annual Allowance :Railway doctors having Post Graduate Qualification recognized by Medical  Council of India will be granted Annual Allowance @ Rs. 500/- (Rupees five hundred only)  per month.  The General Duty Doctors without recognized Post Graduate Qualification will be granted Annual Allowance @ Rs. 300/- (Rupees three hundred only)  per month w.e.f.1.7.1998 subject to the following terms and conditions:-- 

(a)  This will be granted to all railway doctors including Dental Surgeons and Ad-hoc AMOs in Group ‘B`. 

(b)  At the end of the financial year, the Medical Officers will be required to furnish a certificate to the effect that the amount of Annual Allowance has been utilized for the purpose for which it was drawn.  In the case of retirement/resignation before the end of the financial year, such a certificate will be furnished at the time of retirement/resignation.

(c) The above allowance will not have the characteristics of pay and will not be reckonable for any purpose whatsoever. 

(d)  All doctors in Medical Departments with Post Graduate Qualifications are eligible for grant of Annual Allowance irrespective of the fact whether they are working as Specialists or as General Duty Doctors. 

(e)  Post Graduate Diploma Holders in the Medical department of Indian Railways are also eligible for the grant of this Allowance. 

(2).   Post Graduate Allowance to Medical Officers for possessing Post Graduate Degree/Diploma Qualifications.--The Post Graduate Allowance will be paid @ Rs.500/- p.m. and Rs. 300/- p.m. for possessing PG Degree and PG  Diploma  recognized under Indian Medical Act, 1956 respectively to the Medical Officers upto the level of Non-Functional Selection Grade w.e.f. 1.8.97 subject to the following terms and conditions: -- 

(a)   The Post graduate allowance shall be treated as pay for the purpose of rule 2003(21)(a)(iii) (FR9(21)(a)(iii) ) –R.II. 

(b)  The  Post Graduate Allowance shall be admissible to the fresh recruits if they possess the prescribed post graduate diploma/degree at the time of their appointment or they subsequently acquire the post graduate qualification. In the latter case, the post graduate allowance shall be admissible from the date of publication of the result of the Post Graduate qualification; provided that in case of Post Graduate qualification requiring the internship or submission of a thesis before the award of the post graduate diploma or degree, the post graduate allowance shall be admissible only from the date of award of post graduate degree or diploma. 

            (c) This, however, will not be admissible where possession of the post graduate qualification has been prescribed for recruitment to the post.  

             (Authority: Railway letter No. E(P&A)I-98/AL/2 dated 29.1.99)

1427.   Daily Officiating Allowance. --     When a non-gazetted railway servant belonging to the categories, as indicated  in the attached Appendix, or the categories, if any, included in the list from time to time is put to officiate (a)   in posts in continuous shift duties; (b) from a lower grade to a higher grade; and (c) in vacancies where a change of category is involved (but not for a change of grade only within the same category), he will be entitled to an allowance at daily rates revised from time to time termed as “Daily Officiating Allowance”.  

2.    Where a period initially 21 days or less extends subsequently to more than 21 days the officiating allowance at the daily rates drawn upto 21 days should be allowed to stand, but if the period exceeds 21 days payment should be in accordance with the rules applicable for normal fixation of pay.  

3.    The Daily Officiating Allowance will not be taken into account for any purpose, other than for reckoning Overtime under the terms of Hours of Employment Regulations and the Factories Act and recovery towards Income Tax. 

( Authority : Board’s letter No.E(P&A)I-98/CPC/PA/2, dated 19-11-1999.) 


S. No. Category Officiating as category
1 2 3

1 (a)

Group D (a)  Group D/Supervisory


Safaiwala (b)  Sanitary Jamadar/Anti Malaria Mate
(c) Unskilled (c)  Shunting Porter
2 (a) Unskilled (a)  Khalasi Helper
(b) Group D (TRAN) (b)  Pointsman Gr.II/Leverman Gr. II
(c) Group D (c)  Pointsman Gr. II
(d) Group D (d)  Cook
(e) Group D (e)  Marker
(f) Group D (f)   Pump Attendant
(g) Unskilled (g)  Pointsman Gr.II


Group D StoresIssuer/Tool  Issuer/Material Checker/Collector


Unskilled Technician (Trade)
5 (a) Hospital Attendant Dresser II/OTA III
 (b) Steam Man Crane Driver


Sr. Gangman Keyman
7 (a) Khalasi Helper (a)  Technician (Trade)
(b) Pointsman / Leverman / Cabinman (b)  Leverman / Pointsman / Cabinman
(c) Pointsman (c) Pointsman / PointsJamadar / Leverman / Asstt. Brakesman
(d) Compositor (d)  Readers
8 (a) Material Checker/Collector (a)  Material Checker/Collector
(b) Keyman (b)  Mate
9 (a) Sr. Pointsman (a)  Shunting Jamadar
(b) Fitter/Boiler Maker (b)  Supervisor Gr.II
(c) Mate (c)  Supervisor (PW)
(d) Cabinman (d)  Cabin Master
(e) Fitter (e)  Electrician
(f) Trains Clerk (f)   Sr. Trains Clerk
(g) Ticket Collector (g)  T.T.E.
10(a) Jr. Enquiry Clerk/Trains Clerk (a)  Enquiry Clerk
(b) Technician (Trade) (b)  Supervisor (Work)
11(a) Fitter Qualified (a)  Jr. Engineer Gr.II(C&W)
(b) Technician (Trade) (b)  Jr. Engineer Gr.II(C&W)
12(a) Signaller (a)  Signaller
(b) Booking / Luggage / Goods / Parcel Clerk (b)  Booking Clerk
13(a) Signaller (a)  ASM/Signaller
(b) Skilled Artisan Gr.II (b)  Skilled Artisan Gr.I
14(a) Senior Trains Clerk (a)  AYM/Yard Supervisor
(b) Shunting Jamadar (b)  AYM
(c) T.T.E. (c)  Trains Conductor 
15(a) Skilled Artisan Gr.I/Supervisor (a)  Jr. Engineer Gr.II(C&W)
(b) ASM (b)  SM/ASM/YM
(c) Signaller (c)  Head Signaller
16(a) Station Master/ASM (a)  SM/ASM
(b) Staff Nurse (b)  Nursing Sister
17 SM/ASM. Dy. Station Supdt.
18 Dy.SS Station Supdt.


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