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1301 Definitions
1302 Drawal of Pay and  Allowances
1303 Meaning of Pay and Average Pay
1304 Overseas Pay
1305 Personal Pay
1306 Presumptive Pay
1307 Special Pay
1308 Subsistence Grant
1309 Substantive Pay
1310 Meaning of Time Scale Pay
1311 Pay During training etc.
1312 Where time Scale Pay does not apply
1313 Fixation of initial substantive pay
1314 Fixation of pay on reappointment
1315 Pay of Probationer/Apprentice
1316 Fixation of  Pay on Promotion/appointment to a post carrying higher responsibilities/greater importance
1317 Change of Pay of Post
1318 Increments in time scale
1319 Increments above an Efficiency Bar
1320 Reckoning service for increments
1321 Premature Increment
1322 Pay on reduction to a Lower Post
1323 Period of reduction to a lower post
1324 Regulating pay when reduction to lower post is set aside or modified
1325 Pay of Officiating Railway Servant
1326 Presumptive Pay when drawn
1327 Regulating  pay when promotion or appointment is found to be erroneous
1328 Pay in a post which has been fixed at a rate personnel to another railway Servant
1330 Special  orders allowing officiating promotion
1331 Personal pay
1332 Pay of temporary post
1333 Fixation of pay in a temporary post
1334 Fees and Honoraria
1335 Premium and Reward
1336 Patents for inventions
1337 Combination of appointment
1338 Sanctioning authority for deputation out of India
1339 Pay during deputation out of India
1340 Regulation of pay when deputed out of India to a regular post
1341 Date from which pay is affected on removal or dismissal
1342 Pay during Suspensions
1343 Pay on reinstatement as a result of appeal or review
1344 Pay on reinstatement where dismissal/removal is set aside by Court of law
1345 Pay on reinstatement after suspension