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Circular No. Letter No.



FM-25 2005/TC(FM)/11/4 Handling of Leased Parcel Cargo Express and Parcel express train from Parcel Terminal/Goods Shed. 11.11.2013
-- 2012/TC(FM)/10/10 Budgetary Increase on Leased Parcel Traffic 07.11.2013
FM-24 TC-II/2046/2012/4 Rationalization of rates for parcel traffic-methodology for reckoning the percentage utilization of SLR to determine categorization of each train for the purpose of charging freight for parcel and luggage traffic. 21.10.2013


Parecel Table

TC-II/2046/2012/1 Rationalisation of rates for Luggage and Parcel traffic effective from 01.10.2013 25.09.2013
FM-19 TCII/2364/10/Haulage Charges Haulage Charges for postal traffic. 02.08.2013
FM-18 2012/TC(FM)/10/10 Amendment No. 19 to Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy 16.08.2013


Corrigendum dated 21.02.2014

Eextension Letter

2009/TC(FM)/4/05 Change of Loading/Unloading station under Wagon Investment Scheme (WIS) 01.08.2013


(Corrigendum-1 of 2011)

2009/TC(FM)/4/6 Liberalized Wagon Investment Scheme (LWIS)-Freight Marketing Circular No. 11 of 2011 dated 02.01.2012 21.08.2013
FM-15 2012/TC(FM)/4/10 Revised Special Freight Train Operator (SFTO) scheme 24.06.2013
FM-14 99/TC(FM)/10/04 Schedule of Powers (SOP) for parcel leasing contracts (earning tenders for commercial matter) 28.06.2013
FM-13   Not Issued  
FM-12 2009/TC(FM)/4/6 Addendum No. 2 to LWIS Scheme 10.06.2013
FM-11 2010/TC(FM)/25/4 Pt. Freight for BCACBM Wagons 21.05.2013
FM-10 TC II/2642/2002/Milk Haulage charges recoverable for movement of Milk traffic in Railway Milk Tankers (RMT) owned by Private Parties. 29.04.2013
FM-08 2012/TC(FM)/14/15 Private Freight Terminal (PFT) Scheme - Agreement. 03.04.2013
FM-07 TC II/2080/12/Livestock Revision of freight charges for transportation of all animals including wild animals & birds in Parcel vans and Brake vans. 14.03.2013
FM-05 2012/TC(FM)/18/21 ‘Engine-on-load’ (EOL) Scheme 07.03.2013
FM-04 2012/TC(FM)/18/24 Policy Circular - Freight Marketing Circular No.01 of 2012 on Siding Matters - Liberalization of Siding Rules. 20.03.2013
- 2010/TC(FM)/25/4 Suggestion on Freight for New BCACBM Wagons 28.02.2013
FM-03 2012/TC(FM)/14/5 Amendment No. 1 to Revised Private Freight Terminal (PFT) Scheme. 26.02.2013
FM-01 2009//TC(FM)/10/15 Amendment No. 18 to Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy 25.02.2013

FM-02 Corrigendum-4 





2017/TC(FM)/4/12 2011/TC(FM)/4/4



Policy on Automobile Freight Train Operator (AFTO) Scheme


13.10.2017 31.03.2014




Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 16-10-2017  

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