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Rates Letters - Clarifications/Instructions


2022 and earlier letters
File No. Subject Date of Issue
TC-1/2020/307/efile/1   (3327077) Conveyance of Dangerous/Hazardous/Offensive goods in containers by rail 04.07.2024
TCR/1394/2020/7(Part)/3342397 Inter-circuit loading of BCBFG rakes. 02.07.2024
TC-1/2021/109/3   (3368295) System based calculation of Detention Charge for Load Adjustment 02.07.2024
TC-1/2021/201/efile/Wharfage   (3347317) Classification of Goods Sheds under wharfage rules 25.06.2024
TC-1/2024/302/efile/1   (3465211) Terminal Access Charge  07.06.2024
TC-1/2022/201/efile/4  Goods Shed working 05.06.2024
TC-1/2002/214/5 Pt.A   (3318949)

All India Engine Hour Cost(AIEHC) for recovery of Siding and Shunting Charges

TC-1/2020/201/efile/1   (3323286) Waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage Charge 31.05.2024
TC-1/2021/109/efile/1   (3365542) Weighment of liquid consignment like Molasses, Edible oils, Caustic Soda and Coal Tar when loaded in tank container wagons  16.05.2024
TC-1/2024/201/efile/3  (3462079) Free time for loading/unloading of long haul rakes 13.05.2024
TCR/2201/2020/01/3310697 Infringement charges for movement of Over Dimensional Consignment (ODC) over DFCR network 08.05.2024
TC-1/2022/101/efile/1  (3389180) Change of destination in case of Premium Indents 02.05.2024
TC-1/2020/8/efile/1  (3328685) Charging in case of Military Special  01.05.2024
TC-I/2020/201/efile/1(3323286)  Unloading of wagons 25.04.2024
TC-I/2019/101/1 Pt.(3316676) Custom Examination Charge in case of goods traffic pertaining to Bangladesh 16.04.2024
TC-I/2019/201/6 -Part(2)  (3328629 Free time for loading/unloading of rakes of Coal and Iron Ore-Power to Zone  12.04.2024
TC-I/2012/101/1 Pt.  (3317058)  Registration of Salt Indents-Conversion of two point indents 05.04.2024
TC-I/2024/214/efile/1  (3459878)  Charging freight on Through Distance Basis 05.04.2024
TC-I/2024/101/efile/1 (3453504)  Registration of indents, allotment and supply of wagons 13.03.2024


Clarification regarding Cargo Aggregator Transportation Product.


No. TC-I/2020/103/efile/1 (3326889

Guidelines for preparation of RRs and Clearance of Outstanding dues before closure of FY2023-24  01.03.2024
TCR/1017/2020/2 Pt.1/3325609/3391422 Transportation Products-Two Point Rake for POL traffic. 28.02.2024
TC-I/2020/302/1   (3314290) (A) Classification of Railway Premises (Goods sheds, stations etc.)  26.02.2024
TC-I/2020/302/1   (3314290 Counting of container rake for the purpose of classification of Railway Premises   26.02.2024
TC-I/2023/304/efile/2 (3435175) गुड्स शेड में अनुमेय गतिविधि 13.02.2024
TC-I/2020/304/efile/Labourers  Facilities for labour working in the goods sheds on Indian Railway. 13.02.2024
TC-I/2023/201/2   (3423880) 
Stabling Charge 
TC-I/2024/104/efile/1   (3452135)  Minutes of the meeting held on 11.01.2024 regarding Refund of Demurrage/Wharfage Charge  24.01.2024
TC-I/2021/109/efile/1   (3365542)  Clarification regarding Weighment Charge to be levied at GRPB-BRC division 22.01.2023
Free time for loading of rakes of Coal and iron ore.  22.01.2024
TC-I/2023/201/1   (3322245) Stacking of consignment in case of inward rakes at Group-III terminals  18.01.2024
TC-I/2019/101/1   (3318665)  Modifications in e-RD module of FOIS web portal 17.01.2024
TC-I/2023/302/efile/1   (3449689)
Penalty for false declaration 
 TC-I/2023/104/efile/2   (3450827 E-Payment system 09.01.2024
TC-I/2021/214/efile   (3344078/3336694)  Shunting Charge 03.01.2024
TCR/1078/2021/GST/Dcharge/3371933 Ro-Ro/ToT service on New Rewari- New Palanpur section on DFCCIL-onward loaded milk trucks and separate return of empty truck-Levy of GST on return of empty truck movement. 03.01.2024
No. TC-1/2023/104/efile/2   (3450827) E-Payment system 20.12.2023
TC-1/2023/101/efile/1   (3444676) Guidelines for Bangladesh Traffic moving through Nischintapur 12.12.2023
TC-I/2021/201/Advance Stacking   (3356743) Bunching allowance in case of a siding-fixing of actual handling capacity 24.11.2023
TC-1/2023/201/efile/5 (3445088) Request for renotifying Devangonthi CRT(DKN) as Group III CRT 17.11.2023
TC-1/2023/efile/101/5/ WRF (3435037) Refund of WRF collected through IRCTC gateway  16.11.2023
TC-1/2022/201/efile/WaiverModule (3385529) Waiver module of Demurrage/Wharfage 07.11.2023
2021/TC(CR)/204/02/3342481 Charging of bulk cement when loaded in container. 06.11.2023
TCR/1078/2019/2/TEFD Pt.6/3321765 Discount under TEFD Policy. 06.11.2023
TCR/1078/2023/2/NMG/Empty/3421022 Piecemeal loading in NMG in Empty Flow Direction. 30.10.2023
No. TC-1/2023/201/efile/1   (3419215) Waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage 20.10.2023
TC-1/2012/101/1  Part (3317058) Refund of wrongly forfeited WRF 18.10.2023
TCR/1394/2021/PCC/Container/  (3357058) Minimum number of wagons to be loaded of BLSSA and BLSSB type of wagons  03.10.2023
TCR/1078/2020/06 (3321001) Policy Guidelines to Incentivise Utilisation of Alternate Goods Sheds  21.09.2023
TC-I/2019/201/6 (3298964) Waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage - Schedule of Power 19.09.2023
TCR/1017/2023/LessLoading/WRFforefeiture (3441619) Non-loading of full supplied rake, Forfeiture of Wagon Registration Fee  11.09.2023
TC-1/2022/302/efile/1/MultipleRRs  (3412086) Issue of multiple RRs under Hub & Spoke system 11.09.2023
TC-1/2019/101/1   (3318665) Registration of demand for wagons electronically(e-RD) 11.09.2023
TCR/1015/2020/03/3326441 Clarification on Classification  of Petroleum Coke- Segregation from Main Commodity Head"Coal and Coke". 06.09.2023
TCR/1394/2022/3396049 Notification of Permissible Carrying Capacity(PCC) of various wagons up to one decimal place. 06.09.2023
TC-1/2021/214/efile(3344078 Shunting Charge for re-positioning of wagons/rake in goods shed on the request of customer 31.08.2023
TC-1/2012/101/1 Pt. (3317058) Wagon Registration Fee  31.08.2023
TC-1/2023/201/efile/1 (3419215) Waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage  31.08.2023
TCR/1078/2021/GST/3371933   Levy of GST on transportation of goods in trucks under Roll on-Roll off (RO-RO) services.(Addendum to Board's letter no. TCR/1078/2017/16 dated 17.07.2019) 29.08.2023
TC-1/2019/201/6-Part (3)  (3329131) System TMS/FOIS based classification of Railway Premises (Goods Sheds, Stations etc.)  28.08.2023
TC-I/2020/103/efile/1-Part(1) (3328202)  System based working at goods sheds. 18.08.2023
No.TC-I/2022/201/efile/2 (3394909) Penal Demurrage Charge 16.08.2023
TCR/1078/2023/Fly Ash/3432690 Request regarding revival of 40% concession to Fly Ash/Bed Ash under Freight Incentive Scheme. 25.07.2023
TC-I/2022/201/efile/Waiver Module    (3385529) Grant of one time permission for appeal for waiver for semi Govt./Govt. concern through online process 18.07.2023
TCR/1078/2022/Salt/3396153 Methodology for granting various concessions. 17.07.2023
No.TC-I/2012/101/1 Pt   (3317058) WRF in case of Wheat traffic booked for port destinations  17.07.2023

TC-I/2021/214/ efile   (3344078)

Fixation and review of Siding Charge  07.07.2023
TC-I/2022/201/ efile/3  (3403201) Additional free time to Ports  06.07.2023
TC-1/2020/101/efile/1 (3323942) Premium Indent  05.07.2023
NO. TC-1/2020/214/efile/1 Charging freight on Through Distance Basis 30.05.2023
No.TC-1/2019/101/1 Pt. Custom Examination Charge in case of goods traffic pertaining to Bangladesh 23.05.2023
No.TC-I/2022/101/efile/e-RD   (3412556) Registration of demand for wagons electronically (e-RD)  17-05-2023

TC-I/2012/101/1 Pt.(3317058)

Correction Slip

Demand confirmation on e-RD module in case of container traffic 15.05.2023
TC-I/2021/109/efile/1(3365542) Payment of freight and other dues. 15.05.2023
No.TC-I/2021/109/efile/1(3365542) Procedures for dealing with overloaded wagons. 15.05.2023
TCR/1078/2020/RoRo/DFCCIL/3333602 Ro-Ro/ToT Service on New Rewari-New Palanpur Section. 15.05.2023
No.TC-I/2022/201/efile/2  (3394909) Demurrage Charge  26.04.2023
TC-I/2021/201/Advance Stacking  (3356743) Advance Stacking at Railway Premises   24.04.2023
No.TC-I/2020/302/efile (3333729) Capturing HSN code of commodities for transportation in containers by rail  21.04.2023
TCR/1078/2020/RoRo/DFCCIL/3333602  Proposal to attract unconventional traffic to rail- Ro-Ro/ToT service on New Rewari-New Palanpur section 19.04.2023
TC-I/2023/304/1(3421419) Customer facilities at Goods Shed 13.04.2023
TC-I/2022/201/efile /Waiver Module(3385529) Demurrage/Wharfage- Waiver and refund  10.04.2023
TC-I/2023/201/2(3423880) Stabling Charge in case of Road Railer Train  10.04.2023


Methodology for granting various concession for non-refined Salt.

TCR/1017/2020/2 Pt.1/3325609/3391422 Correction slip 03.04.2023
No.TC-I/2021/201/efile/2 (3346322) Waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage  03.04.2023
No.TC-I/2020/304/efile/Labourers (3332881) Facilities for labour working in the goods sheds on IR  31.03.2023
TCR/1017/2020/2 Pt.1/3325609/3391422 Correction slip Transportation Products-Two Point Rake for POL traffic.Ref Corri 38/Block Rake dated 26.09.2022 31.03.2023
TCR/1078/2022/TEFD/3388301 TEFD concession-BCNAHSM1 wagons. 20.03.2023
TCR/1078/2021/E-WayBill/3371468 E-way Bill for delivery of consignment transported through Railways 20.03.2023
TCR/1099/2022/Jharsuguda-Sardega/3392303 Jharsuguda(JSG)-Barpali(BRBC)-Sardega(MFSJ) rail line-inflation. 17.03.2023
TCR/1618/2020/1/3318858 Clarification-STS benchmark; Mini Rake, Two Point Rake- Levy of Supplementary Charge and Busy Season Surcharge. 17.03.2023
No.TC-I/2022/201/efile/2(3394909) Waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage  16.03.2023
TCR/1618/2020/STS(Misc)/3334806 Clarification regarding fixation of benchmark NTKM under STS. 15.03.2023
TC-I/2022/201/efile/2(3394909) Timely recovery of Demurrage and Wharfage Charge 06.03.2023
TC-1/2020/8/efile/1-Part(1)  (3329130) Military Tariff  02.03.2023
TC-1/2020/8/efile/1-Part(1)(3329130) Military Tariff  06.02.2023
TC-1/2020/101/e-RD/Misc (3319111) e-RD in case of Salt Traffic  02.03.2023
No. TC-1/2020/103/efile/1(3326889) Guidelines for preparation of RRs and Clearance of Outstanding dues before closure of FY 2022-23  01.03.2023
No. TC-1/2022/201/efile/2 (3394909) Pre-payment of Demurrage Charge  27.02.2023
TC-1/2020/103/efile/1- Part(1)(3328202) Online Goods Balance Sheet and Electronic Cash Remittance Note(e-CR Note) 24.02.2023
No. TC-1/2020/103/efile/1 (3326889) Closure/Deletion of pending invoices in TMS  16.02.2023
TCR/1078/2020/RORO/DFCCIL RORO movement over DFCCIL. 15.02.2023
TC-1/2020/103/efile/1 Closure/Deletion of pending invoices in TMS  15.02.2023
TCR/1394/2020/7(Part)/334297 Inter-circuit loading of BCBFG Rakes. 10.02.2023 &14.02.2023
TCR/1017/2022/BOXNHL25T-BOXN/3405333 Loading and Charging of Mixed Rakes of BOXNHL25T with BOXN group wagons. group wagons. 13.02.2023
TC-1/2002/104/SCR/1  (3317550) Process flow for refund in case of E-payment system  08.02.2023

TC-1/2022/201/efile/Waiver Module   (3385529)

Demurrage/Wharfage-Waiver and refund  03.02.2023

TC-1/2020/109/efile/1   (3323589)

Weighment of Steel Consignment rakes  02.02.2023
TC-1/2019/104/2   (3317259) Collection of WRF through E-Payment system 02.02.2023

TC-1/2022/201/efile/2   (3394909)

Timely Recovery of Demurrage and Wharfage Charge  27.01.2023
TC-1/2019/101/1 Pt.(3316676) e-RD - Submission of LC in case of goods traffic pertaining to Bangladesh  17.01.2023
TC-1/2022/201/efile/2     (3394909) Timely Recovery of Demurrage and Wharfage Charge  12.01.2023
TC-1/2012/101/1 Pt.    (3317058) Registration of demand for wagons electronically(e-RD)  12.01.2023


Mapping of Goods Tariff commodities with Harmonized System of Nomenclature (HSN) Codes. 11.01.2022

TC-1/2021/201/efile/2    (3346322)

Demurrage and Wharfage-Power to enhance free time for Alternate Goods Sheds  11.01.2023

TC-1/2020/101/efile/1- Part.   (3332083)

Registration of indents - Change of destination by freight customers 10.01.2023
TC-1/2020/101/efile/1    (3323942) Premium Indent  10.01.2023
TC-1/2019/101/1 Pt.   (3316676) Registration of demand for wagons electronically (e-RD) through FOIS web portal 06.01.2023
TC-1/2021/201/efile/1(3344010/3347671) Methodology for levying Stabling Charge 05.01.2023
TC-1/2022/201/efile/2(3394909) Waiver of Demurrage Wharfage  04.01.2023




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Waiver of Demurrage/Wharfage Charge 


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 04-07-2024  

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