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Rate Ins. No.

Letter No. & Date


Valid Upto  



Rounding off of Chargeable Distance  
No.55 (Corrigendum) Corrigendum 2) TCR/1147/2004/5 Transportation of relief/aid material to notified Tsunami  affected regions - free of charge.  
No.54 No.TCR/2202/96/1 Engine Hire Charges for Ballast trains.  
No.53 No.TCR/1015/2003/4 Classification of ?Pyroxinite?.  
No.52 No.TCR/1394/98/8 Rounding off of  freight charges under Rule 188, 189, 190 and 191 of IRCA Goods Tariff No.41 Pt.I Vol.I.  
No.51 No.TCR/1078/2004/2 Revision in the freight classification of selected commodities  
No.50 No.TCR/1394/2003/11  Permissible carrying capacity of BCCW tank wagons.  
No.49 No.TCR/1015/2004/3 Classification of ?Raw Cane Sugar.  
No.48 No.TCR/1394/2004/2 Enhanced chargeable carrying capacity for 8-wheeled BG  wagons for loading loose/bulk commodities.  
No.47 No.TCR/1017/2001/12 Charging of freight for trainload indents - Partial cancellation of trainload indents.  
No. 46 No.TCR/1017/2001/9 Booking of traffic at trainload class rate.  
No.45 No.TC(R) 1015/2004/4 Revision of Iron Ore classification   
No.44 No.TCR/1394/2002/1 Revision of minimum weight condition(MWC) .  
No.43 No.TCR/1394/2002/7 Minimum weight condition for potatoes when loaded in BCX/BCN/BCNA wagons.   
No.42 No.TCR/1017/2000/11 Mini Rake Scheme.  
No.41 No.TCR/2201/2004/1 Revision of miscellaneous charges.  
No.40 No.TC-I/94/114/1-pt Uniform working hours and Business hours for Goods sheds and Siding- Incentive for extended working hours and immediate removal of goods  
No.39 No.TC-I/2004/201/9  Rules regarding waiver of demurrage/wharfage charges.  
No.38 No.TC-I/2004/201/3  Waiver of stabling charges on privately/jointly owned wagons (including tank wagons).  
No.37 No.TCR/1644/2004/1(C) Rebate in freight for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) transported in jointly owned tank wagons of the Railways and Oil Industry.  
No.36 No.TCR/1644/2004/1(B) Rebate in freight for Ammonia (Anhydrous Liquefied Gas) and Phosphoric Acid transported in privately owned tank wagons.  
No.35 No.TCR/1644/2004/1(A) Rebate in freight for traffic transported in wagons owned by M/s National Aluminium Company (NALCO) Ltd.,          Bhubaneswar.    
No.34 TCR/1015/92/8 Classification of ?Urea?.  
No.33 TCR/1017/2004/2 Trainload classification  - TG rakes  
No.32 TCR/1394/83/6 Pt

Tareweighment of empty wagons supplied to steel plants for loading  of  Iron and Steel consignments,  Silica Manganese and Ferro  Manganese consignments.

No.31 TCR/1394/2003/11 Permissible carrying capacity of different types of  wagons  
No.30 TCR/1394/2001/9 Minimum weight condition for ?Coco Brooms.  
No.29 TCR/1147/2004/1  

Transportation of 5000 Quintals of wheat to notified flood affected areas of Assam and Bihar free of charge.  

No.28 TCR/1055/96/1 Revision of Siding Charges at Tuticorin Port Trust.  
No.27 TCR/1147/2004/1

Transportation of cattle feed/fodder and essential medicines to notified flood affected districts of Bihar and Assam free of charge.

No.26 TCR/1078/2003/1

Adjustment in freight rates effective from April 1,2003 ? Railway Budget 2003-2004

No.25 TCR/1078/90/1

Exemption from levy of dump charges on traffic booked underspecial arrangements moving via break of gauge points.             

No.24 TCR/1394/2002/4

Minimum weight condition (MWC) of Timber waste in BCX/BCN/BCNA/BOX  wagons.


No.23 TCR/1078/2004/2 Adjustments in Freight Rates ? Railway Budget 2004-05.  
No.22 TCR/1394/2004/2

Enhanced chargeable carrying capacity for loose/bulk commodities when loaded in BOXN/BOXNHS wagons.

No. 21 2004/TC-I/94/214/9/Vol. II ?Engine-On-Load? (EOL) scheme  
No. 20 TCR/1017/2003/03

Grant of trained benefit for booking from single point to two point destination (aproved) and from two booking points (approved) to a single destination

No. 19 98/TC-I/104/5

Payment of freight through  Credit Note Cum Cheque  at booking points : Reduction in amount of Bank Guarantee from 15 days to 7 days freight transactions .

No. 18 TC-I/98/304/10/Part-VII  Facilities for the labourers working in the Goods sheds on Indian Railways.  
No. 17 TC-I/95/104/3

Payment of freight through Credit Note-cum-Cheque by consignors : furnishing of Security Deposit.

No. 16 TCR/1394/2003/6

Minimum Weight Condition for Oils Div.A, B, C & D, Hydrogenated Oil(vanaspati), Ghee and  Butter oil  when loaded in BCX/BCN/BCNA wagons.

No. 15 TCR/1147/2004/1

Transportation of fodder and water to notified drought affected districts of Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu free of charge.

No. 14 TCR/2043/2000/2 

Rounding off of Chargeable Distance:  Rationalization of fares and freight.

No. 13 TCR/1644/95/1

Freight rebate on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) moving in  jointly owned tank wagons of the Railways and Oil Industry.

No. 12 TCR/1644/95/1

Freight rebate on Ammonia (Anhydrous Liquefied Gas) and Phosphoric Acid moving in privately owned tank wagons.

No. 11 TCR/1644/96/2

Rebate in freight for traffic transported in wagons owned by the National Aluminium Company Ltd., Bhubaneswar.

No. 10 TCR/1125/97/7

Exemption from para 4 of Rule 125 of IRCA Goods Tariff No.41, Pt.I Vol.I for cement traffic booked from dual gauge stations on Ratlam Division of Western Railway to BG stations on Northern Railway via Hissar transhipment point:  Post facto sanction.

No. 09 TCR/1543/89/1

Payment of terminal charges to Port Trust Railways from 1.4.02 to  31.3.05. 

No. 08 TCR/1147/2004/1

Transportation of fodder and water to notified drought affected districts of Karnataka free of charge.

No. 07 TCR/2217/2002/1

Transportation of rail coaches owned by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) from   BEML(Bangalore) to DMRC Depot,  Shastri Park (Shahdara), Delhi : Special lump-sum haulage charges.

No. 06 TCR/1394/99/3 Extension of minimum weight condition for mangoes when loaded in BCN/BCNA wagons.  
No. 05 TCR/1015/97/9 Classification of Spiral Welded Steel Pipes with diameter less than 610mm.  
No. 04 TCR/1125/98/2

Exemption from para 4 of Rule 125 of IRCA Goods Tariff  No.41, Pt.I Vol.I for fertilizer traffic from dual gaugestations between Samakhiali and Gandhidham via Palanpur transhipment point :  Post facto sanction.

No. 03 TCR/1099/2004/1

Withdrawal of inflation in distance for charging fares/freight for all traffic passing over   Rajendra Pul (Bridge) between Hatidah and Garhara over Mokama-Barauni Section.

No. 02 TCR/1394/2001/9

Minimum weight condition for ?Coco Brooms?.

No. 01 TCR/1394/2002/4

Minimum weight condition (MWC) of Timber waste in BCX/BCN/BCNA/BOX  wagons.

Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-05-2013  

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