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Circular No. Subject

Issued date

CC-72 Catering Services and charges for SBC-HWH Duronto Express Train.


CC-71 Fare Structure of Howrah-Yesvantpur Duronto Express Train 23.12.2009
CC-70 Introduction of Yuva Trains 22.12.2009
CC-69 On board audio/video information dissemination and entertainment system. 09.12.2009
CC-68 Printing and Display of reservation charts 02.12.2009
CC-67 Selection of Stations as Adarsh Station 30.11.2009
CC-66 Appointment of Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS) 20.11.2009
CC-65 Provision of Quality drinking water through commercial advertising. 16.11.2009
CC-64 charges for booking of Special Coaches & Special Trains 06.11.2009
CC-63 Installations of ATMs at Railway Stations-Clarifications 09.11.2009
CC-62 Transfer of badges of licensed porters. 29.10.2009
CC-61 Security sensitization of Commercial and Traffic personnel. 22.10.2009
CC-60 Authorizing an officer in the Ministry of Railways 20.10.2009
CC-59 Scheme for frequent Travelers (SOFT) 16.10.2009
CC-58 Procedure for engagement of licensed porters 16.10.2009
CC-57 - Not Issued - -
CC-56 - Not Issued - -
CC-55 Supply of bedroll in Duronto Express. 05.10.2009
CC-54 Magisterial Scheme for check and prevention of ticketless travel - Extension upto 30.09.2010. 30.09.2009


Fare Structure of Duronto Express Trains 30.09.2009


Fare Structure of Nizamuddin-Pune-Nizamuddin and Howrah-CSTM-Howrah Duronto Trains. 25.09.2009
CC-51 New norms for deployment of Catering Staff in Garib Rath Express trains having Mini Pantry. 22.09.2009
CC-50 Provision of bedrolls kits to RAC Passengers in AC Classes. 23.09.2009
CC-49 Selection of Stations as Adarsh Station. 17.09.2009
CC-48 Tariff of Tea/Coffee 16.09.2009
CC-47 Catering service and charges for Duronto Express Train 15.09.2009
CC-46 Fare Structure of Sealdah-New Delhi-Sealdah and Chennai-Nizamuddin-Chennai Duronto Trains. 14.09.2009
2006/TG-V/1036/1 Cash Incentive to the ticket checking staff for good performance 04.09.2009
CC-45 Travelling of handicapped persons in the compartments earmarked for them in Garib Rath trains 14.09.2009
CC-44 Manning of Duronto Express on End to End basis 07.09.2009
CC-43 Installation of ATMs. 03.09.2009


Extension of the validity of charges for booking of special train/special coaches further by 31.10.2009 02.09.2009
CC-41 Checking of genuineness and watermarking of EFT Books 04.09.2009
CC-40 Concession to Police Personnel of 60 years and above who have received Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Service. 26.08.2009
CC-39 Reservation on Railway Passes-Revised Guidelines 28.08.2009
CC-38 Battery operated vehicles for Disabled and Old Age passeengers at Railway Stations 26.08.2009
CC-37 Reduction of Tatkal Charges. 19.08.2009


Concession to Accredited Press Correspondents. 10.08.2009
CC-35 Restricting entry in ticketing areas of Platform on the authority of Platform Ticket during peak rush period. 31.07.2009
CC-34 Bulk rights for commercial publicity on an entire division 30.07.2009

- Not Issued -

- -
CC-32 Policy regarding provision of temporary Reception Booths and Banners at Railway Stations. 31.08.2009
CC-31 Free monthly season tickets will be issued for journeys commencing on and after 01.08.2009. 24.07.2009
CC-30 Free MSTs are issued to girl Students studying upto graduation and boy students studying upto 12th standard. 24.07.2009
CC-29 60% Concession in Kolkata Metro trains to Student attending Schools/Madrasa/Vocational institutions 24.07.2009
CC-28 Extension of the validity of charges for booking of special train/special coaches further by 31.08.2009 21.07.2009
CC-27 Time limit for Advance Reservation Period under Tatkal Scheme. 17.07.2009
CC-26 Concession for recipients of Presidents Police medals for distinguished service. 16.07.2009
CC-25 Concession for amateur artistes in AC Chair Car, 3 AC and 2 AC 16.07.2009

Izzat Monthly Season Tickets to persons working in unorganized sector with monthly income not exceeding Rs. 1500/-.

CC-23 Installation of water coolers etc., at stations by NGOor individual 03.07.2009
CC-22 Commercial publicity on PRS/UTS tickets, Reservation Charts, Reservation Forms 17.07.2009
CC-21 Charges for Special Trains for shooting of films. 25.06.2009
CC-20 Grant of concession to AIDS patients for treatment at nominated ART (Anti Retroviral Therapy) centre. 18.06.2009
CC-19 On Board Audio/Video information dissemination and entertainment system. 16.06.2009
CC-18 Misuse of Metal Pass facility by railway officers after their Retirement. 15.06.2009
CC-17 Time limit for issuing unreserved tickets through UTS. 30.06.2009
CC-16 Cash Incentive to the ticket checking staff for good performance. 21.05.2009
CC-15 Commercial Publicity on Trains 29.04.2009
CC-14 e-tickets ? Photo ID. 27.04.2009
CC-13 Amendment in Tatkal Scheme 24.04.2009
CC-12 Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS) ? Prevention of probable frauds. 21.04.2009
CC-11 Printing of New Passenger Fare Table effective from 1.4.2009 24.03.2009
CC-10 Revision of passenger fares - Railway Budget 2009-10 05.03.2009
CC-9 Amendment in Tatkal Scheme 16.02.2009
CC-8 Fixation of Charter Rates on Hill Railways 12.02.2009

Banning of business of two firms i.e. (i) M/s Kumar Tours & Travels and (ii) M/s Air Flight Ltd. Of Mumbai with Ministry of Railways and its subordinate offices.

CC-6 Commercial Publicity on trains through wrapping of coaches. 30.01.2009

Corrigendum-1 dated 09.11.2010

Procedure and schedule of payment of catering bills of Rajdhani and Shatabdi Trains and payment by IRCTC to Zonal Railways of share of revenue from other Mail/ Express trains and static catering units. 30.01.2009
CC-4 Eligibility criteria for allotment of bookstalls at the Railway Stations to the philanthropic and social organisations- clarification thereof. 22.01.2009
CC-3 Appointment of Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS). 27.01.2009
CC-2 Collection of penalty from persons found loitering in Platform without Platform Ticket/ travel authority 12.01.2009
CC-1 Extension of the validity of charges for booking of special train/special coaches upto 30.06.2009 06.01.2009

Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 03-01-2013  

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