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Circular No. Subject

Issued date

CC-78 Checking of tickets during night time in reserved coaches 25.08.2010
CC-67 to CC-77 Not Issued ----
CC-66 Banning of business of two firms i.e. (i)M/s. Kumar Tours & Travels and (ii) M/s. Air Freight Ltd. of Mumbai with Ministry of Railways and its sub-ordinate offices. 31.12.2010
CC-65 Modern Trolleys at important stations for senior citizens and women passenger-engagement of ’Rail Yatri Sevaks’. 28.12.2010
CC-64 Printing and Display of reservation charts. 27.12.2010
CC-63 Amendment of constitution of Railway Users’ Consultative Committee. 21.12.2010
CC-62 Battery Operated Vehicles for Disabled and Old age Passengers - inclusion of Sick Passengers. 21.12.2010
CC-61 Unreserved Ticketing System(UTS) 16.12.2010
CC-60 Revised norms for deployment of catering staff on Indian Railways 15.12.2010
CC-59 Fare Structure for Double Decker trains 10.12.2010
CC-58 Currency of Commercial Contracts. 07.12.2010
CC-57 Selection of station as Adarsh Station 10.12.2010
CC-56 Uploading of station-wise information regarding No. of ATMs installed on their website 01.12.2010
CC-55 Five digit train numbering scheme. 18.11.2010
CC-54 Rail travel facilities available to Members of Parliament, their spouse and companions. 19.11.2010
CC-53 Procedure and schedule of payment of catering bills of Rajdhani and Shtabdi trains and Duronto trains. 09.11.2010
CC-52 Ticket left behind - Amendment to Para 320 of Indian Railways Commercial Manual vol.1 19.10.2010
CC-51 Basic Fares for AC Chair car and Executive Class of Duronto Trains 08.10.2010
CC-50 Fare structure for 2221/2222 Howrah-Pune and 2847/2848 Howrah-Digha Duronto trains. 07.10.2010
CC-49 Supervision and monitoring of Mobile catering units 08.10.2010
CC-48 Installation of ATMs. 06.10.2010
CC-47 ’Battery Operated Vehicles for Disabled and Old Age Passengers’ 27.09.2010
CC-46 Five digit train numbering scheme. 15.09.2010
CC-45 Implementation of Catering Policy 2010  
CC-44 Master circular for booking of charter Trains on Hill Railways. 09.09.2010
CC-43 Bharat Tirth Trains. 09.09.2010
CC-42 Strengthening of Central Ticket Checking Squad of Railway Board. 01.09.2010
CC-41 Appointment of JTBS - Clarifications. 26.08.2010
CC-40 Verification of Journey Details. 31.08.2010
CC-39 Non-defining of additional coach in the computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS). 18.08.2010
CC-38  ATVMs - Clarifications. 13.08.2010
CC-37 Catering Policy- 2010 - Follow-up Action. 09.08.2010
CC-36 E-tickets - Photo ID. 06.08.2010
CC-35 Catering Policy- 2010. 21.07.2010
CC-34 Fare structure for Ist AC of 2269/2270 Chennai-Nizamuddin Duronto Express. 20.07.2010
CC-33 Fare structure for NDLS-BBS Duronto train. 14.07.2010
CC-32 Sale of Recharge Coupons at Railway Stations. 08.07.2010
CC-31 Complimentary Card passes to freedom fighters and their widows - validity in Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains. 28.06.2010
CC-30 Concession to Technicians of Regional Film Industry. 24.06.2010
CC-29 Earmarking of seats/berths for physically handicapped persons in SLRD coaches. 22.06.2010
CC-28 Appointment of Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS). 24.06.2010
CC-27 e-tickets-Photo ID. 03.06.2010

Addendum-1 dated 06.12.2010

Catering Services and charges for Duronto Super Fast Express Trains. 25.05.2010
CC-25 Earmarking of Reservation Quota for Cancer Patients. 19.05.2010
CC-24 Bulk rights for Commercial Publicity on entire division. 27.04.2010
CC-23 Providing information regarding accommodation in train made available to Members of Parliament and other VIPs. 27.04.2010
CC-22 Cash incentive to the ticket checking staff for good performance. 20.04.2010
CC-21 Reservation through Internet. 22.04.2010
CC-20 Counselling of licensed porters. 20.04.2010
CC-19 Not Issued -
CC-18 Doctors on Duronto Trains - Pilot Project. 20.04.2010
CC-17 Concession to dependent children & companion of Accredited Press Correspondents. 13.04.2010
CC-16 Grant of 100% concession to Cancer patients in 3AC and Sleeper Class. 12.04.2010
CC-15 Appointment of Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak(JTBS). 15.04.2010
CC-14 Catering charges for Duronto Super Fast Express Trains(1) 2281/82 BBS-NDLS (2) 2273/74 HWH-NDLS. 31.03.2010
CC-13 E-Tickets - Photo ID. 22.03.2010
CC-12 Catering services and charges for weekly (Duronto) Super Fast Express Train between Nizamuddin to Ernakulam and back. 04.03.2010
CC-11 Doctors on Duronto Trains - Pilot Project. 24.02.2010
CC-10 Doctors on Duronto Trains- Pilot Project. 17.02.2010
CC-09 Policy for operation of Coin Operated Weighing Machines at Railway Stations. 17.02.2010

Provision of companion in lieu of attendant to First Class/Ist ’A’ Post Retirement complimentary Pass/Widow Pass Holders who are of 70 years of age and above.

CC-07 Revision on norms of manning of Upper Class Coaches. 15.02.2010
CC-06 Catering services and charges for non stop (Duronto) Super Fast Express Train between Secunderabad to NZM and NZM to SC. 05.02.2010
CC-05 Provision for catering services in 2033/2034 (CNB-NDLS) Shatabdi Train. 04.02.2010
CC-04 Selection of stations as Adarsh Station. 15.01.2010
CC-03 Reservation on Railway Passes - Amendment to Para 638, 639 & 640 of Indian Railways Commercial Manual Vol-I. 19.01.2010
CC-02 Provision for stacking bed rolls in Sleeper Class in Duronto Express, wherever provided. 11.01.2010
CC-01 Review of charges for booking of special coaches/Saloons/Tourist Cars and special trains at full tariff rate. 05.01.2010

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Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 18-01-2017  

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