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Circular No. Subject

Issued date

CC-82 Corrigendum to Para 16.1.1& 18.2 of Catering Policy 2010. 31.12.2012
CC-81 Awarding of contracts on media space for advertisement to various Ministries/Departments/ Public Sector undertakings under Central and State Governments. 27.12.2012
CC-80 Enhancement of period for purchasing unreserved reverse tickets during Mahakumbh Mela. 26.12.2012
CC-79 Enhancement of MUTP Surcharge. 24.12.2012
CC-78 Catering-Revised Tariff for Tea/Coffee, Breakfast and standard meals. 21.12.2012
CC-77 Enhancement of MUTP Surcharge. 20.12.2012
CC-76 Indian Railways (Penalties for activities affecting cleanliness at Railway Premises) Rules, 2012- Gazette Notification No. GSR 846(E) dt. 26.11.2012 14.12.2012
CC-75 Amendment in Tatkal Scheme. 12.12.2012
CC-74 Revision of Rate of Mela Surcharge. 06.12.2012
CC-73 Corrigendum to Circular No.71 of 2012 issued vide Board's letter No.05/TG-IV/10/SAN/32/Pay & use Policy. 03.12.2012
CC-72 Review of selling price of " Rail Neer"/Shortlisted packaged drinking water on Indian Railways 22.11.2012
CC-71 Corrigendum to Circular No.34 of 2012 issued vide Board's letter No.05/TG-IV/10/SAN/32/Pay & use Policy. 09.11.2012
CC-70 Commercial Publicity contracts- Reserve price & Rate of Escalation on Licence fee. 09.11.2012.
CC-69 New Miscellanious Article Stalls/Trolleys Policy, 2012. 02.11.2012
CC-68 Provision of carrying of ID proof during journey on reserved tickets. 01.11.2012
CC-67 Amendment in Tatkal Scheme. 01.11.2012
CC-66 Concession applicable in Rajdhani/Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi and Duronto Trains. 26.10.2012
CC-65 Issuing of unreserved tickets by JTBS. 12.12.2012
CC-64 Inclusion of bedroll charges in the fare of Garib Rath Express. 18.10.2012
CC-63 Extension of Memorandu of Understanding (MoU) signed between Ministry of Railways and Department of Posts for issuing of reserved tickets through computerized Passenger Reservation System (PRS) terminals provided in Post Offices. 16.10.2012
CC-62 Levy of Service Tax. 10.10.2012
CC-61 Issue of new series of Identity Cards to Members and their Spouses of Fifteenth Lok Sabha 01.10.2012
CC-60 Procedure Order for implementing Service Tax Refunds on Passenger Fare Tickets Booked and Cancelled on or after 01.10.2012 29.09.2012
CC-59 Corrigendum-Levy of Sevice Tax on Transportation of Passengers by Rail. 28.09.2012
-- Levy of Service Tax on Auxiliary Services provided by Indian Railways. 26.09.2012
CC-58 Levy of Sevice Tax on Transportation of Passengers by Rail. 26.09.2012
CC-57 Supply of specimen new series of Identity Cards to Members of Fifteenth Lok Sabha and Identity Cards-cum-Railway Passes of their Spouses. 01.10.2012
CC-56 Appointment of Jansadharan Ticket Booking Sewak. 17.09.2012
CC-55 Not Issued --
CC-54 Charges for Special Trains for shooting of films. 04.09.2012
CC-53 Remittance of TTEs cash at out station location. 31.08.2012
CC-52 Issuing of Platform Tickets by Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS). 04.09.2012
CC-51 Clarification regarding installation of e-ticketing kiosks along with ATMs. 30.08.2012
CC-50 Izzat MST-Issue of Income Certificate by MLAs. 17.08.2012
CC-49 Fare Structure for Double Decker trains. 13.08.2012
CC-48 Display of the names of the TTE/CORs on the Reservation Charts. 13.08.2012
CC-47 Revision of fare for First Class Tourist Tickets. 24.07.2012
CC-46 Complimentary Card Passes issued to Arjuna Awardees. 24.07.2012
CC-45 Refund of tickets issued through ATVMs. 27.07.2012
CC-44 Complimentary Card Passes issued to Chakra Awardees. 10.07.2012


Corrigendum dated 04.07.2012

Amendment in Tatkal Scheme. 29.06.2012
CC-42 Selection of stations as Adarsh Station 23.07.2012
CC-41 Issuing of platform tickets by Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS) 25.06.2012
CC-40 Revised guidelines regarding levy of Service Tax, VAT and newly to be introduced GST in catering services 22.06.2012
CC-39 Installation of ATMs at Railway Stations - Clarifications. 09.07.2012
CC-38 Installation of Coin Vending Machines. 03.07.2012
CC-37 Commercial Publicity on trains through vinyl wrapping of coaches-Revised Delegation of powers for fixing of reserve price. 21.06.2012
CC-36 Policy on Luxury Tourist Trains being operated or to be operated in association with State Tourism Corporation/IRCTC. 18.06.2012
CC-35 Playing of instrumental music in trains. 14.06.2012
CC-34      Revised Policy for normal Pay & Use toilets - Provision of an improved Essential Amenities to the passengers. 05.06.2012
CC-33 Appointment of facilitators for issuing of unreserved tickets through ATVMs. 18.05.2012
Corrigendum CC-32   Corrigendum to Commercial Circular No.32 of 2012. 30.05.2012
CC-32 Amendment in Tatkal Scheme 15.05.2012
CC-31 Modifications in the Reservation Charts. 14.05.2012
CC-30 Prevention of reservation through PRS in cast of lost Metal Passes / Card Passes. 07.05.2012
CC-29 Cash incentive to the ticket checking staff for good performance. 02.05.2012
CC-28 Modification in the Reservation Charts 27.04.2012
CC-27 Maintenance of Logs on Console 20.04.2012
CC-26 Increased Rate of Platform Tickets. 18.04.2012
CC-25 Grant of concession to patients suffering from Sickle Cell Anaemia. 18.04.2012
CC-24 Grant of concession to patients suffering from Aplastic Anaemia. 18.04.2012
CC-23 Extension of travel distance from 100 Km to 150 Km under Izzat Scheme. 18.04.2012
CC-22 Supply of 500ml/1000 ml packaged drinking water (PDW) bottle in Shatabdi trains. 19.04.2012
CC-21 Issue of first class season tickets. 09.04.2012
CC-20 Taking over of the management of book stalls from IRCTC by Zonal Railway. 28.03.2012
CC-19 Passenger Fares w.e.f. 01.04.2012- Railway Budget 2012-13. 27.03.2012
CC-18 Validity of Duty Passes for travel in Duronto Express trains.   26.03.2012
CC-17 Amendment in Jan Sadharan Ticket Booking Sewak (JTBS) Scheme.   02.03.2012
CC-16 Installation of ATMs 06.03.2012
CC-15 Clearance of wait-listed passengers-Amendment to Para 618 of Indian Railways Commercial Manual Vol-I. 29.02.2012
CC-14 Provsion for carrying of ID proof during journeyon reserved tickets.  07.02.2012
CC-13 Reconstitution of Divisional Railways Users' Consultative Committees (DRUCCs) and Zonal Railway Users' Consultative Committees (ZRUCCs) 07.02.2012
CC-12 Time Limit for Advance Reservations 06.02.2012
CC-11 Validity of Passes for travel in Garib Rath Express Train.    03.02.2012
CC-10      Publicity regarding facility of booking of vacant accommodation at current counters. 02.02.2012
CC-09 Janam Bhoomi Gaurav Tourist Trains. 31.01.2012
CC-08 Bulk Rights for Commercial Publicity on entire Division 31.01.2012
CC-07 Accepting SMS sent by IRCTC/Railways on part with Electronic Reservation Slip(ERS) for undertaking journey on e-tickets. 01.02.2012
CC-06 Bharat Tirth Trains. 20.01.2012
CC-05           Computerized coaching Refunds Scheme-EDR proforma 24.01.2012

Provision for carrying of ID proof during journey on reserved tickets


Correction Slip No.1 to Comml. Circular No. 35/2010: Corrigendum to Catering Policy 2010 dated 21.07.2010-Para 16.3 and Para 21-reg

CC-02 Re-constitution of Divisional Railway Users' Consultative Committee/DRUCCs 10.01.2012
CC-01 Acceptance of Demand Draft for payment of charges of Special Trains run on FTR. 02.01.2012


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 24-11-2014  

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