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               -- :: 2006-07 ::--

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-- :: 2006-07 ::--


Annual Statistical Statements (2005-06 ) Annual Report & Accounts (2005-06) Year Book (2005-06)

Periodical earnings and Freight loading of Indian Railways


Functions and duties of Statistics and Economics Directorate

            The statistical set-up on the Indian Railways (IR) functions at two levels – Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) and the Zonal Railways. The Statistics & Economics Directorate at Railway Board is headed by the Financial Commissioner (FC), while those on the Zonal Railways are headed by the Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts Officer (FA&CAO).  The Organization Chart of Stat & Econ D’te with telephone numbers at the Railway Board is appended as Annexure –“ A ”. 

The Directorate of Statistics & Economics in the Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) co-ordinates, consolidates and analyses the statistical data for the Railway system, based on the information received from the Statistical organizations of the Zonal Railways. The Directorate of Statistics & Economics at Railway Board consists of two wings, viz. i) Statistical Wing; and ii) Cost Analysis Wing. Railway Statistics are grouped in the following heads: 

1)   Economics & financial Statistics

2)   Operating Statistics;

3)   Commercial Statistics;

4)   Rolling Stock & Workshop Statistics; and

5)   Administrative Statistics. 

The broad functions of the Statistical Organization on the Indian Railways is to help different the departments and the higher management to assess their individual performance, identity weaknesses and take remedial measures to improve output: 

i)        To act as the information bank of Indian Railways;

ii)       To provide analyzed statistical data to top management for evaluating Railways performance vis-à-vis targets set; 

iii)      To aid and evaluate norms for utilization of assets;

iv)      To evolve formats and related instructions for compilation and submission of statistical data by Statistical Organizations on the Zonal Railways and other agencies and to guide them in professional matters; 

v)       To bring about awareness in improving productivity of resources through statistical comparison and to inculcate cost consciousness with a view to achieving cost control/reduction; 

vi)      To provide data for fixing realistic tariff; and

vii)      To provide data for project appraisals and taking management decisions on capital investments.

Name of Officers, Designation and Contact No.
Name/Desgination Ph.No.
R.Sivadasan, F.C. 23382754
S.Balachandran, Addl.Member 23381186
C.B.K.Singh, Executive Director(S&E) 23381340
R.K.Manocha, Dir.Stat(CA) 23381568
  S.Majumdar, DD Stat(CA) 23303954
    Atul Sharma, ATCO-I 23303631
    G.D.Paul, ATCO-II 23304156
B.K.Ban, JD(Stat)-I 23385108
  S.R.Kanaujia, DD Stat. Accdt. 23303224
    P.L.Sharma, Stat Accdt. 23303697
    R.N.Srivastava, Stat-IV 23303299
  T.Sanyal, DD(Stat) 23304267
    T.K.De, Stat-I 23303299
  Hari Kishan 23303523
P.S.Kurup, JD Stat -II 23381364
  Smt. S.R.Srivasatava, DD Stat-II 23303632
    Smt. Usha Bayana, Stat - II 23303632
    Neeraj Kumar, Stat. Econ. 23303527
  Devender Singh, DD Stat(Insp) 23303690
    P.K.Raina, Stat - V 23303836
    K.K.Singh, Stat Insp. 23303249
  Manjeet Singh, Stat - III 23303526

Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 19-02-2011  

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