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Rest House
ID Subject LM File No. Date of Issue Date of Amendment
Policy guidelines on occupation of Railway rest house/rest rooms (master circular)
2023/LMB-I/7/1 16.11.2023  
---- Policy Guidelines on occupation of Railway Rest Houses/Rest Rooms(Master Circular). 2019/LMB-I/7/2 04.10.2019 --
-- Maintenance of Railway Rest Houses on IR 2018/LMB-I/7/1 09.03.2018 --
207 Master Circular on allotment of railways Rest Houses No.2005/LMB/03/34 18-May-06  
170 Occupation of rst house accommodation for residential use by railway officers on transfer. 2005/LMB/07/01 24-Mar-05  
160 Permission for ex-Railway Ministers for use of railway rest house facilities. 2003/LMB/07/14 16-Apr-04  
153 Multi Disaster Resistant Control Rooms. 2003/LMB/02/261 05-Sep-03 29-Mar-04
97 Erection of boundary walls by private enterpreneurs for exclusive advertisement rights. 1994LMB/03/31 19-May-95  
80 Occupation of rest house for residential purpose on transfer. 1990/LMB/07/14 06-Jun-91  
78 Rate/charge of rest house/rooms. 1990/LMB/07/13 28-Feb-91  
74 Recovery of AC charges from Trainee officers. 1988/Elect.1/115/1 31-Aug-90 13-Mar-92
67 Occupation of rest house by officers/staff of CRIS. 1989LMB/07/05 07-Nov-89  
61 Improvement and modernisation of railway staff canteens . 1989/LMB/07/03 30-Mar-89  
58 Occupation of rest houses by outsiders - charging of rent. 1988/G(Acc)/06/10 21-Jun-88  
56 Increase in AC charges 1998/Elect.I/115/1 02-Jun-88  
48 Provision of electric hot plates/fridge in kitchen of rest houses. 1985/W2/07/04 29-Aug-86  
45 Use of rest house by MPs. 1985/TGII/140/Policy 20-Mar-86  
44 Dormitory accommodation for relatives of patient admitted in railway hospitals. 1985/W2/06/01 22-Oct-85  
43 Occupation of rest house/rooms by retired railway employees/officers. 1985/W2/07/05 03-Oct-85  
35 Occupation of railway rest house by retired railway officers. 1982/W2/07/13 31-Dec-83  
29 Occupation of rest house by railway officers/families when they on duty/leave. 1978/W2/07/15 28-Feb-79  
27 Permission for occuying rest house to officials of Federations. E(LR)-III/1977/UTF/1 29-Dec-77  
24 Occupation of railway rest houses/rooms by non-railway employees. 1974/W2/07/11 01-Aug-74  
23 Use of rest housesby Corporate Enterprise Groups. E(LR)/1974/LR1-1 26-Feb-74  
22 Occupation of railway officers rest houses/rooms by Members of RCC. 1972/W2/07/10 15-Sep-73  
21 Use of rest houses by Members of RCC/EC. 1972/W2/07/10 03-Aug-73  
20 Occupation of rest house treating retired offices not at par with serving railway officers. 1970/W2/07/08/O 05-Oct-72 17-Jan-76
18 Occupation of rest houses by outsiders. 1965/W2RH/08 09-Sep-71  
9 Occupation of rest houses by MPs. 1965/W2/RH/08 14-Feb-66  
8 Reservation of accommodation for Board’s staff on duty. 1962/W2/RH/07 15-Apr-63  
5 Occupation of railway rest houses/rooms by non-railway officers. 1955/W2/204/O 30-Mar-57 Aug-74


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-11-2023  

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