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Licensing / Lease of land
ID Subject LM File No. Date of Issue Date of Amendment
  M Revision of Plinth Area Norms for General Pool Residential Accommodation to be constructed for Indian Railway Employees – Reg. No.2024/LMB-II/2/3 08.04.2024  
  Master Circular on 'Policy for Management of Railway Land'- Modification thereof. 2023/LML-II/25/5 07.06.2023  
  Model standard land lease agreement for long term leasing of Railway land for cargo related purpose. 2021/LML/25/5 02.06.2023  
  Master Circular on Policy for 'Management of Railway Land 2021/LML/25/5 04.10.2022  
  Permission to use railway land for beautifying purpose 2021/LML-II/13/19 25.06.2021  
  Licensing of Railway Land to the Container Corporation of India Ltd. for ICDs. 2015/LML-II/13/4 19.03.2020  
  Revision of policy regarding compensation of Land losers affected by land acquisition for Railway projects. E(NG)II/2010/RC-5/1 11.11.2019  
  General instructions on leasing/licensing of railway land. 2019/LML/20/1 20.11.2019  
  Policy on toilets in circulating areas of stations through CSR funding. 2019/LML/18/13 30.09.2019  
  Clarification on policy for recovery of land license fee in the case of licensing of railway land for establishing a rail terminal and/or for providing connectivity to existing rail heads. 2008/LML/18/15 23.09.2019  
  Acquisition of land for Railway Infrastructure Projects for public purpose 2018/LML-II/18/8 21.08.2019  
  Policy on Licensing of Railway Land for Commercial Plots 2014/LML-II/18/5 29.02.2016  
  Enhancement of GM’s power for long term leasing if Rly land. 2013/LML-I/24/37 11.09.2014  
  Checklist for proposals of leasing/exchange of railway land (costing more than Rs.5 lakhs) requiring approval of Railway Board. 2014/LML-II/13/15 08.07.2014  
  Way leave facility/long term leasing of Railway land. 2013/LML-II/13/53 3.12.13  
  Approval of Cabinet for permitting use of Railway land for development of Railway land by RLDA. 2011/LML/18/61 08.05.2013  
  Licensing of land to IRCTC Ltd. For setting up of Rail Neer Packaged drinking water bottling plant. 2002/LML/13/14 07.01.2013  
  Long term leasing of Railway Land - regarding Cabinet Approval 2011/LML/18/17 21.08.2012  
- Approval of Cabinet for permitting use of Railway Land for Railways core activities and other related purposes. 2011/LML/1817 24.01.2012  
  Long term leasing of railway land – reg. Cabinet approval. 2011/LML/18/17 07.12.2011  
  Leasing of land to CONCOR & CTOs. 2011/LML/18/27 17.06.2011  
  Long term leasing of railway land – reg. Cabinet approval. 2011/LML/18/17 30.03.11  
  Management of land on Railways. 2009/LML/13/26 11.11.10  
  Utilization pf vacant Railway land for Grow More Food purposes by Railway Employees. 2009/LML/16/3 16-7-10  
  Land use in planning in Metros/capital cities of states & UTs and approval of Board thereof. 2009/LML/13/1 21.06.10  
  Review of Audit cases pertaining to land matters. 2007/LML/6/10 16.02.10  
  Land use planning in Metros and approval of Board thereof. 2009/LML/13/1 23.01.09  
215 Licensing of railway land for establishing a rail Terminal and/or for providing connectivity to eisting rail heads 2008/LML/18/15 17.03.2008  
182 Licensing of railway land to Welfare Organsiations, private schools, etc. 2001/LML/21/14 05-Nov-01  
168 Policy on licensing of railway land for commercial plots etc. (Master Circular). 2005/LML/18/08 10-Feb-05 08-Jun-05
167 Granting of ROW & sparing land/building of Railtel Corporation. 2002/LML/13/12 2000/LML/24/20 19-Nov-04 28-Nov-05 05-May-06 29-Dec-2006  
154 Extension of licence for schools and religious institutions. 2003/LML/21/20 29-Sep-03  
150 Revision of nominal licence fee of railway land leased/licensed to Kendriya Vidyalayas, all other schools and Welfare Organsiations 2002/LML/21/16 10-Apr-03  
144 Proposal for changing rental scheme for 17 shops at Tollygunge station. 2001/LML/18/31 20-Sep-02 16-Oct-02 , 02-Mar-05 & 26-Apr-2006.
141 Development of shopping complex through Co-operative Societies. 2002/LML/18/33 10-Jul-02 19-Dec-02 & 27-Aug-02
134 Licensing of land to Oil Companies for setting up retail outlets (Petro Pumps) 2001/LML/18/161 21-Feb-02  
131 Short term temporary licensing for circus shows 1998/LML/18/28 20-Jan-02 22-Mar-02, 17-Oct-02, No.2004/LML/18/30 dated 27-Apr-04.
126 Long term leasing of railway land to Govt. Deptt./Relinquishment and exchange. 2001/LML/13/53 04-Oct-01 30-Jul-03 & 19-Oct-04
123 Development of shopping complex on railway land - powers regarding 2000/LML/18/33 08-Feb-01 01-Mar-01
107 Policy regarding Extension of plot of land /change of ownership etc. 1997/LML/18/67 25-Jun-98 26-Jul-04
84 Licensing of railway land to Kendriya Vidyalayas 1990/LML/18/07 14-Jul-92  
81 Licensing of railway land for construction of Union offices 1989/LML/18/108 08-Jan-92  
77 Contingenciy charges for relinquishment of land 1990/LML/13/17 28-Feb-91  
76 Allotment of railway land for housing societies. 1989/LML/13/64 27-Dec-90  
71 Leasing of railway land to the CONCOR 1988/LML/13/63 13-Mar-90 25-Sep-91 & 26-Dec-94,  No.2001/LML/13/55 dt.24 Sep-03, 24-Aug-05 & 01-Dec-05
60 Licensing of railway  land for shopping purposes. 1983/W2/LM/18/87 27-Mar-89  
55 Licensing of railway land for religious purposes 1984/W2/LML/18/159 21-May-87  
53 Rationalisation of guidelines for commercial licensing of railway land 1983/W2/LM/18/87 03-Mar-87  
51 Lincesing of railway tanks and borrow pits for Pisciculture 1981/W2/18/117 19-Jan-87 05-Apr-88
38 Management of railway  land - Rationalisation of purposes for temporary licensing for shopping,commercial and vending purposes not connected with railway working 1980/W2/18/0/A 07-Jun-84  



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 23-04-2024  

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