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Lok Sabha


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Details of Questions pertaining to Land &Amenities Dte asked in Lok Sabha (From 01.03.2007) 

Starred/ Unstarred No.  Date Subject File No.
US-3365 06.09.2007 Amount sanctioned and spent so far for various passenger amenities by Railways particularly under Southern Railway during the last three years 2007/LMB/16/36
US-3318 06.09.2007 Whether the Railways have received any proposal for raising of Platforms at Holalkere and Ramagiri railway stations in Karnataka 2007/LMB/16/34
US-3171 06.09.2007 Whether some railway stations in the East Coast Railway Zone have been declared as Model Stations 2007/LMB/16/35
US-3044 06.12.2007 Details of the amount sanctioned and spent in each Division/Zone under thehead ‘passengers and other railway users amenities’ during the last three years 2007/LMB/16/46
US-3042 20.03.2008 Names of railway staions in Haryana for renovation/expansion during 2006-07 2008/LMB/16/10
US-3017 20.03.2008 Whether the Railways have any proposal for the development of Indore Station,Madhya Pradesh 2008/LMB/16/09
US-2890 06.12.2007 Whether many of the industrialists have come forward to adopt railway stations for providing all amenities 2007/LMB/16/48
US-2093 13.03.2008 Whether the Railways have appointed a Hong Kong based firm for the development of the New Delhi Railway Station (NDRS) to world class standard 2008/LMB/16/04
US-2012 13.03.2008 Whether the North Eastern Railways had so far developed and declared 35 stations in the North-East as model stations 2008/LMB/16/05
US-1957 13.03.2008 Whether the Railways have decided to modernize some of the major railway stations on the built-operate-transfer (BOT) Model with private-public sector partnership 2008/LMB/16/07
US-1979 29.11.2007 Whether the State Government of Karnataka has sent a proposal for upgradation of Chikkajajur Railway Station 2007/LMB/16/44
US-1646 23.08.2007 Whether certain railway stations still lack in basic facilities/amenities for passengers 2007/LMB/16/27
US-1591 23.08.2007 Whether the Railways have any proposal to beautify a railway station in Banaskatha district of Gujarat 2007/LMB/16/28
S-1 15.11.2007 Whether the Government has recently approved a scheme for modernising several railway stations into world class station 2007/LMB/16/42
US-933 23.10.2008 Whether the construction of second opening of Cuttack Railway Station has been completed 2008/LMB/16/22
US-866 23.10.2008 Upgradation of passenger amenities at the railway stations under Ratlam and Kota Division of Western and West Central Railway during the yea 2008-09 2008/LMB/16/26
US-832 26.02.2009 Whether Sadulpur, Churu and Ratangarh railway stations in Rajasthan under the North-Western Railway lack basic facilities 2009/LMB/16/06
US-497 28.02.2009 Whether the Railways have received representations regarding improvement of infrastructure i.e., roads, sheds, platform space at Amritsar and Attari railway station for handling Indo-Pak trade 2008/LMB/16/03
US-394 19.02.2009 Whether the Railways propose to upgrade some of the railway stations by elevating and widening the platforms 2009/LMB/16/04
US-385 28.02.2009 Names of railway stations in Rajasthan where expansion and renovation works have been started during the last financial year 2008/LMB/16/02
US-371 28.02.2009 Whether the Railways propose to improve the dilapidated condition of Saharanpur Railway Station 2008/LMB/16/01
US-288 19.02.2009 Details of passenger amenities available at all railway stations between Shamgarh to Nagada and Ratlam to Maxi of Western Railways 2009/LMB/16/03
US-285 19.02.2009 Names of the Railway Stations developed as Model Railway Stations in Uttar Pradesh 2009/LMB/16/02
US-9 15.11.2007 Proposal to upgrade the Harihar Railway Station in Karnataka.


US-268 01.03.07 Amenities for passengers at railway stations 2007/LMB/16/01
US-468 01.03.07 Unutilised railway land for SC/SR 2007/LML/08/01
US-333 01.03.07 Quality of drinking water 2007/LMB/16/03
US-1282 08.03.07 Dumping of the materials at railway stations 2007/LMB/16/06
US-1359 08.03.07 Shortage of drinking water at railway stations 2007/LMB/16/04
US-1427 08.03.07 Handing over of railway land to RLDA 2007/LML/08/03
S-160 08.03.07 Leasing of railway land to private retailers 2007/LML/08/02
US-257 08.03.07 Conversion of railway stations into world class station 2007/LMB/16/07
US-2309 15.03.07 Drinking water facilities at stations 2007/LMB/16/08
US-2443 15.03.07 Rehabilitation of slum dwellers 2007/LML/08/05
US-3358 26.04.07 Passenger amenities at Railway stations 2007/LMB/16/12
US-3468 26.04.07 Construction of platform at Tapari Jn. 2007/LMB/16/11
US-3521 26.04.07 Unused railway land 2007/LML/08/07
US-3916 03.05.07 Condition of railway quarters 2007/LMB/16/09
US-3983 03.05.07 Laying of water pipeline through cross railway track 2007/LML/08/08
US-3994 03.05.07 Extension of platform at Satara railway station 2007/LMB/16/14
US-4046 03.05.07 Encroachment of land in Delhi 2007/LML/08/04
US-4088 03.05.07 Utilization of land lying vacant 2007/LML/08/06
US-4098 03.05.07 Expansion and renovation of railway stations 2007/LMB/16/13
S-505 10.05.07 Construction/upgradation of railway stations with public private partnership 2007/LMB/16/16
US-4848 10.05.07 Railway land for commercial purpose 2007/LML/08/11
US-4877 10.05.07 Foot over bridges in Karnataka 2007/LMB/16/15
US-4896 10.05.07 Railway land under encroachment in Bihar 2007/LML/08/13
US-4987 10.05.07 Modernization of Thiruvananthapurm railway station 2007/LMB/16/17
US-4999 10.05.07 Upgradation of railway stations 2007/LMB/16/18
US-5902 17.05.07 Encroachment of railway land in Kolkata 2007/LML/08/16
US-5791 17.05.07 Small stations in the country 2007/LMB/16/19
US-5804 17.05.07 Afforestation of railway tracks 2007/LML/08/15
US-5901 17.05.07 Railway quarters 2007/LMB/16/20
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