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About Land and Amenities



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  LM (B)
1.   Extension/Raising levels of Platforms, which do not involve yard remodeling.
2. Provision/Extension of cover over Platforms.
3. Renovation/Remodeling of Station Building.
4. Provision/Extension of foot over bridges on Platforms for bonafide passengers.
5. Approach road  construction/maintenance of station approach roads within the Railway premises.
6. Development of circulating area within the station premises.
7. Provision of waiting hall/rooms.
8. Provision of source of water supply at Station premises.
9. Planting of shady trees on Platforms.
10. Parliamentary/Consultative Committee works relating to above subject.
11. Annual Works Programme in connection with Passenger Amenity Works.
12. Construction of foot over bridges at Stations.
13. Beautification of stations by planting ornamental trees, foliageile etc.
1.  (a) Construction of Service Buildings, Hospitals, Clubs, Institutes, Community Halls, Holiday Homes, Rest Houses and Rail Yatri Niwas, Hostels, Parks, Stadium and Cinema Halls on Railways.

(b) Licensing of surplus service building to Welfare Organisation.

2. Permission for additions/alterations to Railway buildings used as Temples, Churches, Mosques at present.
3. Construction / erection of statues of National Leaders in Railway premises.
4. Provision of safety measures in high rise building at construction stage.
5. Deposit works Rail Mail Service Buildings at construction stage.
6. Parliamentary Work in connection with the above subjects under Plan Head "Staff Amenities" and "Other Specified Works".
7. Annual Works Programme in connection with the above subjects under Plan Head "Staff Amenities" and "Other Specified Works".
8. New Zones / New Divisions - Execution portion.
9. Heritage buildings and Apex Committee on Railway Heritage.
  LM(B)- II
1. (a) Construction of Staff Quarters barracks and Officers Bungalow / Flats and acquisition of land therefore. (b) Maintenance of staff quarters / Barracks / Bungalow / Flats and fittings. (c) Building materials - policy regarding economy in use and cost.
2. (a) Water supply in Railway Colonies.

(b) Civil Engineering Works relating to sanitation in Railway quarters/colonies.

3. (a) Hiring of Private houses/Flats for residential use of officers.

(b) Licensing/Leasing/Transfer of surplus Railway quarters for welfare purposes.

4. Indian Railway Welfare Organisation (IRWO) -Organisational set up, policy and assistance to its activities.
5. Works Programme for Plan Head "Staff Quarters".
6. Parliamentary work in connection with above subjects.
  Railway Mining Safety Wing.
8. Source of water supply arrangements at Station/Service Buildings etc. 
9. Quarrying operation.
10. Coordination in respect of items Parliamentary Committee, JCM/PNM.
11. CIDC/IBC - Correspondence related to.
1. Commercial utilization of Railway land/Air space.
2. Policy relating to acquisition of Railway land.
3. Transfer/relinquishment of Railway land.
4. Leasing and licensing of Railway land ? Fixation of norms, rates etc.
5. Leasing/Licensing of land to Schools/Staff Welfare Organisations / Religious Institutions.
6. Licensing of railway land for GMF.
7. Licensing of borrow pits for fishing.
8. Licensing of Collieries/mines.
9. Afforestation on Railway land/Environment..
10. Earning from land resources.
11. Policy relating to renewable source of energy.
12. Act:

i) Land Acquisition Act.

ii) Defence of India Act relating to Railway lands.

iii) Delhi Master Plans relating to Railway land in Delhi.

iv) Public Premises (Eviction of unauthorized occupation).

13. Encroachments on Railway land - prevention and removal.
14. Certification/Maintenance of Land Plans.
15. Way leave facilities through railway land.
16. National Policy on Resettlement & Rehabilitation.
17. Provision of Fencing/boundary wall to prevent encroachments.
18. Coordination work for all Parliamentary Committee.
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