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GST Circular No


2016/AC-II/1/6/CRIS 27.11.2020 91 49 Due dates for filing  of various returns under GST Law-Amendments.
2018/AC-II/1/14 11.11.2020 90 48 Availment/Adjustment of Input Tax Credit(ITC)-Production Units
2012/AC-II/21/6(part) 10.11.2020 89   Excess Pension Payments made to Railway Pensioners.
2012/AC-II/21/6(part)  09.11.2020 88   Excess pension Payments to Railway Pensioners.
2018/AC-II/1/52 06.11.2020 87 47 Submission of GST Annual return for FY- 2019-20
2016/AC-II/1/6/CRIS 04.11.2020 86 46 Process to Re-flag GST Input Tax Credit (ITC) Transaction
2015/AC-II/21/11  05.11.2020 85   Inordinate delay in commencement of first pension. 
2018/AC-II/1/52 28.10.2020 84 45 Submission of GST Annual Return for FY 2018-19
2015/AC-II/21/11 with attachment 26.10.2020 83   Merger of Vijaya bank with Bank of Baroda
2010/AC-II/21/10/PartIV(vol.II)  10.11.2020 82   Physical verification of Railway Pensioners at Banks. 
2019/AC-II/45/6 21.10.2020     Settlement of claims for freight and cost of coal due to diversion
2015/AC-II/21/11 16.10.2020 81   Transmission of Physical PPOs to Banks
2020/AC-II/21/6 12.102020 80   NPS - Online PRAN Generation Module (OPGM)
2020/AC-II/21/7 12.10.2020 79   Accountal of NPS Accumulation on Mobility of personnel amongst Central/State and Autonomous Bodies while working under Pensionable establishment
2016/AC-II/01/06/CRIS 08.10.2020 78 44 Process with respect to procurements undertaken from 1st October, 2020
2018/AC-II/1/52 30.09.2020 77 43 Submission of GST Annual Return for FY 2018-19
2020/AC-II/21/7 18.09.2020 76   ACS No. 150- Introduction of new detailed head  in Finance Code Vol. II for Accountal of NPS Accumulation on Mobility of personnel amongst Central/State and Autonomous Bodies while working under Pensionable establishment.
2018/AC-II/1/57 22.09.2020 75 42 Accounting Process for IRFC Infrastructure Leasing Contract
2019/ACII/9/13 17.09.2020 74  

Operation of Miscellaneous E-Receipt System Portal.

2020/AC-II/21/3-Part(1) 14.9.2020 73   Extension of period for submission of Life Certificate from October 2020 till December 2020
2016/AC-II/1/6/Main(Pt.III) 04.09.2020 72 41 Directives with respect to compliances to be undertake prior to 30th September, 2020
2016/ACII/1/06(CRIS) 02.09.2020 71 40 Interest on delayed payment of tax consequent to late filing of return under FORM GSTR-3B
2016/AC-II/0106/CRIS 01.09.2020 70 39 Matching of GSTR-2A data - Input Tax credit (ITC)Reconciliation
2012/AC-II/21/6(part) 24.08.2020 67   Excess pension payments to Railway Pensioners.
2016/AC-II/01/06/CRIS 25.08.2020 66 38 Availment / Adjustment of Input Tax Credit(ITC)-Correction thereof.
2018/AC-II/1/57 21.08.2020 65 37 Machinery & Plant (M&P) flagging for procurement under EBR-IF funded propjects
2018/ACII/1/57 17.08.2020 64 36
EBR ( IF) Financing -Accountal issues
2018/AC-II/1/14 07.08. 2020 63 35 Guidelines in respect of inward supplies of goods or services under Reverse Charge Mechanism.
2018/AC-II/1/57 07.08.2020 62 34 EBR IF FNANCING-ACCOUNTING ISSUES, Guidelines in respect of inward supplies of goods or services under  Reverse Charge  Mechanism.
Operation of  Miscellaneous E-Receipt System (MERS) Portal.
2018/AC-II/1/11/GST References 30.07.2020 60 33 Procedure and Compliances for the merged UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu
2015/AC-II/1/14 28.07.2020 59   Matching of GSTR-2A-Input Tax Credit (ITC) Reconciliation
2017/ACII(CC)TAMS/37/1 27.07.2020 58   Implementation of TAMS
2020/AC-II/21/3 27.07.2020 57   Missing Entries in PF accumulation of subscribers
2018/AC-II/1/14 09.07.2020 56 31 Matching of GSTR-2A data-Input Tax Credit (ITC) Reconciliation
2020/ACII/21/3 02.07.2020 55   Consolidated instructions for Pension disbursing Authorities to ensure smooth payment of pension/family pension to pensioners/ family pensioners.
2020/ACII/21/3 02.07.2020 54   Obtaining of Life Certificate by Banks from the door step of the pensioners.
2020/ACII(CC)/37/5 24.06.2020 53   Implementation of new features in IRADA(Indian Railway Accounts Data Analytics) applicaiton.
2019/ACII/9/13 10.06.2020 52   Operation of  Miscellaneous E-Receipt System (MERS) Portal-Procedure to be adopted after incorporating LAMS integration and parcel receipts for special COVID-19 parcel trains
2020/AC-II/45/2 02.06.2020 51 -- Allocation of earnings from Shramik Special Trains.
2018/AC-II/1/57 02.06.2020 50 30 Revised  Model of EBR-IF funded contracts
Track/21/98/05/7/ Vol.IV 01.06.2020 Nil 29 Bill for rail supply by SAIL held up for payment due to revised model of EBR-IF funded contracts.
2018/AC-II/1/14 28.05.2020 49 28 Reconcilliation process of purchased Involves with 2A.
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST/Reference 21.05.2020 48 27 Statutory provisions relating to Kerala Flood Cess
2019/AC-II/2/6 20.05.2020 47   ACS No. 88 to F-I Revised life of Codal Assets, CCTV Camera & Telephone Instruments
2018/AC-II/1/57 08.05.2020 46   Revised Model of ERB-IF funded Contracts.
2018/AC-II/1/52 08.05.2020 45 25 Change in due date for filing of Annual Return for FY 2018-2019
2018/AC-II/21/3 06.05.2020 43   Review of progress of NPS
2018//AC-II/1/11/GST References 08.05.2020 44 24 Electronic Cash Ledger Balances under GST available on GSTN Portal.
2020/APP/6-1/2019-20 29.04.2020 42   Appropriation Accounts for the year 2019-20.
2018/AC-II/1/57 20.04.2020 41 23 Accounting Process for IRFC Infrastructure Leasing Contracts.
2020/AC-I/6/2/SCT 15/04/2020 40   Submission of Actual Account Current to end of March 2020
2020/AC-I/6/COVID 15.04.2020 39   Contribution to "Prime Minister's Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situation Fund"(PM CARES Fund)'  COVID-19 Pandemic.
2020/AC-I/6/COVID 08.04.2020 38   ACS No. 149 Accounting procedure for expenditure on COVID related activities on Production Units/ Workshops.
2018/AC-II/1/11/GST References 04.04.2020   22 Due dates for filing of various returns under GST and Input Tax Credit(ITC) Reconciliation with GSTR-2A
2018/AC-II/1/57 01.04.2020 36 21 Revised Model of EBR-IF Contracts.


(Hindi Version)

01.04.2020 35   Accounting Procedure for expenditure on COVID related activities on Railways.
2020/AC-I/6/2/SCT 30.03.2020 34   Functioning of Government Expenditure System during the operation of preventive measure to contain spread of COVID-19
2018/AC-II/1/11/GST References  27.03.2020   20 Due Dates for filing of various returns under GST & certain amendments in GST Law
2018/AC-II/1/11/GST References  27.03.2020   19 Reconciliation process of Purchase invoices with 2A
2018/AC-II/1/57(Pt) 24.03.2020   18
Novation Agreement ERB-IF Contracts
Compendium Account DTE 2020 & GST
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 23.03.2020   17 Postponement of procedure for capturing the IRN  and QR code on tax invoices under GST to 1st October, 2020.
2020/AC-I/6/2/SCT 30.03.2020 33   Reporting and Accounting of Central Government Transactions of March2020
2020/AC-I/6/2/SCT 19.03.2020 32   Submission of Preliminary Account Current for and to end of March 2020
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 16.03.2020 31 16 Issues relating to GST-Action by 31.03.2020.
2017/AC-II/11/GST References 16.03.2020 30 15 Serial Number of Tax Invoice under GST.
2018/AC-II/1/14 16.03.2020 29 14 Video-Conference on GSTR-2A Reconciliation.
2019/AC-IV/9/5/Abstract Z 11.03.2020 28   Classification of earnings - ' - Sundry other Earnings : Accounts heads for Non-Fare Revenue(NFR) Activities.
2018/AC-II/9/5/Pt.II 06.03.2020 27   Supersession of the Board of Directors of YES Bank Ltd. by RBI.
2016/ACII(CC)/IPAS/37/12 06.03.2020 26   Appointment of Nodal Railway in Traffic Accounts Module(TAMS) in IPAS
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.III 05.03.2020 25 13 GST Registration.
2008/AC-II/2/4 03.03.2020 24   Issue of Letter of Mandate by RBI for availing power supply connections of various State Electricity Boards/Power Utilities
2018/AC-II/1/57 27.02.2020 23 12 Revised Model of EBR-IF funded Contracts.
2018/AC-II/21/2/arpan  26.02.2020 22   Reckoning of Charge allowance for the purpose of pension revision of Post-2016 retirees betweeen 01.01.2016 to 30.6.2017.
2015/AC-II/2/6 26.02.2020 21 - Accountal of deposits & expenditure under allocation EBR.
2016/AC-II/01/06(CRIS) 25.02.2020 20 11 Chane in procedure of issuing tax invoices.
2020/AC-II/CC/37/1 20.02.2020 19 - Implementation of HRMS.
2016/AC-II/01/06 (CRIS) 19.02.2020 18 10 Availment/Adjustment of Input Tax Credit (ITC) - Interest thereof
D.O.No. 2016/AC-II/45/6 11.02.2020 17 - Outstanding dues under GeM.
2020/AC-II/CC/37/1 14.02.2020 16   Implementation of HRMS
2019/AC-II/21/9 11.02.22020 15   Settings up of NPS oversight mechanism.
2018/AC-II/1/14 11.02.2020 14 9 Matching of GSTR-2A data - Input Tax credit recondiliation.
2018/AC-II/1/14 4.2.2020 13 8 Matching of GSTR 2A data input Tax credit reconciliation.
2017/AC-II/9/10/Pt.IV 03.02.2020 12   Inclusion of mode of payment through letter of credit (LC) as option in domestic Supply/Works contracts.
2018/AC-II/1/57 31.01.2020 11 7 Revised model of EBR-IF funded contracts.
2019/AC-II/9/17 30.01.2020 10 - Operationlization of the scheme of payment through letter of credit (LC) as option in domestic Supply/Works contracts.
2018/AC-II/1/57 30.01.2020 09 06 GSTIN of IRFC
2018/AC-II/1/14 18.01.2020 08 05 Matching of GSTR - 2a data - Input Tax credit reconciliation
2018/AC-II/1/57 16.01.2020 07 04 Display of GST numbers at each State/UT's registered Office.
2018/AC-II/1/57 10.01.2020 06 03 GSTIN of IRFC.
2018/AC-II/152 10.01.2020 05 02 Submission of GST Annual returns for FY 2017-18.
2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN 09.01.2020 04 - Customization of ARPAN portal for issuance of PPOs to family pensioners(other than spouse)
2019/AC-II/25/11/CR 06.01.2020 03 - Fraud of Provident Fund in CR
2018/AC-II/1/57 06.01.2020 02 01 Revised Model of EBR-IF funded Contracts.
2019/ACII/9/11 02.01.2020 01 -- Allocation of Government Business to IDBI Bank


Procedure and Compliances for the merged UT of Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu




Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 27-11-2020  

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