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GST Circular No


2018/AC-II/1/57 17.12.2019 110 33 Revised Model of EBR-IF funded Contracts.
2018/AC-II/1/57 16.12.2019 109 32 Revised Model of EBR-IF funded Contracts.
2006/AC-II/20/2(Appendix-2) 17.12.2019 108   Introduction of objective type questions in departmental examination for Addcounts deaprtment.
2018/AC-II/1/14 30.12.2019 111 35 Matching of GSTR-2A data -- Input Tax credit reconciliation.
2019/LML-II/2/17 (140) 23.12.2019   34 Lease payment relating to Dharavi Redevelopment Project (DRP), Mumbai
2019/ACII CC/37/18 13.12.2019 107   Payment of arrears of incentive Bonus consequent to revision of hourly Rates for staff under CLW pattern
2019/AC-II/45/13 11.12.2019 106   Recovery of Outstanding amounts towards risk purchases, rejection of materials and non-supply of materials etc.
2002/ACII/2/10 Vol II 29.11.2019 105   Revised Codal life of Assets
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main 27.11.2019 104 31 GST on Job Work.
2012/AC-II/21/6(PART)/Spot Check 21.11.2019 103   Checking of access pension payment
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main 20.11.2019 102 30 Availment/Adjustment of Input Tax Credit (ITC)
2018/AC-II/1/52 19.11.2019 101 29 Submission of GST Annual Return for FY 2017-18 & FY 2018-19.
2006/AC-II/20/2 (APPENDIX-2) 18.11.2019 100   Introduction of objective questions in departmental examination of Accounts department
2019/AC-II/20/19 (PFA Conf.) 14.11.2019 99   Record of discussion of the Principal Financial Adviser's Conference held on 22/10/2019.
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main 06.11.2019 98 28 Availment/Adjustment of Input Tax Credit (ITC) 
2016/AC-IV/4/2 30.10.2019 97   Procedure for Accountal/Distribution of Sale proceeds for disposal of empty fired cartridges.
2019/ACII/9/15 22.10.2019 96   Remittance of Government receipt to Government account on T+1 basis.
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.III 14.10.2019 95 27 GST Update-Change n GST Rules with respect to Input tax credit reconciliations.
2015/ACII/45/11 11.10.2019 94   Extension of date of generation of 2nd Apportionment Matrix on carried basis
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST Consultants 07.10.2019 93 26 GST Manual (updated upto 01.10.2019 notification).
2018/AC-II/GST/1 (Part) 01.10.2019 92 25 Change in GST Rates.
2019/AC-II/21/7 27.09.2019 91   Settlement of Dues of Officers/Staff on retirement.
2015/AC-II/1/2 27.09.2020 90   ACS No. 146
2019/AC-II/25/6 27.09.2019 89   Fraud in issue of Excess Fare Ticket (EFT)
2017/AC-II/3/2 27.09.2019 88   ACS No. 45-Renaming PH 3600 in classification of Capital and Other Works Expenditure (Appendix-II) of Indian Railway Finance Code Vol.II(Second Reprint Edition 2008).
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.III 27.09.2019 87 24 Modification of GSTIN details of Customers.
2008/AC-II/2/4 26.09.2019 86   Letter of Mandate in favour on non-PSU entities.
2019/ACII/25/5 23.09.2019 85   Fraud notice while reviewing the amount of PVC Bills, tampering in figures in CC bill amount - Inspection Report of Silchar Unit of Construction Organisation of NFR/Guwahati 
2010/AC-II/21/10/Pt.IV 20.09.2019 84   Physical verification of Railway pensioners at Banks
2014/AC-II/21/4 18.09.2019 83   Additional Relief on death/disability of Govt. Servants under NPS-identification of beneficiary.
2018/ACII/21/03 12.09.2019 82   Minutes of meeting of Board (FC & MS) with Dy.CAOs and Dy.CPOs of all Zonal Railways and Production Units held on 04.09.2019 & 05.09.2019 in Board's office
2018/ACII/1/14  09.09.2019 81 23 Accounting adjustment of GST between Production Units and Principal Railways 
2019/ACII/1/6 05.09.2019 78   Booking of expenditure towards Interest on delayed/non-deposit of National Pension Scheme (NPS) Contributions
2019/ACII/2/5 05.09.2019 79   ASC No.142 - Introcudtion of new Sub-Head and detailed head under SMH No.09, Abstract 'J' Staff Welfare and Amenities for booking of expenditure
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.II 09.09.2019 80 22 GST-Instructions regarding actions to be taken to ensure compliance with certain provisions before September 2019.
2017/AC-II/3/2 29.08.2019 77   ASC No.143-Modification in Minor heads post merger of some Plan Head under Demand 16 vide Board's letter dated 05.11.2018
D.O.No.2018/ACII(CC)/IPAS/37/9 23.08.2019 76   Validation of employee pay roll database.
2019/ACII/9/12 27.08.2019 75   Banking arrangements of the State/District Level Implementing Agencies handling Central Sector Schemes of various Ministries/Departments of Government of India.
2018/AC-II/1/52 27.08.2019 74 21 Submission of Annual Return for FY-2017-2018.
2018/AC-II/21/10/PN-IPAS 26.08.2019 73   Data Analysis on Settlement payments
2014/AC-II/21/11/SCOVA 23.08.2019 72   Simplification of Procedure for grant of Family Pension in some Railways/Workshops.
2019/AC-II(CC)/37/8 22.08.2019 71   Secured access to IPAS.
2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN 22.08.2019 - - Revision of Pension/Family Pension - Customisation of revision module in ARPAN and IPAS.
2019/AC-II/25/2/NFR (Lumding) 20.08.2019 70 - Fraud case in passing of Bills
2018/AC-II/45/15 16.08.2019 - - Online refund of EMD/Tender Document Cost through Digital Pay Orders.
2019/ACII(CC)/37/9 16.08.2019 69 - Validation of employees pay roll database and cleansing of employee data.
2012/AC-II/21/6(PART)/Spot check 14.08.2019 68 - Checking of pension payments made by pension disbursing banks.
2017/AC-II/11/GST References 09.08.2019 67 20 Statutary provisions relating to Kerala Flood Cess.
2008/AC-II/2/4 09.08.2019 66   Issue of Letter of Mandate in lieu of Letter of Assurance by RBI for availing power supply connections of various State Electricity Boards/Power Houses etc.
2001/AC-III/30/9/Pt./MCDO (Policy) 07.08.2019 65   Reporting of test checks in MCDOs to FC.
2019/ACII/9/10 06.08.2019 64   Direct remittance of station earnings into Banks- 100 Days Action Plan reg.
2019/AC-II(CC)/37/11 06.08.2019 63   Action towards strenghening of IPAS-development of IPAS - Phase 2.
2014/AC-II/21/13(Pt-II) 05.08.2019 62   ACS No. 52 to Accounts Code Part-I Amendment to the Scheme of Payment of Railway Pension through PSBs.
2018/ACII/9/5 01.08.2019 61   Implementation of Centralised Integrated Payment System (CIPS) with SBI for e-payments - 100 days agenda items.
2019/AC-II/20/11 01.08.2019 60   Fraudulent phone calls asking for personal information/Bank account details of employees.
2018/ACII(CC)/34/IPAS/37/9 24.07.2019 59   Cleansing of employee data.
2014/AC-II/21/6 Vol.I 22.07.2019 58   Setting up of NPS oversight mechanism.
2018/ACII/9/5 18.07.2019 57   Implementation of Centralised Integrated Payment System (CIPS) with SBI for e-payments.
2012/AC-II/9/11 12.07.2019 56 - Acceptance of Railway dues/receipts through RTGS/NEFT-Procedure regarding transfer of fuunds by PSUs/State Government/Private bodies to Railway Account.
2019/AC-II(CC)37/8 10.07.2019 55 - Availability of Bank Account details of vendors on IPAS for all stores purchase orders issued on IR
2019/AC-II/9/9 05.07.2019 54 - Opening of Bank Account by Central Government/Departments with accredited Bankers.
2019/AC-II(CC)/37/8 04.07.2019 53 - Joint procedure Order for availability of Purchase Order details and Bank Account details (IFSC/Account Number) of vendors on IPAS for all Stores Purchase Orders issued by IR.
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 01.07.2019 52 19 Statutory provisions relating to Kerala Flood Cess (KFC).
2019/AC-II/25/SCR/2 27.06.2019 51   Loss due to Embezzlement in Expenditure Section in SCR.
2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN 26.06.2019 50 - Revision of Pension/family pension of Running Staff -reckoning of pay element for revision of pension of pre-2016 retired Loco Inspectors.
2012/AC-II/21/6 (PART) 19.06.2019 49 - Checking of pension payment.
2018/AC-II/21/2/ARPAN 04.06.2019 48 - Inordinate delay in finalization of pension related griecances of Railway Pensioners - deployment of Griecance Management utility in ARPAN.
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 04.06.2019 47 18 Statutory provisions relating to Kerala Flood Cess (KFC)
2016/AC-II/21/8/Pt.IV 31.05.2019 46   Sanitization of unclassified data in ARPAN Portal
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 30.05.2019 45 17 Statutory provisions relating to Kerala Flood Cess (KFC)
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 29.05.2019 44 16 Statutory provisions relating to Kerala Flood Cess.
2018/AC-II/17/4 28.05.2019 - - Recruitment of Gr. 'D' staff on IR-internal audit in RRCs.
2018/AC-II/1/46 22.05.2019 43 15 JSON File fr filing of GST TDS Returns.
2019/AC-II/25/SCR/2 21.05.2019 42   Loss due to embezzlement in expenditure section in SCR.
2019/AC-II/20/4 (PFA Conf) 20.05.2019 41   Minutes of Principal Financial Adviser's Conference held on 03.05.2019
2018/AC-II/1/52 15.05.2019 40 14 Reconciliation of Input Tax Credit (ITC) as per GSTR-2A Form
2008/AC-II/21/9(pt) 10.05.2019 39   Payment of third party dues through electronic mode.
2018/AC-II/1/52 07.05.2019 38 13 Video-Conference.
2019/AC-II/2/3 07.05.2019 37   ACS No.141-Modification in sub head and detailed head of Plan Head 51
2017/AC-II/01/11/GST References 30.04.2019 36 12 Clarification in respect of utilization of Input Tax Credit (ITC) under GST.
2016/AC-II/21/8/Pt.IV 30.04.2019 35 - Sanitization of unclassified data in ARPAN Portal.
2008/AC-II/25/1 24.04.2019 34 - Report on erroneous credit of settlement dues
2019/AC-II/25/2/NFR(Lumding) 26.04.2019 33 - Fraud by Accounts Staff in bill passing.
2018-BC-AP-1.7/16-17 24.04.2019 32   Recoveries at the instance of Audit.
TCR/1078/2019/1 23.04.2019 - 11 Change in GSTIN details-freight payee's status from consignor to consignee and vice-versa.
2017/AC-II/01/18/GST Queroes/PUs 16.04.2019 31 10 Supply of Goods by Railways for Export Purposes.
2015/AC-II/21/11 15.04.2019 30 - Issuance of e-PPO through IPAS-Change in methodology of digital signing of e-PPOs.
2018/ACII(CC)/IPAS/37/9 10.04.2019 29   Exception reports in IPAS
2019/ACI/6/2/SCT 09.04.2019 28   Submission of Supplementary-I for and to end of March, 2019
2008/AC-II/2/4 08.04.2019 27   Issue of Letter of Mandate in lieu of Letter of Assurance by RBI for availing power supply connections of various State Electricity Boards.
2016/AC-II/CC/37/2 05.04.2019 26   Re-structuring of IT Cadre in Zonal Railways/Production Units.
2016/AC-II/21/7 04.04.2019 25   Amendment in Government Contribution under National Pension System (NPS)
2019/ACII/9/7 03.04.2019 24 - Reporting and accounting of Central Government Transactions of March 2019
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 28.03.2019   9 Issues relating to GST - Action by 31.03.2019
2019/ACII/9/7 28.03.2019 23 - Opening of all Agency Banks on 30th March, 2019 & 31st March, 2019 for Government Business.
2016/AC-II(CC)/37/9 28.03.2019 22 - Re-Structuring of IT Cadre in Zonal Railways/Production Units.
    21   Not Issued
2017/AC-II/1/11/GST References 26.03.2019 20 8 Serial Number of Tax Invoice under GST
2018/AC-II/1/52 18.03.2019 19 7 Reconciliation of GSTR 1 & GSTR 3 B.
2018/AC-II/1/52 18.03.2019 18 6 Clarification regarding availment of missed out Input Tax CredIt in GSTR 3B for the month of March 2019.
2019/AC-II/20/2 15.03.2019 16 - Minutes of PFA/Zonal Railways and PUs conference held on 26.02.2019
2018/AC-II/21/11/Pn rep to MoS(G) 08.03.2019 15 - Inordinate delay in finalization of pension related grievances of Railway Pensioners.
2018/AII(CC)/IPAS/37/9 27.02.2019 14   Cleaning of employee data.
2018/ACII/1/52 25.02.2019 13 5 GST Training/Handholding sessions for filing of GSTR-9 (Annual Return).
2019/AC-II/9/5 22.02.2019 - - 23rd Apex Committee Meeting to review the performance of banks conducting business of Non-Civil Ministries/Departments.
2008/AC-II/2/4 21.02.2019 12   Issue of Letter of Mandate in lieu of Letter of Assurance by RBI for availing power supply connections of various State Electricity Boards
2018/AC-II/20/8 19.02.2019 11   Supply of Copy of Service Cards to Gazetted Officers.
2002/ACII/2/10 Vol.II 15.02.2019 10   Revised Codal Life of Assets
2016/AC-II/21/8/Pt.III 13.02.2019 09   Minutes of meeting of Board (FC & MS) with PFAs and PCPOs of CR, ER, NR and WR held on 08.02.2019 in Board's office to discuss issues related on NPS and Pension.
    08   Not issued
2018/ACII/1/52 05.02.2019 07 4 Amended GST-Annual Return Form GSTR-9 for the FY 2017-18.
2019/AC-II/2/1 01.02.2019 06 - Shunting GTKMs debits being raised by SCR through e-Recon. 
2017/AC-II/21/2 15.01.2019 05 - Authorisation of withdrawals under National Pension System (NPS).
2018/AC-II/20/5 09.01.2019 04 - Record note of discussion during meeting of PFAs of production units held on 4.1.2019 in Railway Board
2018/AC-II/1/52 09/01/2019 03 03 Amended GST-Annual Return Form GSTR9 for the FY 2017-18
2018/AC-II/1/52 03.01.2019   02 Amended GST-Annual Return Form GSTR9 for the FY 2017-18.
2018/AC-II/1/46 02.01.2019 01 01 Exemption of GST on supplies made by Government Departments and PSUs to other Government Departments and vice-versa.


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 20-05-2021  

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