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Letter No.



        Subject & issue involved

2013/AC-II/3/3 31.12.2014 42/2014

Deletion of Minor Head from list of Major and Minor Heads of Accounts (LMMHA) -                         Booking of expenditure under OLWR and Plan Head ‘Restoration of Dismantled                              Lines’.

2012/ACII/1/10 16.12.2014 41/2014 Implementation of Cheque Truncation System (CTS): Dispensation of the requirement of forwarding of government cheques in physical form to Government-Change in the Memorandum of instructions for reporting of Government transations.
2012/AC-II/1/6 10.12.2014 40/2014 Opening of Minor Head of Accounts of Rail Wheel Plant (RWP)/Bela.
2014/AC-II/2/2 03.12.2014 39/2014 Introduction of new Accounts Head: ACS 119 to F-II
2012/AC-II/21/1 21.11.2014 38/2014 Aadhaar based biometric verification system
2012/AC-II/21/1 19.11.2014 37/2014 ACS No. 39 to Accounts Code Part -1 Amendment of Scheme of payment of Railway Pension through PSBs - (Jeevan Pramaan - Digital life certificate for pensioners)
A(E)/A3/2014/1/1 11.11.2014 36/2014 Appendix-3 (IREM) Examination-Change of Pattern
2010/AC-II/21/10/Pt.IV 28.10.2014 35/2014 Verification of Pensioner/ family pensioners in banks
2014/AC-II/2/2 16.10.2014 34(a)/2014 Corrigendum to ACS No. 114 regarding introduction of new detailed heads for separate identification of expenditure on coach sanitation
2010/AC-II/21/10 Pt I 07.10.2014 34/2014 Minutes of Review meeting on revision of PPOs of pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners held on 23.09.2014
2010/AC-II/21/10/Pt.I 07.10.2014 33/2014

Minutes of Review meeting on revision of PPOs of pre-2006 pensioners/family          Pensioners held on 23.09.2014.

2014/AC-II/30/1 24.09.2014 32/2014 Payment of GRP dues to State Govt. by ECR, NCR, NR, ER, WR & NER
2002/AC-II/2/10 (Vol.II) 25.09.2014 31/2014 Revised Codal Life of assets - ACS No. 76 in F-I
2012/AC-II/1/6 22.09.2014 30/2014 Creation of New Production unit RWP/Bela - access to e-Recon and Rail Lekha portal
2012/AC-II/1/6 18.09.2014 29/2014 Opening of Minor Head of Accounts for  RWP/Bela
2012/AC-II/1/6 18.09.2014 28/2014 Amendment to the scheme of payment of Railway Pension through PSBs- Authorization of FA&CAO/RWP/Bela for issue of PPO - ACS No. 38 in A-I.
2012/AC-II/1/6 18.09.2014 27/2014 Creation of new Production Unit, Rail Wheel Plant (RWP) /Bela - Instructions for drawing and deposit Account.
2012/AC-II/1/6 18.09.2014 26/2014 Allocation of code for transfer transaction of Rail Wheel Plant /Bela
2010/AC-II/1/3Pt 18.09.2014 25/2014 Introduction of new PU in classification of Revenue and Capital and other Work expenditure - ACS No. 117 in F-II
2010/AC-II/21/10/Pt.IV 18.09.2014 24/2014 Verification of pensioners/family pensioners in Banks
2014/AC-II(CC)/37/3 11.09.2014 23/2014 Eligibility criterion for Selection to the post of JE(IT)
2010/AC-II/21/1o (Pt) 05.09.2014 22/2014 Enhancement of amount of ex-gratia payable to dependant family members of the deceased pre-12986 SRPF (C) employees/retirees
2014-BC-AP-1.8/11-12 03.09.2014 21/2014 Recoveries at the instance of Audit
2014/ACI/4/14 29.08.2014 20/2014 Upload of accounting data on e-lekha portal of Controller General of Accounts ( CGA)/ Ministry of Finance , on a day to day basis.

2014/AC-I /4/14

29.08.2014 19/2014

Advancement of date of submission of Approximate and Actual Account Current.

2002/ACII/2/10(Vol.II) 14.08.2014 18/2014 Revised Codal life of assets




Service Tax Accountal of CENVAT Credits.




Introduction of Detailed Head under each demand in Indian Railway Finance Code - Vol II for accountal of Credits and recoveries.




Accountal of CENVAT credits by Production Units




Introduction of New Primary Unit in classification of Revenue and Capital and other Works Expenditure




Irregular calculation of saving while computing Income  Tax to evade tax




Introduction of Single Window System for reimbursement of Railway Pension (Punjab & Sind Bank)




Introduction of new Detailed Head for separate identification of expenditure on coach sanitation

2013/AC-II/3/1 07.07.2014 10/2014 Modification of nomenclature of Minor Head 700 - Rental to P & T for signaling and Telecommunications circuits and introduction of new sub-heads/detailed heads under Minor Head 800 - Other Plant and Equipment - General and Traffic Departments - Demand No. 7 - Abstract - ‘E’ - Repairs and Maintenance - Plant and Equipment
- - 09/2014 NOT ISSUED
2013/AC-II/2/6 20.05.2014 8/2014 Exit guidelines under NPS - option for complete withdrawal of accumulated pension wealth by subscriber
2011/AC-II/21/15 23.04.2014 -- Implementation of Web Based application ARPAN (Advanced Railway Pension Access Network) on all Zonal Railways.
2012/ACII/45/14 23.04.2014 7/2014 Representation for extension of preservation period of Demurrage / wharfage returns in Accounts Office
2013/ACII/9/5 04.04.2014 6/2014 Government Banking Implementation of Rail Shakti Product of State Bank of India.
2010/AC-II/21/18 31.03.2014 5/2014 Accountal of withdrawal of erroneous contribution received into NPS instead of GPF
2010/AC-II/21/12 04.03.2014 4/2014 Amendment to the scheme of payment of railway pension through PSBs
2014/AC-II/21/2 06.02.2014 3/2014 Remittance of NPS funds solely through electronic mode (NEFT/RTGS) from 01.04.2014
2013/AC-II/2/6 31.01.2014 2/2014 Setting up of mechanized laundries for washing of linen
2010/AC-II/21/18 06.01.2014 1/2014 Timely remittance of NPS contribution



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