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Letter No.



2022/Safety(A&R)/19/32 Dispensation under GR 3.47 regarding provision of new EI and associated works at Santacruz station in connection with 6th line project Ph-1 a(i) work in MMCT-BVI section of MMCT Divn of WR. 28.12.2022
2020/Safety(A&R)/19/07 Notification of Indian Railways (Open Lines) General Rule-increasing speed of trains to 30 KMPH during NI working 23.12.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/35 SR 3.51 (a) & (b) regarding obtaining detection of point during maintenance/failure of point. 21.12.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/36 Clarification about setting of Overlap while Opening the Trap(DS) in the overlap portion or closing of Trap in the overlap portion as per the “Railway Opening for Public Carriage of Passengers Rules, 2000.” 20.12.2022
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/49 Instructions of CCRS regarding Technical Circular No.35 19.12.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/34 Authority for preparation and updation of Accident Manual 19.12.2022
2005/Safety(A&R)/6/4 Pt. Train accidents investigation. 12.12.2022  
2005/Safety(A&R)/6/4 Investigation of train accidents. 09.12.2022
99/Safety(A&R)/6/1 Guiding norms for imposing punishment in consequential accident cases.     05.12.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/13 Restriction imposed by CRS/CC at Motipura Chowki station and Hinauta Ramban station in connection with Doubling 04.11.2022.
98/Safety(A&R)/19/16, Train Operation during Foggy & inclement weather – Precautions. 12.10.2022.
2022/Safety(A&R)/22-23/2/16 Safety Measures 03.10.2022    
2020/Safety(A&R)/19/07 Notification of Indian Railways(Open Lines)General Rule-increasing speed of trains to 30 KMPH during NI working. 05.09.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/2/8 Adherence to the provisions of 3.68, GR 3.69, GR 3.70-Precautions to be taken when Signal in defective. 31.08.2022
2020/Safety(A&R)/19/5 Protection of trains held up at first stop signal. 29.08.2022.
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/20 Indian Railway (Open Lines) General (Second Amendment)Rules, 2022- Amendment of Rule 4.08(1)(a) of Indian Railways(Open Lines) General Rules, 1976- regarding Limits of speed generally 28.07.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/09 Dispensation of detonating signals(detonators)from G.R. 27.07.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/14 Adherence to the provision of GR 4.40 – Precautions to prevent unusual incidents due to movement cattles/wild animals (like elephants) in and around railway track .20.6.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/10 Provision of use of Main Signal For shunting Purposes as per GR 3.46(2) and SR 5.13.01 in connection with CRS observation for Nuagaon, Jhartarabha & Jujumura stations. 16.06.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/03 For retaining existing shunting movements at Shakur Basti (SSB) station 02.05.2022


Dispensation of detonating signals(detonators) from G.R.


2022/Safety(A&R)/19/06 Issue of Caution Order to Crew and Guard 12.04.2022
2020/Safety(A&R)/19/17 Amendment of Rule 4.35 of Indian Railways(Open Lines) General Rules, 1976 – regarding Starting of trains. 14.03.2022
2022/Safety(A&R)/19/04 RATLAM Yard remodeling work- Simultaneous reception/dspatch of train (GR 3.47) & Shunting operations (SR 5.16) 05.03.2022
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/48 Instruction of CCRS on inspection during NI. 05.03.2022
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/39 Infringement of DFCCIL track due to derailment on IR track or vice-versa. 05.03.2022
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/34 Approval for combination of two stop signals between PTNR & DBSI stations of Northern Railway. 01.02.2022
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/10 Use of detonating signal at gate stop signal & IBH signal during thick, foggy tempestuous weather impairing visibility. 17.01.2022
2020/Safety(A&R)/19/37 Precaution to be taken by Zonal Railways for winter session and arresting SPAD cases. 14.01.2022
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/25 Train operations after unusual occurrences/earthquakes etc. 12.01.2022
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/47 Dispensation of Block instruments at block stations where block proving Axle counters haven been provided. 03.01.2022



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 10-01-2023  

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