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Letter No.



2021/Safety(A&R)/19/46 Jamalpur Station Yard remodeling in connection with Jamalapur-Ratanpur doubling-Restrictions imposed by CRS/EC for various works on Eastern Railway. 27.12.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/51 Liberalised Drone Rules, 2021 22.12.2021
2017/Safety(A&R)/19/18 Timely information of Prima Facie caused of accidents 09.12.2021
2017/Safety(A&R)/19/18 Observing precautions for Rail Fracture/Weld Failure 17.11.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/01 Late reporting of accidents and unusual incidents to Board. 27.10.2021
98/Safety(A&R)/19/16 Train Operations during Foggy & inclement weather – Precautions. 11.10.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/46 Observations raised by CRS/SE/Cadre-Kolkata against the proposals for commissioning various 3rd line/doubling projects or grade condonation over SER. 28.09.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/47 Dispensation of Block instruments at block stations where block prove Axle counters have been provided. 24.09.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/39 Infringement of DFCCIL track due to derailment on IR track or vice-versa. 02.09.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/42 Dispensation for Simultaneous movement of trains during Nishatpura yard remodeling in connection with Ramganj Mandi-Bhopal new line and left over works of Bina-Habibganj 3rd Line. 02.09.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/36 Dispensation for Simultaneous movement of trains during KOTA yard remodeling. 11.08.2021
2020/Safety(A&R)/19/09 Head-on-collision of Train 18005(Howrah-Jadalpur Samleswari-Express) with 8-W OHE Tower Wagon No.ECoR 190001 at Km.160/9-10 between Singapur Road ‘A’ Cabin(SPRD)-Keuleguda (KTGA) stations of Waltair Division of East Coast Railway at 16:35 hrs on 25/06/2019. 28.07.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/06 Discontinuation of train message register T/A 1425 & T/B 1425. 14.07.2021
2014/Safety(A&R)/19/5 Provision of Guards counselor on Zonal Railways. 18.06.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/34 Approval for combination of two stop signals between Sirhind (SIR) station of Indian Railway and New Sirhind (NSIR) station of DFCCIL. 18.06.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/35 Best Practices, Challenges & Constraints and suggestions received on e-Drishti during performance Review on 20.02.2021 14.06.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/33  Dispensation for simultaneous movement of trains at Bina yard. 09.06.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/26 Reckoning of adequate distance for signal overlap for bi-directional lines. 24.05.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/26/5 Indian Railway Accident Protocol 21.05.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/27  Precautions to prevent unusual incidents due to festival gathering near railway track.  07.04.2021
2020/Safety(A&R)/19/12  Notification of Indian Railways (Open Lines) General Rules 3.07(7)- Combining of colour light Distant signal with last Stop signal of a station in rear or with an Intermediate Block signal or with Stop signal protecting a level crossing. 10.03.2021
No.2020/Safety(A&R)/19/21 Accident of Train No.12487 UP (Seemanchal Express) at KM 241/4-5 at Sahdai Buzurg station in Bachwara-Hajipur Single line section of Sonpur Division of E.C.Railway at about 03:56 hours on 03.02.2019. 02.03.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/08 Train Operation during Foggy & inclement weather- Precautions. 18.01.2021
2021/Safety(A&R)/19/01 Late reporting of accidents and unusual incidents to Board. 13.01.2021


Precaution taken by zonal railways for winter session.



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 28-12-2021  

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