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Letter No.


2015/CE-IV/ROB/78(Pt.)-I 27.12.2023 Issues regarding Planning/Execution/Maintenance of ROB/RUB and construction of LHS.
2017/CE-IV/LX/Misc/244(LCs)Pt. 19.12.2023 Planning of elimination of LCs between Sonnagar-Gomoh section
2017/CE-IV/LX/Misc/244 (Pt.) 13.12.2023 Undertaking to be taken from State Govt. for cost sharing ROB/RUB works.
2015/CE-IV/ROB/DFCCIL 14.11.2023 Provision of additional subways (without LCs) in existing estimate of work of “Raising of speed to 160/200Kmph on existing NDLS-HWH Route incl. CNB-LKO-A mission to achieve a travel time of 12 hrs.
2017/CE-IV/LX/Misc/244 (Pt)II. 08.11.2023 Safety Audit of Grade Separator/ROBs-Provision of Safety Fencing over NH-Corridors
2015/CE-IV/ROB/78 (Pt.)-I 08.11.2023 Safety Audit of Grade Separator/ROBs-Provision of Safety Fencing over NH-Corridors.
2017/CE-IV/RUB/88 30.10.2023 Regarding approval of General Arrangement Drawings, Structural Design & Drawing and Launching Scheme of NHAI/MoRTH etc.
2017/CE-IV/RUB/88 04.10.2023 Policy for Road crossing  works (ROB/RUB/LHS/FOBs/Subway) to  eliminate Level Crossings (LSs) and Trespassing areas under PH-30.
2023/CE-IV/LX/Misc/244 (LCs)pt 22.09.2023 Sanction of itemized  work under Umbrella in Plan Head-30.
2015/CE-IV/ROB/78 (RORACS 19.09.2023 Implementation of “Rail-Road Crossing GAD Approval System” for State Government & UTs.
2023/CE-IV/LC/Misc/244(LCs)pt. 11.09.2023 Sanction and Execution of Additional crossings.
 2023/CE-IV/Misc 04.09.2023 Adoption of already approved drawings of thrust bed and RCC box by box Pushing technique.
2017/CE-IV/RUB/88 04.09.2023 Proposals for construction of Subway at Trespassing locations.
2017/7/CE-IV/88 01.09.2023 Construction of Road under Bridge (RUB)/Limited height Subway (LHS) by Box-pulling Method.
2023/CE-IV/Misc./Estimates 10.08.2023 Details to be provided along-with Detailed/Revised estimates.
2023/CE-IV/Misc. 10.08.2023 Precaution and Safety at ROB/RUB/Bridge work sites.
97/CE-I/ROB/158(Policy) Pt. II 28.06.2023 Precaution and safety Measures to be observed during & after execution of ROB/RUB/Bridge Works.
DO No. 2015/CE-IV/ROB/78(Pt.) 09.06.2023 Elimination of level crossing falling in yard.
2015/CE-IV/ROB/78 (Pt.) 01.06.2023 Preferred Span Configuration & Structural for ROBs by NHAI.
2023/CE-IV/Misc./Background Note 18.05.2023 Department related parliamentary standing committee (DrPSC) on transport, tourism and culture-meeting on 'construction of road-over bridges (ROBs) road-under-bridges (RUBs), service roads and review of road service guidelines etc.
2023/CE-IV/Misc./Background Note 12.05.2023 Department related parliamentary standing committee (DrPSC) on transport, tourism and culture-meeting on 'construction of road-over bridges (ROBs) road-under-bridges (RUBs), service roads and review of road service guidelines etc.
2017/CE-IV/RUB/88 27.04.2023 Preventing water-logging at Subways/RUBs.
2023/CE-IV/ROB-RUB/States/Kerela 28.03.2023 Progress of Road over/ under bridges in Kerela State.
2023/CE-IV/ROB-RUB/States/Orissa 23.03.2023 Progress of Road over/Under bridges in Orissa State.
2015/CE-IV/ROB/78 (pt) 23.03.2023 Preferred span configuration &structural for ROBs ny NHAI.
2023/CE-IV/ROB-RUB/102 22.03.2023 Progress of Road over/under bridges in Gujarat State.
2016/CE-IV/ROB/192(Bihar) 21.03.2023 Progress of road over/under bridges in Bihar State.
2015/CE-IV/ROB-RUB/Misc/49 16.03.2023 Minutes of meeting held n 22.01.2023 in connection with issues figuring in the Group of infrastructure meeting scheduled on 24.01.2023
2023/CE-IV/Misc 13.03.2023 Review of Cabinet Secretariat for pending unresoved issue in infrastructure projects in various States/UTs.
2015/CE-IV/RUB/78(Setu Bandnan) 06.03.2023 Construction of ROBs/RUBs on state roads CRIF scheme onder "SETU BANDHAN" programme signing of Tripartite MOU-standard operating procedure (SOP).
2017/CE-IV/LX/Misc/244(LCs) Pt. 02.03.2023 Policy for road crossing works (ROB/RUB/LHS?FOBs/Subway) to elimiate level crossings and Trespassing areas under PH-30.
2023/CE-IV/ROB-RUB/170 01.03.2023 Acton points noted during Capacity Building Conference of CAO/Construction held on 04.02.2023 at IRICEN, Pune.
2023/PH-30 & 32/Umbrella 21.02.2023 Regarding processing of works on IRPSM (PH-30).
2023/PH-30 &32/Umbrella-23-24 17.02.2023 Regarding distribution of umbrella cost of budget year 2023-24.
2023/CE-II/TK/Fencingpolicy 16.02.2023 Policy guidelines for providing safety fencing along the track.
2015/CE-IV/ROB-RUB/Misc 15.02.2023 Issues relaed to MoRTH/NHAI.
2017/CE-IV/LX/Misc/244(LCs)Pt. 14.02.2023 Amendment to Board's policy letter no. 2017/CE-IV/LX/Misc./244(LCs) Pt. dated 28.07.2022 (policy for level crossing (Broad Gauge) Elimination works).
2015/CE-IV/RUB/78(Setu Bandnan) 21.01.2023 Memorandum of understanding (MOU) for proposed implementation of RDBs/RUBs on state roads under CRIF scheme under  "SETU BANDHAN" Programme-signing of Tripartite MOU-standard operating procedure (SOP).
2017/CE-IV/LX/Misc./244(LCs)Pt. 06.01.2023 ROB/RUB works in lieu of Level crossings.



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 11-07-2024  

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