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Important Circulars


Letter No. & Date Subject  Main points

ERB-I/2006/23/71 dt.29.06.2006

Committee of Opthomologists

Ministry of Railways (Railway Board have decided to constitute a Committee of Opthomologists to study permissibility of Poterior Chamber (Intra Ocular Lens) in Safety A-1 Category under the Chairmanship of Dr.Amita Rawal, CMS/NR and five other Doctors. The Committee is to submit its recommendations within 3 months.

ERB-I/98/23/27 dt.26.06.2006

Standing Committee for time bound treatment of complaints on sexual harassment.

Smt.Gita Mishra, EDE(N)/RB has been nominated as Chairperson of the Committee vice Smt. Meena Agarwal, SAG/IRAS, transferred.

ERB-I/2006/23/7 dt.16.06.2006

Committee regarding career advancement planning to Group ?D? staff on Railways.

Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have decided to constitute a Sole Member  Committee of Shri S.R.Chowdhury, retired GM/ECoR regarding career advancement planning of Gr.?D? staff on Railways and to submit its report within 6 months


Committee to suggest high quality passenger amenities.

Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) have decided to constitute a committee to suggest appropriate policy initiatives for rnsuring high quality amenities consisting of the following members:

ED(PM)/RB as Convenor and ED(T&C)/RB, ED(L&A)/RB, EDEE(G)/RB, EDME(Chg)/RB & EDF(Exp)I/RB as Members.

E(G)2004 RN5-10 dt.14.06.2006

Retention of Rly. Accommodation at the previous place of posting by Rly. Officers on deputation under Central Staffing Scheme or to an organization eligible for allotment from General Pool

Railway Officers on deputation under Central Staffing scheme to central Ministries, UPSC/CVC, Central Govt. Statutory/Autonomous and other bodies  which are eligible offices for allotment of General Pool accommodation by Directorate of Estates have been permitted  retention of Railway quarters at the previous place of posting  with the condition that they should apply and accept the first house allotted by Dte. Of Estates of entitled type or one type below. It has come to notice of Railway Board that the above condition is being misused by restricting the allotment to a particular location.

           All such above officers are advised to give details about their registration with the Dte, of Estates and in case any restriction of location has been indicated while registering fresh registration removing such restrictions should be done within 15 days and furnish proof of such registration.

          The above condition will remain applicable for officers proceeding on such deputation in future.


ERB-1/2005/23/32 dt.24.10.2005

Constituting Committee to examine/review the Demurage Rates and Free time for loading and unloading operations

Ministry of Railways have decided to constitute a Committee to examine to examine/review the Demurage Rates and Free time for loading and unloading operations, comprising the following officers:

1. ED/Freight Marketing/RB - Convenor
2.ED/FC/RB ? Member
3. EDTT(S)/RB - Member

E(P&A)II-2005/HW/1 dt.25.10.2005

Rates of Night Duty Allowance w.e.f.1.7.2005

Consequent to sanction of addl DA instalement the rates of Night Duty Allowance stands revised w.e.f. 1.7.2005. For details refer to main circular please.

E(NG)I-2004/PM2/3 dt.20.10.2005

Introduction of GDCE for filling 25% DR quotas vacancies in Gr.?C?- debarring employees working in same grade.

In partial m odification of para 3 of letter dated 5.8.2004 it has been decided that  employees working in grades lower than the grades for which GDCE is held, should be allowed to appear in the GDCE

E(G)2004/FE1-4 dt.18.10.2005

Recommendation No.67 of RAEC ? inclusion of International Society of Nephrology in the recognized Institutes.

It has been decided to include International Society of Nephrology, Belgium in the list of recognized institutes. Railwqay officials will be entitled for 90% reimbursement of annual membership fee towards membership of the institute.

E(G)2005AL4/16 dt.14.10.2005

Entitlement for replacement of staff cars-inclusion of SDGM in the list of officers.

It has been decided to include SDGM as a PHOD/CHOD in the list of officers for replacement of staff cars on condemnation.

E(NG)I-2005/TR/22 dt.06.10.2005

Inter zonal request  transfers on bottom seniority

It has been decided that requests for inter zonal transfers may not be withheld on account of exigency of vacancies. However, in such a case a time bound programme should be chalked out to fill up the vacancies by direct recruitment or promotion.

E(MPP)2005/3/14 dt. 03.10.2005

Procedure for holding selection for the post of Instructors/Lecturers

In continuation of existing procedure it has been decided that while holding the selection of Instructors/Trainers/Principal, the candidates will have to undergo viva-voice in addition to the written examination.

No.E(P&A)II-97/HRA/19 dt.03.10.2005

Amendment to the IREC, Vol.II, 1987 edition

Rules 1702, 1703, 1704 & 1705 of IREC, Vol.II 1987 edition has been amended regarding CCA & HRA w.e.f.1.8.1997. Please refer to original circular for details of the amendments.

No.2005/PR/15/7 dt. 30.09.2005

Right to Information Act-2005-Implementation of the Provisions of the Act-Regulation of Fee & Cost-Rules regarding

The Central Government has made the Right to Information (Regulation of Fee and Cost) Rules, 2005 and published in the Gazette of India on 16.09.2005. The said rules specifies the charges recoverable by a public authority for providing information copy or inspect of records or information in a Diskette/floopy.

No.ERB-I/2004/23/25 dt.27.09.2005

Passenger Amenities Committee

The resignation tendered by Shri Mohd. Ilyas Hussain, Chairman, PAC has been accepted.

No.ERB-I/2004/23/25 dt. 27.09.2005

Passenger Amenities Committee

The Government of India (Ministry of Railways) have decided to dissolve the Passenger Amenities Committee w.e.f. 27.09.2005 with the acceptance of resignation of Shri Mohd. Ilyas Hussain, Chairman, PAC w.e.f. 27.09.2005

No.E(NG)II/2004/RC-4/1 dt.26.09.2005

Re-engagement of retired running staff on daily remuneration basis

In continuation of of the orders dt.17.6.2005 it has been decided that re-engaged retired running staff should be paid remuneration as per the following rates:

Gr.Rs.3050-4590--Remu.Rs.7,569/- pm



No.F(E)III/2005/PN1/36 dt.26/09.2005

Counting of past service on submission of technical resignation on or after 1.1.2004 by employees governed by Railway Services(Pension) Rules, 1993/Central Civil Services(Pension) Rules, 1972.

All employees who entered into Rly. Service/Central Govt. Service or an Autonomous body under Central Govt on or before 31.12.2003 and were governed by Rly.Service (Pension)Rules,1993 or CCS(Pension)Rules, 1972 will be governed by these rules if they submit tech. resignation on or after 1.1.2004 to take up new appointment in another Ministry or Department of the GOI???..

No.E(NG)I-2004/PM1/25 dt.23.09.2005

Selections conducted for promotions within Gr.C and Gr.D to Gr.C ? allowing candidates to take the question paper with them after the examination is over

It has been decided that the candidates who take written examination as part of selection/LDCE for promotions to and within Gr.C may be allowed to take the question paper with them after the examination is over.

No.E(GP)2005/2/42 dt.21.09.2005

Selection for promotion from Gr.C to Gr.B- cut off date for reckoning eligibility for Gr.B selections.

It has been clarified that the date of commencement of the vacancy period should be taken as the cut off date for determining the eligibility of candidates for appearing in selections for promotion from Gr.C to Gr.B posts, against the vacancies to be filled in the said period.

No.E(P&A)-2004/HL-1 dt.13.09.2005 Revision of pay range slab for the purpose of National Holiday Allowance. Pursuant to merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay the pay range slabs for determining the eligibility limit for grant of National Holiday Allowance stand revised as under                        Pay 3825 - 4758   =  Rs.85/-                                          Pay 4759 - 6306   =  Rs.106/-                                        Pay 6307 - 15750  = Rs.140/-
No.E(G)2005QR1-3 dt.12.09.2005 Retention of Railway quarter at the previous place of posting by Railway employees posted to N.F.Railway The existing instruction for retention of Railway quarter at the previous place of posting in favour of officers posted to N.F.Railway were valid upto 30.06.2005 which has now been extended upto 30.06.2008. The retention is subject to furnishing of certificate on 1st January and 1 st July of every year stating that his/her family members are actually residing in the Railway quarter at the last place of posting.
No.E(NG)II-2000/PM1/41 dt.12.09.2005 Procedure for holding selections for promotion to posts classigfied as 'Selection' - Restoration of viva-voce in a few categories in departmental selections. Instructions for elimination of viva-voce in departmental selections except for the posts of Law Assistants, Physiotherapists, Telephone Operators and Teachers were issued on 7.8.2003. It has, however, been decided to restore status quo ante of holding viva-voce for the posts of Instructors in ZTSs, Stenographers, Chief Typists, Protocol Inspectors, Receptionists, Publicity/Advertising Inspectors, Photographers/Cameramen and hostel Superintendentsalso.
No.E(NG)II/2005/SB/6 dt.12.09.2005 Engagement of Substitutes on the Railways. It has been decided that while engaging 'Substitutes' on the Railways, verification of certificates, educational qualifications, age, etc. should be completed in all respects before obtaining approval of the General Manager.
No.E(GP)2004/1/38 dt.12.09.2005 Ad-hoc promotion of Asstt.Physiotherapy Officers in scale Rs.7500-12000 to Rs.8000-13500 (Gr.A/JS) It has been decided that placement of 03 higher grade post of Asstt.Physiotherapy Officers in scale Rs.8000-13500 (Gr.'A', JS) can be given effect from 24.02.2004 or the date on which they have completed two years of service in scale Rs.7500-12000, which ever is later.
No.E(GP)2000/2/84 dt.06.09.2005 Ad-hoc promotion of Private Secretaries in Scale Rs.7500-12000 to Rs.8000-13500 The DPC for the subject ad-hoc promotion  should consist of AGM and 2 other HODs including CPO. It has been decided that in case the post of AGM is not available on a Railway/PU, an officer of equivalent rank may be included in the DPC.
No.E(NG)I-2003/PM7/10 dt.06.09./2005 Procedure for holding selection for promotion to the posts classified as "selection"-modified procedure in case of loco running staff. It has been decided that written test may be continued for promotion as Goods Driver, for promotion as Passenger Driver selection may be on the basis of viva-voce after passing the prescribed promotional course. This will be applicable for notifications issued after issue of this letter.
No.E(NG)I-2003/PM3/5 dt.05.09.2005 Transfer of Catering Services to IRCTC alongwith staff-promotions in Railways and in IRCTC. It has been decided that selections/suitability/trade tests for promotion of catering staff whether still working with the Railways or transfered tyo IRCTC on deputation.deemed deputation basis may continue to be conducted by Zonal Railways till the date fo their absorption in IRCTC.
No.ERB-I/2004/23/29 dt.01.09.2005 Tenure of High level committee to inquire into the incident of fire in Sabarmati Exp. at Godhra extended upto 04.12.2005
No.E(G)99 QR 1-16         dt.01.09.2005 Retention of Rly. accommodation on medical grounds in relaxation of rules-power to relax. It has been decided to substitute para 3(V) of letter of even number dt.16.3.2004 as under:                            3(v) "Severe illness" in such cases means illness of the  nature of acute debilitating disease, which requires hospitalization and/or prolonged indoor medical treatment or repeated indoor medical treatment to the Rly. employee or any member of his/her family, which must be duly certified by the concerned CMO of the Railway recommending such retention of Rly. accommodation"
No.2004/H/-1/2/3        dt.30.08.2005 Change in designation of Gr.'B' in Medical Deoartment. The designation of  ANO, AHO, APO, AHEO, APhy.O & ADO of Gr.'B' in Medical Deptt. revised in JS/SS/JAG on IR.                                                 
No.E(NG)II/94/RR-1/29   dt.26.08.2005 Upper age limit for direct recruitment to Gr.'C' and 'D' posts on the Railways. Board's letter of even number dt.2.8.2005 withdrawing the relaxation of 3 years above the prescribed upper age limit kept in abeyance. It has now been decided that currency of relaxation contained in Board's letter of even number dt.10.5.1999 may be extended for a further period of 6 months w.e.f. 4.8.2005 to 3.2.2006.
No.2003/H/7/5/3(32)    dt.23.08.2005 Delegation of powers for making on the spot payment to private hospitals for treatment of injured in a Railway accident. As per recommendation No.32 of the High Level Committee on Disaster Management it has been decided to delegate the powers to MDs/CMSs/MS's or any senior doctor incharge of Medical Team for making on the spot payment to private hospitals for treatment of the injured at the site of the train accidentas, besides CMDs. Accordingly Para 712(5) & (6) of IRMM-2000 has been modified.
No.E(D&A) 2003/RG 6-31 Procedural drawbacks noticed during the conduct of disciplinary proceedings. Board's letter No.E(D&A)94/RG 6-87 dt.23.1.1995 inter-alia lays down that an officer discharging judicial or quasi judicial duties is amenable to departmental inquiry into his conduct in discharge of his duties. It is, therefore, impressed to follow the RS(D&A) Rules and the instructions issued thereunder scrupulously. Any deliberate violation of rules, if noticed, will be viewed seriously and suitable action will be taken.
No.E(MPP)2005/13/2  dt.22.08.2005 Monetary incentive in the form of training Allowance to Faculty members deputed to Training Centres for Gr.'C' &'D' staff. It has been decided that Faculty Members, both gazetted and non-gazetted drawn from the field for the purpose of imparting training in the 114 training centres listed in the letter may be granted Training Allowance @ 15 % in terms of extant orders.
No.E(MPP)2005/1/20 dt.19.08.2005 Variation in the figures of on-roll strength/normal retirement as per Indian Railways Annual Statistical Statement, PCDO and Book of Sanctions figures. It is clarified that the details to be included in the IRASS No.40-II K should be in accordance with para 2 page 388 of the Manual of Statistical instructions VolII(2003). The figures of normal retirements should include the details as identified in the above quoted Manual. The total figure of inter-railway transfer and due to promotions should be indicated as a note in the bottom of the Annexure-16 of the PCDO.                      Manpower data for the Annual Statistical Statement should be recoinciled with monthly PCDOs so that there is no variance, which hasd been severely criticized by the CAG in Chapter 4 of Report of 2004.
No.E(NG)I-2004/PM9/6 dt.16.08.2005 Promotion of App.III (IREM) passed candidates as SO(A/cs)/ISA/TIA-relaxation of 2 years minimum service for promotion It has been decided that in order to avoid anomalous situation App.III qualified staff may be promoted to the post of SO(A/cs)/ISA/TIA (according to the group for which they opt) direct from the grade in which they are working strictly according to position in the Appendix III panel. Accordingly para 171 (6) of IREM Vol.I, 1989 Edition amended as per ACS No.175 issued.
No.E(G)/91 AL 6-1    dt.16.08.2005 Messing facilities in the Centralised Training Institutes on the Railways - General Guidelines. Fresh guidelines on messing facilities in the CTIs on the Railways has been issued as under:                                    1. Fixation of ceiling on expenditure and recovery of messing charges discontinued                                      2. The mess in the CTIs to function as private establishment, self managed and self financing. Plant & machiner and equipments required to be provided by Administration. Expenditure on repair and contigencies above Rs.500/-per item should be undertaken by the Admn. No Charges for water,cess, rent and overheads should be recovered. A subsidy of Rs.200/- per probationer granted. All officers to pay messing charges directly. Management of the mess should be the responsibility of Mess committee etc.
No.E(D&A) 2004 RG 6-26 dt.12.08.2005 En-mass transfer of Catering staff from Railways to IRCTC on deemed deputation -pending DAR cases-regarding. In view of en-mass transfer of Catering Staff from Railways to IRCTC it has been decided that IRCTC should take disciplinary action against railway servants in respect of offences committed by them during their service on the railways in accordance with Rule 15 of RS(D&A) Rules. In case no chargesheet has yet been issued the same may be issued by the appropriate authority in IRCTC
No.F(E)III/2003/PN 1/43 dt. 10.08.2005 Grant of life long family pension to mentally retarded or physically crippled or disabbled married sons and daughters of deceased Railway servants-clarification. As per extant proviso sons and daughters suffering from any disorder or disability of mind including mentally retarded or are physically crippled or disabled so as to render then unable to earn a living even after attaining the age of 25 years, family pension shall be payable to them for life  subject to fulfilment of certain conditions except such of above married sons and daughters.
No.E(P&A)II-98/HRA-6 dt.09.08.2005 Grant of HRA to Railway employees posted to new Zones/new Divisions-regarding. It has been decided to extend the currency of the instructions contained in letter dated 9.3.2004 ibid upto 31.03.2006.
No.F(E)III/98/PN 1/4 dt.08.08.2005 Ceiling on two family pensions admissible to child/children of deceased Railway servants under Rule 75 (11) of the Railway Services (Pension) Rules 1993. It has been decided by the Government to revise the existing limits on two family pensions. Existing maximum limit of Rs.2500/- laid down in sub-rule (11) (a)(i) revised upwards to Rs.15000/-, existing maximum limit of Rs.2500/- laid down in sub-rule (11) (a)(ii) revised upwards to Rs.15000/- & existing maximum limit of Rs.1250/- laid down in sub-rule 11 (b) revised upwards to Rs.9000/- w.e.f. 1.1.1996. The relevant rules under the Railway Services (Pension) Rules 1993 will be amended suitably in due course.
No.E(W)95UN1/19 dt.08.08.2005 Supply of cloth and payment of stiching charges to public image categories. It has been decided that the lenght of cloth for overcoat should be 2.50 meters for special size may be supplied to eligible Public Image Category employees Other terms and conditions as indicated in the Dress Regulations, 2004 will remain same.
No.ERB-I/2005/23/6 dt. 05.08.2005 Multi Disciplinary Task Force to study issue concerning asset maintenance and failures . Tenureof the Task Force extended upto 31.10.2005
E(NG)II/98/RC-1/64 pt. dt.04.08.2005 Appointment on Compassionate grounds-spl. drive to clear backlog and holding of "Adalat for pending Compassionate Appointment Cases".

Hon'ble MR has stressed upon personal attention of GMs for timely and expeditious disposal of compassionate ground appointment cases. It has been decided to launch special drive to clear the backlog by 15th September,2005 and holding of Adalat for pending cases

E(G)2005 EC2-3 dt.03.08.2005 Creation of the post of Ticket Checking Staff. Board has approved filling up of the existing vacancies in Ticket Checking Staff. Surplus staff among departments may be screened by Sr.DCMs for filling such vacancies. Creation of additional posts to be done by 50% maching surrender from the vacancy bank of GMs and 50% from Railway Board.
E(NG)II/2004/RC-4/SC/2 dt.19.07.2005 Filling up of posts in Para-medical categories in Gr.'C' on contract basis In view of shortage of Para-medical staff it has been decided to permit filling up of posts in Para-medical categories in Gr.'C' on contract basis onlaid down terms and conditions  as stipulated in the original circular
E(NG)II/96/RR-1/62 dt.18.07.2005 Procedure for recruitment of Gr.'D' staff on IR It has been decided that recruitment to all Group 'D' posts will henceforth be done by the zonal Railways. A recruitment ceel will be created in the Headquarters office for handling this work. Please refer to the circular for detailed procedure.
E(D&A)2005/RG 6-23 dt.18.07.2005 Exercise of Disciplinary powers in respect of railway servant transferred from one Railway/Division to another Railway/Division-clarification. As per extant instructiions disciplinary action against a railway servant can be initiated by the Railway Admn. where the railway servant serves at that time in cases where an offence is committed while working under another Railway Admn and that comes to light after his transfer to the present Railway Admn. after obtaining relevant documents/information from the former. If the Admn. where the offence was committed desires action to be initiated by itself the railway servant should be got transferred to that Admn.
E(NG)I-2004/PM5/8 dt.14.07.2005 Avenue of promotion of Artisan Staff in Works deoartment to the posts of Junior Engineer (Works)II It has been decided that the LDCE quota of 7.5% from amongst Supervisor (Works) in Grade Rs,.4500-7000 to JE(Works)II in the pay scale of Rs.5000-8000 as refered to in para 145 of IREM Vol.I 1989 Edition, possessing the qualifications of direct recruitment may be increased to 10% and thereby making 65% by direct recruitment through RRBs.
2005/PR/15/3  dt.12.07.2005 Right to Information Act-2005 - Implementation of the Provisions of the Act - regarding The Right to Information Act 2005 has been published in the Gazatte of India on June 21st, 2005 and can be down loaded from web site for guidance. GMs/DGs/MDs have been advised to designate officers as PIOs/APIOs both , at the Headquarters and the Divisional/Subordinate levels
ERB-I/2005/2/39 dt.07.07.2005 Appointment ofPublic Information Officer/Asstt. Public Information Officer, Ministry of pursuance of The Right To Information Act' 2005. Shri B.L.Meena, EDPG/RB and Shri R.C.Batra, JDPG/RB in addition to their present charges appointed as Public Information Officer and Asstt.Public Information Officers respectively in the Ministry of Railways in pursuance of The Right To Information Act' 2005.
E(P&A)II-2005/RS-10 dt.04.07.2005

Revision of pension/commutation of pension of loco Inspectors/Sr. Loco Inspectors

Emomulents of Loco Inspectors who retired during the period from 1.1.96 to 30.9.96 who have opted for revised scales of paythe average emomulents based on the basic pay of the preceding 10 months should be computed as per calculation detailed in the letter.
E(NG)I-2004/CFB/8 dt.04.07.2005 Procedures for conducting typewritting test on computers Decided that instead of testing typewritting skills on typewriters as per extant procedures the same may be tested on Personal Computers at the speed of 40 wpm in English and 35 wpm in Hindi as per precedure for such test and its evaluation


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