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Manual of Statistical Instruction-2003




Manual of Statistical Instructions- 2003

for the
Compilation of Annual Statistics of Railways
( 3rd Edition )




  Statement Page No.
1. Financial Results of Government Railways 1
2(a) Capital-at-Charge of Government Railways  (excluding worked lines) 5
2(b) Capital Outlay of branch lines worked by government Railways 8
3 Total Investment of Government Railways (excluding worked lines) from different sources 10
4 Working expenses (excluding suspense and payments to worked lines) of Government Railways by heads of demands for grants 15
5 Capital-at-Charge/capital Outlay, revenue earnings and expenses 17
6 Gross Earnings of each Railway system 19
7 Working Expenses (excluding suspense and payments to worked lines) of each Railway System 21
8 Kilometrage Statement 24
9(a) Mean Kilometrage worked, number of stations and gradients on Government Railways 34
9(b) Number of stations classified on Government Railways 37
10 Rolling stock in service on Government Railways 42
11 Net additions to or Reduction in Rolling Stock on Government Railways  (Discontinued since 1970-71)  
12 Passenger Revenue statistics of Government Railways- Passengers originating and carried, passenger kilometres, average distance carried, average rate charged and earnings by classes... 74
13 Goods Revenue statistics of Government Railways  - Tonnes originating, terminating, transhipped, cross and carried, net tonne kilometres, average lead, average rate charged and earnings by principal commodities.. 95
14 Revenue Earnings and expenses of Government Railways, including worked lines rated against selected units  (Discontinued since 1970-71)    
15 Results of working of coaching and goods services on Government Railways 102
16 Tonne kilometrage pertining to steam, diesel and electric locomotives on Government Railways 175
17 Train and Engine Kilometrage pertaining to steam, diesel and electric locomotives on Government Railways 178
18 Engine Hours Kilometyrage pertaining to steam, diesel and electric locomotives on Government Railways 184
19(a) Venicle and Wagon Kilometres (in terms of four-wheelers) relating to trains hauled by steam, diesel and electric locomotives on Government Railways 190
19(b) Goods train performance-detailed Statistics of Through, Van and Shunting Goods trains on Government Railways 196
20 Speed of Goods Train (excluding departmental) hauled by steam, diesel and electric locomotives on Government Railways 200
21 Shunting and Light running on Government Railways 209
22 Engine Usage on Government Railways-average number of engines used daily on various services, Engine kilometres per day per engine employed on various services and Net tonne kilometres per locomotive day 211
23 Loads of Trains of Government Railways 221
24 Vehicles and Wagons-Number and their usage on Government Railways 224  
25 Density of Traffic on Government Railways 230
26(a) Repairs  of Rolling Stock pertaining to steam, diesel and electric locomotives of Government Railways 234
26(b) Cost of Repairs and Maintenance of Rolling Stock of Government Railways 245
27(a) Fuel Consumption by classes of fuel on Government Railways 251
27(b) Fuel Consumption by classes of Services on Government Railways 258
27(c) Electric Power consumption by classes of Services (exclusive of power consumed on Electric Multiple Units) 269
28 Efficiency Statistics of Government Railways-Net tonne kilometres and Gross tonne kilometres per engine hour and Wagon Turn-round 277
29 Principal Commodities carried by Goernment Railways and earnings therefrom-Merged with statement No.13 during 1966-67 and 1967-68 and is being printed separately (Goods Revenue Statistics) since 1969-70  
30 Analysis of Operating expenses of Government Railways 281
31 Oil Consumption on Government Railways 343
32 Electric Multiple Unit (EMU)Suburban and non-Suburban Train statistics of Central, eastern, Northern, Southern, South Central, South Eastern and Western railways 347
33 Performance of  Rail Cars and Rail Bus (Internal combustion engine propelled) on Government Railways 355
34 Rolling Stock in Service on Non-Government Railways   (Discontinued)  
35 Net Additions to or reductions in Rolling Stock on Non-Government Railways (Discontinued)  
36 Passenger and Goods Revenue Statistics and Earnings of Non-Government Railways- Passengers/Tonnes originating and carried, passenger kilometres, Net tonne kilometres, average distance carried, passengers/ goods earnings and rate charged  (Discontinued)      
37 Train & Engine kilometres and Coal Consumption on Non-Government Railways (Discontinued)  
38(a) Value of Stores purchased by Government Railways 360
38(b) Stores Purchased (and used for various functions) through different agencies and modes of procurement 363
39(a) Stores Transactions on Government Railways 366
39(b) Summary statement of Stores Transactions on Government Railways 369
40  Staff Statistics 372
41 Statistics of accidents and unusual occurrences 406
42 Rolling Stock fitted with Automatic brakes, vehicles lighted by gar or electricity and lower class carriages provided with latrine accommodation on Government Railways  (Discontinued since (1970-71)  
43 Cost of the Police Force and Railway Protection Force employed on Railways 494
44 Number of Sub-standard staff Quarters on Government Railways 496
45 Performance of Metro Railway,  Kolkata. 498


Source : रेल मंत्रालय (रेलवे बोर्ड) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 19-02-2011  

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