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वाणिज्य परिपत्र सं. 36, वर्ष 2004





No. 2003/TG.III/600/5

New Delhi,  dated 5.10.2004



The General Managers(Catering),
All Indian Railways. 


 (Commercial Circular 36 of 2004)


                                 Sub:  Revision of Catering policy 2000.

                              Ref:  Board�s letter No.97/TG-III/600/12 Pt.III Dated 19.06.2001.



            Hon�ble MR in his Budget Speech 2004-05 has, interalia, announced that �with a view to increase the earnings from Catering contracts, complete transparency and competitiveness will be ensured in the award of contracts.�

            The Catering Policy 2000 dated:  20th October 2000 was amended twice and correction slips were issued accordingly.  In addition administrative instructions were issued from time to time in regard to handing over of major and new catering /vending units to IRCTC.

            However, in order to bring transparency and competitiveness in catering contracts for major units as defined in para 14.1 and for small units as defined in 15.1(a) a two packet tender system has been introduced along with review of tenure of contracts with a view to bring about tangible improvement in catering services, which constitute a major segment of our customer inter face, and a revised catering policy on catering has thus been framed, which along with other circulars/guidelines mentioned in the revised policy supersede all the existing policy guidelines issued from time to time. The Catering Policy 2004 is enclosed. 

            IRCTC will follow the overall policy guidelines with reference to class of stations, definitions of major and minor units, reduction of congestion, provision of pantry             car, transfer of license, exclusion and inclusion of clause, tendering system, application system, tariff, reservation policy, renewal, tenure, ceiling, mutually agreed model agreement, etc. contained   in   the   policy   or   amended / reviewed from time to time.    It is advised that as and when the catering services are taken over by IRCTC, the functions relating to catering hitherto performed by the zonal railways would be performed by IRCTC at appropriate levels. 

            In case of any confusion/dispute on implementation of policy, IRCTC will abide by views of Railways and decision of Railways will be final.  The revised policy guidelines will be implemented with immediate effect.  

            This has the concurrence of Finance & Legal Directorates of Ministry of Railways.                        

(Kamal Kant)
Executive Director/T&C
Railway Board

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