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Training Centers


The Jagjivan Ram Railway Protection Force Academy, Lucknow runs Initial, Refresher, Specialized and other in-service courses as mentioned below:
Jagjivan Ram Railway Protection Force Academy, Lucknow

The Academy is situated at Talkatora Road, Alambagh, Lucknow at a distance of about 5kms from the Railway Station Charbagh, Lucknow. The total land area of the Academy is 46.3 acres. The Academy has a miniature range for small arms like stengun, Pistol, Revolver Firing within its campus. The status of the institute was upgrade to that of Academy in 1987 and the post of principal was again upgraded to Deputy Inspector General from Jr. Administrative Grade in the year 1988.


The primary Objective of the Railway Protection Force Academy is to prepare the member of the force with the required skills, knowledge and attitude for fighting against anti-social elements operating in the Railways. The training imparted in the Academy is basically aimed:









  • To inculcate high standard of professionalism, physical fitness and mental alertness as would make them play an effective role in the Railways.
  • To identify needs of the force at various levels and structure suitable courses, both initial and in-service to achieve professional excellence.
  • To organics seminars, workshops, studies and surveys covering matters of interest of the force so as to expand out resource base and use this knowledge in the professional fields.
  • To promote the concept of continuing education among the RPF personnel by harnessing modern, scientific & technological developments.
  • To endeavor inculcating such values and norms as would help the trainees to achieve their best in the professional fields.



































Breeding Cum Training Center for RPF Dogs:
As envisaged in the Railway Protection Force Rules,1987 “for better prevention and detection of crime” and for providing effective security to the Railway Passengers, Passengers Area and Railway Property, a Breeding cum Training Centre was established at Dayabasti Complex, Delhi.This Training Center imparts Training courses related to Explosive Detection Training for RPF Dogs,Tracker Training for RPF Dogs and Training for Assistant Dog Handlers.

Podanur Zonal Training Center for RPF Dogs:In view of present security scenario and in the scheme of modernisation of the Force, an improvised Zonal Training Center for RPF Dogs has been established at Podanur,Palghat divison,Southern Railway.This Training Center is located near Podanur Railway Station in Coimbatare District,Tamilnadu.The total land area of the institute is 3 acres and has adequate open space for imparting field training to the RPF Dogs.This institute is the only institute in the Railway Protection Force which coordinates training related to Disaster Management.


Central Arms Repair Shop(CARS) Dahod:

Railway Protection Force, being an Armed Force of the Union, often requires minor/ major repairs of its weaponary. for carrying out these jobs, as the result of which, the Central Arms Repair Shop (CARS) was commissioned w.e.f. 21.11.1966, in the premises of Railway Workshop/Dahod/WR. Furthermore, over the years, RPF/RPSF armourers were being imparted training of their cadres in the Training Centers / Work Shops of Indian Army and other paramilitary organisations. With the passage of time, the need of exploring the possibility of conducting different courses of this cadre within the Force itself, was felt. Hence, consequent upon the availability of necessary infrastructure and other essential facilities, it was finally decided to establish our own training Center for conducting various courses related to this cadre, as the result of which, RPF’s own Training Center was established, which started functioning from July 2001, at the existing Central Arms Repair Shop (CARS)/Dahod. At present, it is being utilized for imparting training, exclusively to those RPF/RPSF personnel, who are desirous to become Armourer.

  • Location and Weather Conditions:- Dahod is a district headquarter, situated in the tribal belt of Gujarat State.Dahod Railway Station falls in Ratlam-Vadodra (Electrified) section of Ratlam Division/Western Railway. The weather at Dahod is akin to that of North-Western India, with severe winter and summer. However, due to less rains, scarcity of water is felt through out the year. CARS is located inside the Railway Workshop/Dahod, near its main entrance gate and is housed in a separate shed. It is a self contained unit, having major equipments like phosphating plant, Drill machine, sand blasting machine etc.
  • Works under taken:- The main Works, which are presently being under taken by this repair shop, are as under:-
    • Attending to the major technical repairs of various weapons.
    • Conversion of unserviceable weapons to D.P.
    • Phosphating of weapons.
    • Stripping of unserviceable weapons.
    • Conducting various training courses for Armourers.


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