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New Delhi, dated 23/6/2004

The General Managers All Indian Railways & Others
(as per standard list enclosed)

Subject � Officers to accompany Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) during his inspections of the Railways for opening a new Section/Line. 

Reference � This office letters of even number dated 25-03/1-04-2004  

        Rule 10, Chapter III of the Railways (Opening For Public Carriage Of Passengers) Rules 2000 prescribes the officers who are to accompany the Commissioner during his inspections of the Railways for opening a new section/line doubling and gauge conversion. However, these rules do not give the details of all the officers who should accompany the Commissioner during his inspection. It has come to the notice of the Board that sometimes the Divisional Officers who are generally required are not accompanying the Commissioner. To avoid such confusion, Board, as partial modifications to the instructions issued under letter referred to above, have decided that � 


General Manager should normally accompany the Commissioner through out the inspection,


If for any unavoidable reason, it is not possible for the General Manager to accompany the Commissioner, then Chief Administrative Officer/Chief Engineer (Co-ord)-Construction along with other concerned officers shall accompany the Commissioner during the inspection. In addition, the Divisional Railway Manager, or in his unavoidable absence, the Additional Divisional Railway Manager, along with the concerned branch officers shall also accompany the Commissioner during the entire period of his inspection. 

        It is desired that the above instructions should be followed meticulously by the Railways with immediate effect.

Secretary/Railway Board.  

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