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News Flash (Old)

FROA Governing Council - Election on 06 & 07 April, 2021

Updating Contact Details

General Body Meeting and Election to the Governing Council

FROA Resolution for TADK dated 30.12.2020 

Letter to Chairman-CEO for quarter dated 29.10.2020 

Letter to Chairman-CEO for TADK dated 04.12.2020 

Letter to DG-HR dated 08.10.2020 

Appeal to office for Corona dated 21.04.2020 

Appeal to PM Cares Fund dated 29.03.2020 

Letter to CRB on Reform dated 07.01.2020 

Letter for retention of TADK Facility

FROA Governming Council Meeting Resolution dated. 18.12.2019

Governing Council Meeting of FROA on 16.12.2019

Grant of Non-Functional HAG for 1987 Exam batch of Group A 

Prompt action resulting in approval of delayed HAG Panel

FROA thanks hon'ble PM for cadre review approval.

FROA thanks hon'ble MR for cadre review approval.

Contribution to Prime Minister National Relief Fund (PMNRF)-Kerala Floods

New Governing Council of FROA elected on 17th May 2018

Views on Cadre Reforms

General Body Meeting of Federation of Railway Officers' Association (FROA) on 17th & 18th May 2018 in Conference Hall, Railway Board.

GBM(FROA) on 17th & 18th May 2018 in Conference Hall, Railway Board

Tenure of deputation of IR officers with Railway PSUs/Organisations

Fixation of inter-se seniority of Direct Recruit Group A Officers and Promotees on induction to Group 'A' Junior Scale

Press Release regarding physical assault on Chief Secretary Delhi

Accommodation related problems faced by IRMS doctors on duty

Recasting of inter seniority of directly recruited Group-A Officers vis a vis Promotees: Implementation of the Judgement of Hon'ble Supreme Court

New Year Greeting to MR, MOSR & CRB

New Year Greeting from Secretary General / FROA

Vigilance Clearance for DPCs

FROA Bank Details for MEFT/RTGS

Accommodation of Railway officers during travel on duty.

Interse seniority of direct recruits and promotees :.Appeal for voluntary contributions to meet legal expenses

Unreasonable restrictions on Air Travel of SAG& SG Officers

Joint Communication of Railway Federations/Associations

Railway Safety Concerns - Regarding

Validation of Duty/Privilege/Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) in Hamsafar Express Trains, Gatiman Express Trains and all other Special Trains including Suvidha Express, Special Trains on special charges, etc.

Recasting of inter-se seniority of directly recruited Group-A Officers vis-a-vis Promotees 

FROA Governing Council Meeting Resolution 

Unreasonable restrictions on Air travel of SAG & SG Officers

Granting of HAG+ to eligible HAG officers who have been denied promotion due to non-availability of residual service

Formal Meeting of Federation of Railway Officers' Association (FROA) and Indian Railways Promotee Officers' Federation (IRPOF) - Policy regarding

Engagement of Advocate by FROA to safeguard the interests of Railway Officers in Hon'ble Supreme Court in regard to admission of their Wards in Sanskriti School, New Delhi while being posted in Delhi.

Expediting the "Cadre Review Proposals" of Railway Services

FROA's views to Task Force on Cadre Structure of Organized Group-'A' Services

Policy for making to the posts of GM and equivalent in the railway

Arbitrary and discriminatory cuts made by DOPT in "Cadre Review Proposal's of Railway Services

Newly elected Members of the Governing Council of Federation of Railway Officer's Association (FROA)

Your Association " views on " Railway Board Restructuring"

Irregularities in large scale induction of Group-B Railway Officers into Group-A Cadres, as highlighted in the judgement of Hon'ble CAT/Patna in OA/050/00460/2015 dated 03.05.2016

FROA delegation meet MOS/Personnel on 28.4.2016

Resolution Passed by FROA on 23.03.2016

General Body Meeting of Federation of Railway Officers' Association (FROA) on 05.05.2016 & 06.06.2016 in Conference Hall, Rail Bhawan, New Delhi

Highhandedness of GRP in arresting Additional Divisional Engineer/SWR/Hubli and naming of General Manager in FIR

General Body Meeting and Elections to the Governing Council

Assault by GRP on DRM/Sonpur/ECR

Representation of Federation of Railway Officers Association (FROA) on the report of the 7th Central Pay Commission

Agitation amongst officers against the concept note scheduled for discussion in Board Meeting change in methodology of recruitment of some Services.

Elected New President/FROA

Cadre Review

Inordinate delay in Cadre Review of Group-"A' organised Railway Services

Suggestions for improving Vigilance Administration on IR

Revision of rental ceilings for leasing of private houses

Unauthorised use of name of 'FROA' on Social Sites eg Facebook

Comments of Final Report of Bibek Debroy Committee

Appreciation and gratitude on behalf of officers community.

Unfair Treatment to NFSAG Officers of Indian Railways

Undue delay in approval of HAG panels.

Irregularities in induction of Group-'B' Railway Officers into Group 'A' Services

MR's DO letter No. 2008 E(GC)12-19 (Vol.IV) dated 08.03.2015

Presentation of FROA and additional issues for consideration of 7th CPC

Review and Revision of the policy of posting of DRMs

Manhandling of Shri Ranvijay, Sr. DEE/OP/AGC/NCR

High Level Railway Restructuring Committee

Governing Council Meeting and elections to the Governing Council of FROA

Posting Orders of DRMs

Retention of Railway Quarters by DRMs

President and Secretary General, FROA met the new Railway Minister before  Hon’ble MR’s departure to Australia.  FROA expressed confidence and hoped that the Railways would scale new heights, under his leadership.

Highlights Prominent issues pertaining to Group ' A' officers.

FROA's Memorandum to High Level Railway Restructuring Committee during meeting held on 29.10.2014

Irregularities in Group 'A' recruitment in organized services.

Minutes of meeting of Federation of Railway Officers' Association (FROA) with full Board held on 20.08.2014

Committee on Restructuring of Railway Board has called FROA, for formal discussion on 29th Oct, 2014 at 11.30

Constitution of a Committee with regard to Budget announcements made by Honourable MR for mobilisation of resources for major Railway projects and restructuring of MOR and Railway Board.

Meeting of Federation of Railway Officers' Association (FROA) with full Board on 20.08.2014 at 11:00 Hrs.

Meeting with FROA on 31.07.2014

Grant of higher grade pay to senior officers superseded on account of either age or Rule of 37.5% or for any other reason.

Refrences from AIRF & NFIR to be replied by the Railway Board

ERB Order dated 27.02.2014

Grant of Full Sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes (PRCP) after 20 years of Railway Services

Subscription Fee of Federating Unit

Transfer Policy of Group 'A' Officers

Resolution adopted in the Meeting of the Governing Council of FROA held on 12.02.2014

Due of Subscription of Zonal Railways/Production Units

General Body Meeting and elections to the Governing Council

Policy on Posting and Transfer and criteria for posting as DRM

Latest opinion of the CVC- death kneel for innovation in the Railways

Cadre Restructuring of Organised Group A Services.

Default in payment of Annual Subscription

Constitution of the Federation of Railway Officer's Associations

FROA's views on norms for selection/promotion on the posts of CRB, Members, GMs and DRMs

Resolution of FROA in the Governing Council meeting held on 14.06.2013

News item attributed to Railway Officers' Federation

Transparancy in promotions, select-lists and panels for postings/promotions.

Extraordinary GBM of the FROA is Postponed 

Letter of this Federation, dated 06.05.2013 regarding transfer and posting in Indian Railways

Resolution dated 08.05.2013

Transfers and Promotions in Indian Railways and scope for wrongdoings.

Special Governing Council Meeting of FROA  on 04.02.2013

Proposed Amendments to the constitution of FROA   

FROA Resolution

Amended Constitution of the Federation of Railway Officers' Associations

Constitution of FROA

Minutes of Formal Meeting of FROA with Railway Board on 07.02.2011


Non-Functional Upgradation to SAG/HAG: fixation of revised pay and drawal of arrears


Railway Board?s Resolution for Scheme for appointment of General Managers and Equivalent Officers


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 27-04-2023  

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