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FM-20 2022/TC(FM)/10/04/Pt.I Addendum to Special Conditions for Contract for 'leasing of Parcel Space in SLRs/VPs'. 28.10.2022
FM-19 2020/TC(FM)/4/2

Amendment No. 4 to LSFTO Master Circular -2022

Liberalised Special Freight Train Operator (LSFTO) scheme-Amendment to para 5, 7 and 11 of FM Master Circular/LSFTO/2020  dated 16.03.2020.

FM-18 2022/TC(FM)/10/04 Transition from manual tendering of catering units to e-Auction module as in case of other commercial earning and NFR contracts. 09.09.2022
FM-17 2020/TC(FM)/11/04-Part(3) Write-off of the outstanding Subsidy of Rs. 71,85,98,672/- disbursed in Kisan Rail services during the year 2021-2022. 07.09.2022
FM-16 2019/TC(FM)/04/18 Part(I) Amendment to revised JPO for General Purpose Wagon Investment Scheme (GPWIS) Scheme. 07.09.2022
FM-15 2022/TC(FM)/10/04 Addendum for catering unit contracts to 'Policy' and 'Standard Conditions of Contract' for Commercial Earning and NFR contracts awarded through e-Auction. 29.07.2022
FM-14 TC-II/2046/2022/Parcel-NMG-charges Freight for utilization of NMG rakes for transporting parcel traffic 11.07.2022
FM-13 2021/TC(FM)/18/23 (Pt-2) Amendment No. 1  to Master Circular on 'Gati Shakti Multi-modal Cargo Terminal (GCT)/2021/0 dated 15.12.2021'. 14.06.2022


Addendum to FMC No. 12 of 2022

2022/TC(FM)/10/04/Pt.I Special Conditions for Contract' for leasing of Parcel Space in SLRs/VPs. 14.06.2022


Amendment No. 1 to FMC 11 of 2022

2022/TC(FM)/10/04 'Policy' and 'Standard Conditions of Contract' for Commercial Earning and NFR contracts awarded through e-auction. 13.06.2022
TC-II/2364/2020/Postal Haulage (3336899)

Haulage Charges for postal traffic for 2021-22 and 2022-23

FM-09 TC II/2642/2020/Milk-Policy (3329880)

Haulage Charges recoverable for movement of ‘milk traffic’ in Rail Milk Tankers (RMT) owned by private parties


TC II/2046/2020/Discount on P-scale (E File - 3326111) Review of discount on base freight rate for 'Indented Parcel trains' with loading of 24/23 Parcel Vans plus Brake-van 01.04.2022
FM-07 2019/TC(FM)/15/02 Haulage Charge for movement of RoadRailer type 'BAFRDR'. 31.03.2022
FM-06 2014/TC(FM)/4/24 (WLS) Amendment -1 of Wagon Leasing Scheme (WLS) 28.03.2022
FM-05 2020/TC(FM)/11/29 Advance booking of parcel space in 'SLRs' and 'Parcel Vans' 21.02.2022
FM-04 2017/TC(FM)/5/01 Amendment to FM Circular No. 25/2019 dt 29.10.2019- Ownership of wagons after tertiary lease period under Own Your Wagon Scheme. 15.02.2022
FM-03 2022/TC(FM)/11/01 Permission for stacking/removal of parcels to be loaded into/unloaded from ‘indented Parcel Vans’ and ‘indented Parcel trains’. 10.02.2022
FM-02 2018/TC(FM)/4/13 Amendment No. 5 to GPWIS 20.01.2022
FM-01 2020/TC(FM)/4/2 Amendment No. 3 to LSFTO Master Circular - Para 6.6(i) & para 11.5 18.01.2022


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 13-04-2023  

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