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Time Tabled Parcel Special Trains


Circular No.

Letter No.



FM-28 2019/TCFM/4/18-Part(1) JPO for General Purpose Wagon Investment Scheme (GPWIS) Scheme. 18.12.2020
FM-27 TC-II/2046/2020/Discount -on-P-scale Discount on Base Freight RAte for Indented Parcel Trains consisting of LVPH (LHB Parcel Vans). (Addendum -01 of FM circular No. 21 of 2020). 14.12.2020
FM-26 2017/TCFM/4/12 Corrigendum-2 of FM Circular 13/2018 07.12.2020
FM-25 2020/TCFM/10/16 Amendment No. 12 to "Modified Comprehensive Parcel Leasing Policy - reduction in Security Deposit/Performance Guarantee - reg. 20.11.2020
FM-24 2020/TCFM/10/17 Reduction in Security Deposit of PCETs 17.11.2020
FM-23 2020/TCFM/10/19 Leasing of Parcel Space in VPs by Rajdhani/Duronto Trains 17.11.2020
FM-22 2020/TC(FM)/11/4/Pt-3 Accounting Procedure for Grant of 50% freight Subsidy in Kisan Rail Trains.  29.10.2020
FM-21 TC-II/2046/2020/Discount-On-P scale Introduction of discount on base freight rate for indented parcel trains for loading of 24 parcel vans plus brake van. 14.10.2020


FM-02 of 2021 dated 18.01.2021

2020/TCFM/14/08 Development of Goods Sheds at small roadside stations through Private Investment. 14.10.2020
FM-19 TC-II/2046/2020/Parcel Policy Rationalisation of Freight RAtes for Parcel Traffic. 05.10.2020
FM-18 2020/TC(FM)/10/15 Attachment of LVP (LHB type Parcel Van) as 23rd Coach in passenger-carrying trains running with LHB rakes – reg. 29.09.2020
FM-17 TC-II/2642/2020/Milk Policy Haulage charges recoverable for movement of Milk traffic in Railway Milk Tankers(RMT) owned by private parties 29.09.2020
FM-16 2020/TC(FM)/4/02 Amendment 1 to Liberalized Special Freight Train Operation Scheme - FM Master Circular/LSFTO/2020 dated 16.03.2020


FM-15 2019/TC(FM)/15/2 Haulage Charge for movement of Road Railer type 'BAFRDR' 31.08.2020
FM-14 2020/TCFM/14/13 Amendment No. 1 to Master Circular on PFT/2020/0 dated 23.06.2016 24.08.2020
FM-13 TC(FM)/18/20/Pt Amendment No.6 of Policy Circulars on Private Sidings : Freight Marketing Circular No.11 of 2016. 18.08.2020
FM-12 TC-II/2046/2020/Parcel Traffic to Bangladesh Charging of ‘Export Traffic to Bangladesh’ booked in Indented Parcel Rakes (consisting of Parcel Vans). 11.08.2020
-- 2019/TC(FM)/4/28 Exemption from payment of Stabling Charge for rakes operated under Automobile Freight Train Operator (AFTO) Scheme  13.08.2020
FM-11 2020/TC(FM)/04/03 Two-point loading in ‘SFTO rakes under category-3’. 04.08.2020
FM-10 2019/TC(FM)/ JPO for General Purpose Wagon Investment (GPWIS) Scheme 22.07.2020
-- 2020/TC(FM)/4/06 Transportation of 2-Wheeler, decked in 'Cassettes' and returun of empty cassettes to loading base. 20.07.2020
FM-09 2018/TC(FM)/04/13 General Purpose Wagon Investment Scheme(GPWIS) 30.06.2020
FM-08 2020/TC(FM)/4/4 Liberalized Wagon Investment Scheme(LWIS) 25.06.2020
FM-07 2020/TC(FM)/11/11 Restoration of Parcel Services in Passenger-Carrying Trains 25.06.2020
FM-06 2018/TC(FM)/14/04 Amendment No.5 to Policy Circular on Private Sidings: FM Circular No.11 of 2016 23.06.2020
FM-05 TC-II/2046/2019/MWC Exemption for transportation of permissibles in all types of Parcel Rakes Comprising Parcel Vans (VPU/VPH/VP etc.) and other matters. 27.04.2020
FM-04 2018/TC(FM)/04/35 Permission for additional commodity under Special Freight Train Operator(SFTO) Scheme. 13.03.2020
FM-03 TC-II/2951/2017/1 Transportation of fruits and vegetables including Mango traffic and other mixed perishable goods traffic in Parcel rakes 03.03.2020
FM-02 2019/TC(FM)/1101 Utilization of Sub-urban Railway for transportation of E-commerce consignments. 31.01.2020
FM-01 TC-II/2910/2019/GST/Para 2427

Amendment in Para 2427(a) of IRCM Vol.II regarding accountal of money immediately on receipt




Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 19-01-2021  

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