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Rate Ins. No. Letter No. Subject Issued Date Ref. Supersedes Superseded by Validity
From To
Corrigendum No. 13 of Rates Master Circular/Weighment/2019/0  No. TC-I/2020/109/efile/1   (3323589 Dispensation from weighment in case of empty containers  12.04.2024          
Addendum to Rates Circular No. 1 of 2019 TC-I/2021/109/efile/2 (3366987)  Procedure to capture weighment details in TMS/FOIS and modification thereof after load adjustment of overloaded wagon  28.03.2024          
RC-09 of 2024 TCR/1078/2019/2/TEFD/3318144 Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty Flow Directions(TEFD). 26.03.2024 R.C.No.07 of 2023     01.04.2024 31.03.2025
Corrigendum no 3 to Rates Circular No14 of 2021 TCR/1015/2021/JCB/NR/3346091 Charging of JCB 22.03.2024       06.04.2024 04.04.2025
RC.08 OF 2024 TCR/1644/2020/01/3329133 Rebate in freight for traffic transported in privately owned wagons. 22.03.2024       01.04.2024 31.03.2025
Corrigendum No.105 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 TCR/1394/2020/4(Part)/3338337 Running of freight trains on CC+8 tonne routes. 08.03.2024 RMC/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 dated 01.05.2020     12.03.2024 TFA
Corrigendum No. 52  of Rates Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0 No. TC-I/2021/201/efile/1 (3344010) Rate of Stabling Charge 07.03.2024          
Rates Circular No. 07 of 2024 TCR/1015/2024/Urea/3455924 Classification of 'Sulphur Coated Urea' 06.03.2024 -- -- -- 10.03.2024 TFA
Rates Circular No. 06 of 2024 TCR/1543/2009/1/3342408 Rates of Terminal Charges to be collected by Port Trust Railways directly from customers. 04.03.2024 R.C.No. 03 of 2019     01.04.2024 31.03.2026
Corrigendum No. 05 of Rates Circular No. 22 of 2017 TC-I/2020/302/efile (3333729/3343938)  Haulage Charge for running of Double Stack Dwarf Container 04.03.2024          

Corrigendum No. 51 of Rates Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0

TC-I/2019/201/6-Part(2)   (3328629) Free time for loading of bagged consignment in Open wagons in the case of freight terminals/sidings/goods sheds/steel plants work on Engine-on-Load basis   29.02.2024       29.09.2024 TFA
Corrigendum No. 51 to Rates Master Circular on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination etc/2020 TCR/1017/2019/01/3286241 Composition for movement of Road Railer type "BAFRDR'. 29.02.2024 Corri 20,28,23,30,35 &44 toRMCon Block Rake     01.04.2024 TFA
Corrigendum No. 50 of Rates Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0 No. TC-I/2019/201/6-Part(2)   (3328629) Free time for loading/unloading of rakes of Coal and Iron Ore-Power to Zone  29.02.2024       29.02.2024 TFA
Corrigendum No.104 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8etc/2020/0 TCR/1394/2022/3396049 Permissible Carrying Capacity(PCC) of BOST type wagons over CC+8 routes. 27.02.2024 RMC/PCC//CC+8 and its corrigenda 59,66 79 and 97      29.02.2024 TFA
Corrigendum No.103 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8etc/2020/0 TCR/1394/2023/universalized CC+8/3451238 Running of freight trains on CC+8 tonne routes. 27.02.2024 RMC/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 dated 01.05.2020     05.03.2024 TFA
Corrigendum no.01 to Rates Circular no.03 of 2024 TCR/1078/2023/Cargo/3446249 Cargo Aggregator Transportation Product. 27.02.2024 Rates Circular 03 of 2024     15.03.2024 TFA

Corrigendum No. 49 of Rates Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0

TC-I/2019/201/3/oldsteelplants   (3318147


Free time and allowances in case of seven old steel plants   27.02.2024          

Addendum to Rates Master Circular/Provision of Weighbridge/2019/0 

TC-I/2021/108/efile/2   (3367147 Acceptance of weight provided by Static Weighbridge  23.02.2024          
Corrigedum No. 48 to Rates Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0  TC-I/2021/201/efile/2   (3346322 Additional free time for cleaning activities of tank wagons in private sidings and goods sheds in case of edible oil when there is change of product  21.02.2024          
RC-05 of 2024
TCR/2201/2004/1/3345689 Revision of rates of miscellaneous charges. 21.02.2024       01.04.2024 31.03.2025
RC- 04 of 2024 TCR/2021/1015/ironorereject/3341809 Classification of 'LD and GCP Sludge' 21.02.2024 IRCA Goods Tariff no.49,Part I (Vol.II)     25.02.2024 TFA
Corrrigendum No. 09 to Rate Circular No.27 of 2016 TCR/1078/2021/Bagged Consignment/3421632 Freight Incentive Scheme for loading Bagged Consignment in Open and Flat Wagons. 19.02.2024       01.04.2024 31.03.2025

Corrigendum No.102 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8etc./2020/0

TCR/1394/2020/4(Part)/3343161 25 Tonne Axle load-Three routes Angul-Sukinda over ECOR


19.02.2024       22.02.2024 TFA
RC-03 of 2024

Corrigendum no.01 of 27.02.2024
TCR/1078/2023/Cargo/3446249 Cargo Aggregator Transportation Product 15.02.2024 TCR/1078/2014/02 date 16.06.2015(RMC/FIS/2015/0     01.03.2024 TFA


Gazette Notification No. S.O. 597(E) dt. 09.02.2024

TC-I/2020/223/efile/1 (3323420) 
Notified Stations 09.02.2024          


TCR/1078/2020/Port Traffic/3336854 Congestion surcharge on goods traffic originating from ports. 07.02.2024          

Classification of 'Polyhalite (all types)'- Corrigendum No. 02 to RC No. 02 of 2022


Classification of “Polyhalite (All types)” 07.02.2024 RC-02 of 2022        
Corrigendum No. 02 to Rates Circular No. 03 of 2022 TCR/2211/2021/class/Truck Mixers/3347614 Charging of Truck Mixer 07.02.2024 RC-03 of 2022        
Addendum No. 4 to Rates Master Circular/Weighment/2019/0 TC-I/2024/109/efile/1   (3452547 Exemption form mandatory (100%) weighment in case of containerized import traffic  06.02.2024          
Corrigendum No.101 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8 etc./2020/0 TCR/1394/2020/4(Part)/3343161 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons.(4 routes over SER) 01.02.2024 RMC/PCC/CC+8/2020/0 dated 01.05.2020     03.02.2024 TFA
Corrigendum No.47 to Rates Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0
TC-I/2021/201/efile/2   (3346322)
Reckoning of free time for removal of consignment- (i) when rake is placed in one spur in multiple placements or (ii) when rake is placed in more than one spur  24.01.2024          

Corrigendum No. 02 to Rates Circular No.11 of 2023

TCR/1015/2022/TrackMachine/3400166 Transportation and charging of 'Track Machine' owned by other than Indian Rlys. 24.01.2024 R.C.No.11 of 2023        
Corrigendum No. 46 to Rates Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0  TC-I/2023/201/1   (3322245 Stacking of consignment in case of inward rakes at Group-III terminals  18.01.2024          
Corrigendum No. 05 to Rates Circular No.32 of 2021 TCR/1015/2020/Rates/NMG/BCCNR/BCACM/3332914 Rates for Automobile Traffic carried in single stack on BCACM wagons.   16.01.2024 R.C.No.32 of 2021     01.02.2024 31.05.2024
Corrigendum No.100 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 TCR/1394/2020/4-Part/3338337 Running of freight trains on CC+8 Tonne routes. 15.01.2024 RMC/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 dt. 01.05.2020     17.01.2024 TFA
Corrigendum No. 99 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 TCR/1394/2020/4/3319486 Running of freight trains on CC+8 Tonne routes. 08.01.2024 RMC/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 dt. 01.05.2020     10.01.2024 TFA
Corrigendum No.04 of RC-07 of 2023
TCR/1078/2023/2/EmptyFlow/3429035 Rebate for traffic booked in NMG group of stocks, BCCNR, BCACM stocks in Traditional Empty flow direction04.01.2024 04.01.2024 RC-07 of 2023     15.01.2024 31.3.2024



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 12-04-2024  

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