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Rate Ins. No. Letter No. Subject Issued Date Ref. Supersedes Superseded by Validity
From To
Corrigendum No. 61 to Rates Master Circular /PCC/CC+8 etc./2020/0 TCR/1394/2020/4/3319486 Allowing BOXNHL 25 Tonne Wagon on 25 Tonne Axle Load Routes when loaded with Bauxite and Slag 17.06.2022 RMC/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0     20.06.2022 TFA

Corrigendum No. 02 to Rates Circular No.14 of 2019

CorrectionSlip correction slip of
corrigendum 2 to Rc. no.14 of 2019

TCR/1078/2020/17/3321173 Levy of terminal charge on automobile traffic. 17.06.2022 R.C.No. 14 of 2019      01.07.2022 31.12.2022
Corrigendum No 5 to Rates Master Circular Weighment 2019-0  TCR/2205/2020/01-Part(3337090) Designed Tare weight of tank wagon - BTAP 06.06.2022          
RC-15 TCR/1618/2021/STSPolicy/3364586 Guidelines for implementing "Station to Station" (STS) Rates. 03.06.20022       10.06.2022 TFA
RC-14 TC-I/2012/101/1-Pt.     (3317058) Refund of WRF due to prohibition of export of wheat  02.06.2022          

Corrigendum 01 to RC-32 of 2021

TCR/1015/2020/Rates/NMG-BCCNR-BCACM/3332914 Rates for Automobile Traffic  carried on NMG/BCCNR and BCACM wagons 27.05.2022       01.06.2022 30.11.2022

Corrigendum No. 06 to RC-13 of 2021

Corrigendum No.33 to Rates Master Circular on block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Combinations etc./2020 TCR/1017/2022/POL Traffic/3390487 olicy Guidelines-Transportation Products-Two Point Rake(other than covered wagons)-POL traffic 18.05.2022       20.05.2022 TFA
RC-13 of 2022 TC-I/2012/101/1 Pt.(3317058) Change of commodity after registration of indent for wagons 12.05.2022          

Correction  to corrigendum no 31 dated 19.4.22 to RMC on block rakes/ Mini rakes/two point combnination etc/ 2020.

TCR/1017/2020/1 Part(1)/3325609 Correction  to corrigendum 31 to RMC/Block rake/Mini rake/Two point Combination/2020 dated 19.4.2022 05.05.2022          
RC-12 of 2022 TCR/1078/2022/MGR/Policy/3386488 Operation of Merry-Go-Round(MGR) System by Railways 28.04.2022       beyond 30.04.2022 30.04.2023

Correction Slip to Corrigendum No. 60 Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0

TCR/1394/2020/4/3319486 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle Load wgons 5. Whether content is bilingual 20.4.2022          

Corrigendum No.31 to Rates Master Circular on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/two Point Combination etc./2020

TCR/1017/2020/1 Part(1)/3325609 Transportation Product-Block Rake/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination etc. 19.04.2022 RMC on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Comb. etc./2020  20.04.2022 30.06.2022    
Corrigendum No.60 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8etc./2020/0 TCR/1394/2020/4/3319486 Routes of running of 25 Tonne Axle load wagons 19.04.2022
dt. 01.05.2020
    21.04.2022 TFA
RC-11 No.TC-I/2012/101/1Pt.(3317058) Wagon Registration Fee in case of Wheat traffic booked for Port destinations 14.04.2022          
TCR/1394/2020/03/3316598 Notification of PCC etc. of various wagons 11.04.2022
dt. 01.05.2020
RMC on Block Rakes/Mini rake/Two Point Combination etc. and; Rates Master Circular/Weighment/2019/0
     18.04.2022 TFA
Corrigendum No. 1 to Rates Circular No.14 of 2021 TCR/1015/2021/JCB/NR/3346091 Charging of JCB 05.04.2022 Rates Circular No.14 of 2021     06.04.2022 05.04.2023
RC-10 TCR/1644/2020/01/3329133 Rebate in freight for traffic transported in privately owned wagons. 31.03.2022 Rates Circular No.60 of 2009 and its corrigenda.     01.04.2022 31.03.2023
RC-09 TCR/1543/2009/1/3342408 Rates of Terminal Charges to be collected by Port Trust Railways directly from customers. 31.03.2022 Rates Circular No.8 of 2021     01.04.2022 31.03.2023
Corrigendum No. 5 to Rates Circular No.13 of 2021 TCR/1078/2019/2/TEFD/3318144 Liberalised Automatic freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in Traditional Empty Flow Directions(TEFD) 31.03.2022 Rates Circular No.13 of 2021     01.04.2022 31.03.2023
Corrigendum No.30 to Rates Master circular on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination etc./2020 TCR/1017/2019/01/3286241 Transportation Products - Standard Rake Size -BAFRDR. 30.03.2022 RMC/ on Block Takes/Mini Rake/Two Point Comb.etc/2020     01.04.2022 TFA
Corrigendum No.12 to Rates Master Circular/FIS/2015/0 TCR/1078/2015/05 Pt-3-Part(1)/3386089 Incentive Scheme for Freight Forwarders. 30.03.2022 RMC/FIS/2015/0     01.04.2022 TFA
Corrigendum no.58 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8etc./2020/0 7 TCR/1394/2020/4/3319486 Routes of running of 25 tonne Axle load wagons. 25.03.2022
dt. 01.05.2020
    28.03.2022 TFA


Gazette Notification No. and date:- G.S.R.218(E) dated 23rd March 2022

TC-I/2022/109/efile/2(3382093) Revision in Rates of Punitive Charge 21.03.2022          
RC-07 TCR/2201/2004/1/3345689 Revision of rates of miscellaneous charges. 17.03.2022       01.04.2022 31.03.2023
Corrigendum No. 06 to Rates Circular No.27 of 2016 TCR/1078/2021 Bagged Consignment/3366242 Bagged Consignment/3366242Freight Incentive Scheme for loading Bagged Consignment in Open and Flat Wagons. 16.03.2022       01.04.2022 31.03.2023
RC-06 TC-I/2022/101/RGP  (3383039) Rail Green Point (Carbon saving while transportation by Rail) 15.03.2022          
Corrigendum No.3 to Rates Circular No. 22 of 2017 TC-I/2020/302/efile/  (3333729/3343938) Haulage Charge for running of Double Stack Dwarf Container  15.03.2022          
Corrigendum No.24 to RMC(Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0

TC-I/2021/201/efile/1  (3344010)


Rate of Stabling Charge  09.03.2022          
Corrigendum No.29 to Rates Master Circular on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Combination etc./2020 (Transportation Products-Standard Rake-BOST Wagons.) TCR/1017/2020/2 Part(1)/3325609 Transportation Products-Standard Rake-BOST Wagons. 07.03.2022 RMC on Block Rakes/Mini Rake/Two Point Com.etc./2020     09.03.2022 TFA
Addendum No. 03 to Rates Master Circular/e-RD/2019/0 TC-I/2019/101/1 Pt.  (3316676) e-RD- Submission of Letter of Credit(LC) in case of goods traffic pertaining to Bangladesh 04.03.2022          

Addendum No.2 to Rates Master Circular/Weighment/2019/0

TC-I/2022/109/efile/1  (3380541) Tare Weighment of wagons after CC examination - Pilot Project 03.03.2022          
Corrigendum No. 02 to Rates Circular No.5 of 2015 No.TCR/1394/2021/PCC/Container/3357058  Permissible Carrying Capacity of BG bogie container flat wagon type         BLCS  (A-Car & B Car) for movement of container traffic. 24.02.2022 RC No.5 of 2015 and its conrrigendum      28.02.2022 TFA
(Gazette Notification)
TC-I/2020/223/efile/1  (3323420) Declaration of stations as 'Notified Stations' 17.02.2022          
RC-05 TC-I/2020/223/efile/1  (3323420)
Notified Stations
RC-04 TCR/1015/2021/Coconut/3376387 Classification of Tender Coconut. 16.02.2022 IRCA Goods Tariff No.49, Pt-I(Vol.II)     18.02.2022  
RC-03 2022TCR/2211/2021/class/Truck Mixers/CA-III/3347614   Charging of "Truck Mixers" 16.02.2022            18.02.2022 17.02.2023
Corrigendum No.2 to Rates Master Circular/E-payment 2019/0 TC-I/2021/104/efile/E-payment (3342227)  E-payment System  16.02.2022          
RC-2 TCR/1015/2021/1/Polyhalite/3377304 Classification of 'Polyhalite (all types)'. 14.02.2022       16.02.2022 15.02.2023
Corrigendum No.57 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 TCR/1394/2020/4-Part/3338337 Running of freight trains on CC+8 routes. 11.02.2022 RMC/PCC/CC+8 etc/2020/0 dated 01.05.2020     12.02.2022
Rates Circular No.01 of 2022 TCR/1078/2020/DashBoard/3707/PortTraffic/3336854 Congestion Surcharge on Goods Traffic Originating from Ports. 08.02.2022 R.C.No.05 of 2021     w.e.f.01.04.2022 31.03.2023
Corrigendum no.56 to Rates Master Circular/PCC/CC+8etc./2020/0 TCR/1394/2021/loadabilityofpaddy/3340404 TCR/1394/2021/loadabilityofpaddy/3340404 18.01.2022       w.e.f. 19.01.2022 TFA
Corrigendum No.23 to Rates Master Circular/Demurrage-Wharfage-Waiver/2016/0  No.TC-I/2019/201/6-Part(1)(3327639) Demurrage and Wharfage- Power to enhance free time for Alternate Goods shed 10.01.2022   11.01.2022 10.01.2023    
Corrigendum No.04 to Rates Circular No.13 of 2021 TCR/1078/2019/2/TEFD/3318144 Liberalised Automatic Freight Rebate Scheme for traffic loaded in TEFD 06.01.2022 R.C.No.13 of 2021        



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 17-06-2022  

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