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Electrical (PS) > COMPENDIUM-II

Reference No. Date Subject
2004/RE/170/2 25.11.2005 Approval of Draft specification in Board?s office
2002/Elect./G/150/9 18.01.2006 Solar back up for IT centres
2004/Elect/G/109/1/Pt. 15/21.2.2006 Improvement of lighting particularly on platform, concourse, waiting hall, circulating hall, booking reservation and enquiry offices etc.
2001/Elect(G)/138/3 16.03.2006 Manpower planning norms
2005/Elect/G/145/3 31.05.2006 Renovation of battery section, carriage and wagon workshop Alambagh, Lucknow - guidelines thereof.
97/Elect(G)/180/35 23.05.06/
Electricity charges for the amenities provided by IRCTC
2002/Elect(G)/150/9 09.06.2006/
Air conditioning of S&T installation
2005/RS/G.779/13 14.09.2006 Procurement policy for signalling, telecommunication and electrical cables.
2002/Elect(G)/150/9/Pt. 25.09.06 Air conditioning IT centres
2006/TG. III/648/13 02.11.2006 Provision of electricity, electrical consumption charges and related items for catering units etc. managed by IRCTC.
2005/RE/250/1 17.11.2006 Back up power supply for UTS from Diesel generator (DG) sets in Non-RE sections at way side stations
2005/RE/250/1 17.11.2006 Back up power supply from Auxiliary transformer
2006/Elect(G)/150/5 15.01.2007 Energy efficient fluorescent tube lights- for energy conservation, better illumination, longer life and low maintenance.
2005/Elect(G)/1/109/1 15.01.07 Improvement of passenger amenities of Railway stations.
2006/Elect(G)/150/5 24.01.2007 Use of energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) in place of  incandescent lamps (GLS)
94/LMB/2/175 15.02.07 Amendments comprehensive instructions for provision of passenger Amenities at stations including model stations
2002/Elect.(G)/150/9 08.03.2007 Electrification of Manned level crossing gates through solar based lighting system.
2004/Elect.(G)/109/1 13.04.07 Security deposit for electricity consumption from nationalized Banks for provision of ATMs at Railway stations.
2002/Elect(G)/152/1 11.05.07 Energy Audit to reduce Carbon emission
2004/Elect.(G)/109/1 16.05.07 Installation of ATMs at Railway stations
2006/Elect.(G)/150/5 17.05.2007 Energy conservation and reduction of Carbon emission
2004/Elect(G)/109/1 18.05.2007 Standardization level at Railway stations/ adjoining area.
2006/Elect.(G)/150/5 04.06.2007 Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)'s star rated electrical products/appliances
2002/Elect.(G)/150/5 18.06.2007 Power Saver
2006/Elect.(G)/150/5 27.07.07 Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)?s star rated electrical products/appliances
2007/Elect.(G)/152/2 30.07.2007 Energy Audit
2005/Elect(G)/144/1 30.07.2007 Replacement of wiring/ cables for window/slit air conditioners
2006/Elect.(G)/150/5 13.08.2007 Use of star labelled products on Railway to reduce Carbon emission
2006/Elect.(G)/150/5 22.08.2007 Use of LED based signage for Railway stations
.04.08 Inspection/Testing of the electrical equipment/ components used in works contract
2001/Elect(G)/159/1/Pt.I 26.05.08 Action plan target for energy conservation for the year 2008-09
2007/Elect(G)/109/1 12.06.2008 Electric supply to mechanized cleaning at Railway stations
2004/Elect(G)/109/1 Pt.II 12.06.2008 Standardization of amenities for freight terminals (Goods shed) for facilitating night loading/unloading
2007/Elect(G)/152/2 18.07.08 Energy Audit
2004/Elect(G)/180/11/Pt-II(NT) 22.07.08 Meeting on Energy Management (Non traction) held in Board?s office on 11.07.08. Policy guidelines and targets for energy consumption (Non traction) for the year 2007-08
98/Elect(G)/150/11 22.08.08 Provision of switch button to self start DG set on ASM panel
2008/Elect(G)/150/2 26.08.08 Outsourcing comprehensive maintenance of Electrical assets/systems on Indian Railway
2005/Elect(G)/1/109/1 03.09.08 Improvement of passenger amenities at Railway station.
2006/Elect(G)/150/5/Pt. 11.09.08 Provision of maintenance free earthing at General power supply and traction installations on Indian Railways.
2008/Elect(G)/150/11 12.09.08 Policy for use of LED based lighting in General service applications on Indian Railway
2007/Elect(G)/180/Misc/PCDO/Pt. 18/09/08 Electrification of manned level crossing by non-conventional energy source with hybrid system constituting of wind and solar energy.
2008/Elect(G)/150/11 02.12.2008 Use of LED based lighting in General service applications on Indian Railway.
2003E(GC) 13-15(Elect)(167) 23.12.08 Yardstick for creation of Revenue charged Gazetted posts for Electrical Department on Indian Railways.


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 27-05-2021  

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