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2021/EEM/148/3/ACTM Advance Correction Slip No. 33 to Railway Manual of AC traction (ACTM) Vol-II Part II Appendix -I Para 18.12 with regard to arrangement of traction masts near level crossings and abutments of bridges. 27.10.2021
2008/Elec(G)/170/1/PT.III Increase in unit rates of Energy bill debits raised by Nodal Railways to other Railways. 15.10.2020
2005/Elect(G)/161/8 Punct/Pt-III Advance correction slip no. 32 in suppression to ACS no. 30 dated 22.10.2019 (LC gate 09.10.2020
2002/EEM/161/21/Vol-II Implementation of guidelines issued regarding composite insulators for 25 kV AC traction on Indian Railways. 30.09.2020
2020/EEM/161/1Vol-II Review of Periodicity of maintenance schedules. 21.09.2020
2008/Elect(G)/170/1 Pt-III/Vol-II/(NTPC/RGPPL) Nomination of Northern Railway to file petition on behalf of issues pertaining to Zonal Railways in CERC/APTEL. 28.08.2020
2012/Elect(G)/150/1Pt-III Legal and application fees expenses for power management by REMCL. 25.08.2020


ACTM correction slip no. 31  & Certificate of competency



ACTM correction slip no. 30, modifying proforma



The central electricity authority (measures relating to safety and electric supply) regulations, 2010



Revision of OHE maintenance schedule.


2008/Elect(G)/170/1 Pt-III/NTPC/RGPPL/Vol-II Provision of ABT meters along with associated equipments for availing power under open access on Traction Sub-Stations. 23.02.18


Running of trains at 160 kmph on Delhi-Mumbai and Delhi-Howrah routes on trial basis.


2008/Elect(G)/161/1 Punct/Vol-I

Maintenance of Tower Wagons – Improving Reliability.


2008/Elect(G)/170/3 Pt

High tension three pulley ATD system.



Inputs required for OHE & power supply system for 160 kmph train operation on existing routes.


2010/Elect(G)/150/2 Pt

Revamping training facilities and system for TRD and General Service.



Revision in OHE parameters for new electrification works undertaken by CORE, RVNL, IRCON or other agencies and undertaken by Railway through construction organization/open line.



Inputs required for OHE and power supply system for 160 kmph train operation on Delhi-Howrah and Delhi-Mumbai routes.



Use of pantograph with 2032 mm width.



ACTM correction slip no. 24



Power supply arrangements for signaling & telecommunication installations in 25 kv AC areas.


Open Access

2012/Elect(G)/150/1 Pt-III

Procurement of economical power for Non-traction for Zonal Railways & PUs.



Power planning and procurement for Railways load.


2008/Elect(G)/170/1 Pt-III/NTPC/RGPPL/Vol-II

Provision of ABT meters along with associated equipments for availing power under open access on Traction Sub-Stations.


2008/Elect(G)/170/1 Pt-III/NTPC/RGPPL

Revised power allocation under comprehensive power plan for entire Indian Railways.



Provision of Smart meters in TSS



2012/Elect(G)/150/1 Pt-III

Procurement of economical power for Zonal Railways.


2012/Elect(G)/150/1 Pt-III

Procurement of economical power for Zonal Railways.



Provision of traffic block & power block charges for maintenance of power line crossings by DISCOM/State utilities/other owners.


2012/Elect(G)/150/1 Pt-III

Procurement of power for Zonal Railways through bilateral arrangements.



Undertaking power trading for procuring Electrical Energy at economical rate through REMCL.


2008/Elect(G)/161/8 Pt. Trimming/cutting of trees in the electrified sections. 05.09.2012
2005/Elect(G)/161/8 Punct. Pt-II Slewing or alterations to track involving adjustment of contact wire. 17.08.2012
2005/Elect(G)/161/8 Punct. Pt-I Grid failures on 30.07.12 & 31.07.12 06.08.2012
2008/Elect(G)/161/8 . Reliability improvement measures in TRD - Failures of brazing joints.  13.07.2012
2002/Elect(G)/161/21 Vol.-II Coprehensive policy regarding insulators for 25 kV AC traction on Indian Railways. 04.07.2012
2008/Elect(G)/161/8 Pt. Evolving Grid Management Strategies to minimize the impact of power supply failure on train operation. 14.06.2012
TI/CIV/Ms/12 Guideline for OHE arrangements on TTC.  22/23.05.2012
TI/CIV/GCP/09 Corrosion Resistant Paint System for Outdoor Structure of Traction Distribution.  21/23.05.2012
2001/Elect(G)/170/1 Pt. Provision of retro-reflective number plate on OHE mast. 07.05.2012
2008/Elect(G)/161/8 Pt. OHE performance - reporting to Railway Board 03.05.2012
2011/Sig/SF/1 Pt. Joint Procedure Order for protecting S&T & Electrical Cables.  23.04.2012
2011/Elect(G)/148/3 Creation of new Plan Head - Traction Distribution Works.  04.04.2012
2011/CEDO/SD/IRSOD/Elect/02 Addendum & Corrigendum Slip (ACS) No.- 7 to the Indian Railways Schedule of Dimensions (BG) 2004. 14.03.2012
2010/Elect(G)/148/6 Charges applicable for railways work being executed by outside agencies.  18.10.2011
2008/Elect(G)/161/8 Punct. Measures for improving OHE reliability - 12 points Action Plan. 07.10.2011
82/Elect(G)/250/1 Pt. Drive for checking the health of power cables related with train operations. 01.09.2011
2008/Elect(G)/161/1 Pt. Checking of power line crossing line.  11.01.2011
2010/Elect(G)/150/11 Ensuring calibration and heath of energy meters based on which payments to supply authorities are made.  27.12.2010
2008/Elect(G)/161/8 Punct. Safe working by contractor. 25.10.2010
2008/Elect(G)/161/8 Punct. Measures for improving OHE reliability. 28.09.2010
2001/Elect(G)/170/1 Pt. Inputs required for running trains at 150 kmph speed. 30.06.2009
2002/ACII/1/10 (vol-II) Revised Codel life of Assets. 25.02.2009
2001/Elect(G)/138/3 Manpower planning -norms. 16.03.2006
84/RE/158/1 Pt. Maintenance of Tower Wagons 31.01.2006
2002/PL/88/3 Board had approved the following board policy guidelines for outsourcing various activities on Indian Railways in March 2004. 28.01.2005


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 05-11-2021  

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