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Letter No Subject Date of issue
2024/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for the Month of July’ 2024 02/07/2024
2024/Elect(TRS)/113/1 (Misc) Decision taken in Board Meeting on 10.04.2024. 26.06.2024
2023/Elect(TRS)/113/5 Rear collision of Train No. 08504 (VSKP-RGDA Passenger) with Train No. 08532 (VSKP-PAS Passenger) between Kantakapalli and Alamanda stations of Waltair Division of East Coast Railway on 29.10.2023. 25.06.2024
2006/Elect(TRS)/440/8/4 (Hotel Load) Drive for cleaning of heat sink & intake filter of hotel load converter in WAP-7 and WAP-5. 25/06/2024
2024/Elect(TRS)/113/3 (Fire) Drive for Fire prevention of Electric and Diesel Locomotives.


2024/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for the Month of June’ 2024 03/06/2024
2024/Elect(TRS)/113/1 (Misc) Fire in Empty Coaching Rake of Train No. 19051 in Sonpur Division/ECR on 22.04.2024 10.05.2024
2024/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for the Month of May’ 2024 01/05/2024
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for April’ 2024 02/04/2024
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness- Electric & Diesel Locomotives. 05/03/2024
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for March’ 2024 04/03/2024
2024/Elect(TRS)/113/1 (Misc) Functioning of VCD and its isolation on locos. 20/02/2024
2006/Elect(TRS)/462/1 Provision of Real-time Train Information System (RTIS) on Electric Locomotives. 08/02/2024
2023/Elect(TRS)/440/11 Competition of loco cab improvement of Electric locomotives. 07/02/2024
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for Feb. 2024 02/02/2024
2024/Elect(TRS)/440/2 Use of Fog Safe Device throughout the year. 17/01/2024
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for January’2024 03/01/2024
Rolling down of locomotives/train. 21/12/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding Target for the Month of Dec. 2023. 04/12/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/440/6 Provision of Railway Driver Assistance System (RDAS) in WAG9H & WAP-7 Locomotives. 03/11/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of Nov. 2023 03/11/2023
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/14 (Co-Driver) Review of Co-Loco Pilot for High Speed Trains. 31/10/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Provision of CVVRS on Locomotives over Indian Railways 23/10/2023
2007/Elect(TRS)/225/7 (Neutral section) Inspection of Machine Room/HT compartment by ALP/Co-LP. 12/10/2023
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Winter preparedness drive. 10/10/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of June, 2023 05/10/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/440/11 Competition of loco cab up-gradation on Electric locomotives. 21/09/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for Sept 2023 05/09/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/113/Misc. Safety Examination of issues related to use of medicines and the effect on running staff. 31/08/2023
2015/Elect(TRS)/440/4 Pt. Manufacture of WAG9H Multi -Unit with Gangway arrangement 29/08/2023
2009/Elect(TRS)/441/6 Upgradation of specification of Crew Voice and Video Recording System (CVVRS) with RDAS as an add-on 24/08/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/441/8 Pt. Harmonic filter action plan for 3 Phase Electric Locomotives. 14/08/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Augmentation/Provisioning of new facilities for LPs/ALPs over IR in Supplementary Budget-2023-24 14/08/2023
2000/Elect(TRS)/440/18/15/Pt. 3/1 Maintenance of Cab ACs on electric locos 14/08/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the Month of August'2023 04/08/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/440/6 Provision of Railway Driver Assistant System (RDAS) in WAG9H & WAP7 locomotives. 02/08/2023
2019/Elect(TRS)/440/6 Line Box Reduction in number of tools to be carried by Loco Pilots in line box/trolley bags 19/07/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/440/1 (CCTV) Requirement analysis for CCTV over Indian Railways 14/07/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of July'2023 04/07/2023
2017/Elect(TRS)/480/1 Release of overdue WAG12B Locomotives for Scheduled Maintenance at Company Depots of MELPL 03/07/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/440/8 (VCD) Sealing of VCD isolation rotary switch on locomotives. 28/06/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/440/8 (Sander) Proper working of eight sanders on locomotives 27/06/2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/138/3 Decision on item of 40th MSG (Electric Loco) - On run BP pressure drop at emergency rate due to activation of accelerator Valve/FIBA of LHB Coach 16/06/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/225/1 (Yoga) Mandatory Yoga Training for all officers/Staff of Indian Railways 14/06/2023
2006/Elect(TRS)/462/1 Provision of Real-time train System (RTIS) on electric & Diesel Locomotives. 08/06/2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of June, 2023 05/06/2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of May, 2023 04/05/2023
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness 12/05/2023
2002/Elect(TRS)/440/18/9 Pt wheel disc crack in electric locomotives. 17.04.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/225/1 (NFIR) rovision of seat for inspecting official in electric loco cab. 12.04.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for April 2023 05.04.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/1(Safety Misc) Footplate with nominated Loco Pilots 28.03.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/1(Safety Misc) Prevention of SPAD incidences 28.03.2023
2023/Elect(TRS)/138/1 (Bd. Mtg.-maint) Super-checks by senior supervisor and officers of maintenance work carreied out by junior staff. 28.03.2023
97/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt. Rolling Stock Production- Inventory control and management. 24.03.2023
2006/Elect(TRS)/462/1 Assistance required from Railways for operation & Maintenance (O&M) of RTIS Loco devices installed in electric locos. 22.03.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for March 2023 03.03.2023
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/7 Timely communication of accidents/unusual occurrence. 28.02.2023
2015/Elect(TRS)/440/4 Increasing the Axle load of WAG-9 H Locomotives 08.02.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of February 2023 03.02.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/1 (Safety Misc) Procedure for brake application by Loco Pilots 02.02.2023
2013/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Provision of Waterless Urinal in WAG-9 Freight Electric Locomotives 27.01.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/138/5 Record Note of discussion of Principal Chief Electrical Engineers Conference held on 3rd Jan. 2023 17.01.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/Safety Misc Side Collision of 11139 DN (CSTM-Gadag Express) with 11005 Dn (Dadar-Pondicherry) on CSTM Division of CR on 15.04.2022 05.01.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of January 2023 04.01.2023
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 (dsl to elec) Taking over of trains on electric traction subsequent to electrification. 04.01.2023
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of December 2022 05.12.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Derailment of Goods train no. N/NTPB UP at Km. 841/37 on Joint Line (3rd Line) between Venkatnagar and Nigaura Stations on Bilaspur-Shahdol section of Bilaspur Division of SECR on 09.07.2021 23.11.2022
2006/Elect(TRS)/462/1 Real- time train information system (RTIS) Phase-2 Rollout. 21.11.2022
2019/Elect(TRS)/225/2(T-18) Operation of Vande-Bharat Train. 18.11.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco holding target for the month of November 2022 04.11.2022
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Winter preparedness drive. 17.10.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/ Safety Misc. Implementation of decisions taken during safety Review Meeting. 17.10.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/ 412/1  Elect. Loco holding target for the month of Oct.2022 04.10.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/ 225/1 (vig.) Banning of business dealing with the firm M/S Pawan Kumar Sharma for a period of 05 years 20.09.2022
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Pt. Surplus diesel locos to be placed under good repair stored. (GRC) 20.09.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/1/Safety Misc Actionable points to be mitigate the SPAD incidences. 14.09.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/1 Safety Misc Safety and reliability of trains operation 14.09.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding target for sept. 2022 05.09.2022
Implementation of System for Lcoc Asset Management (SLAP) Rollout in Elect (Loco Shed) Trip Sheds and TLCs
 Failure of Locos component during July' 2022 (Translation in Hindi)
Requirement of Elect Loco simulators in view of 3000 MT loading by 2026-27 24.08.2022
Requirement of Diesel Locomotives for freight and passengers service with progressive electrification.
Control over expenditure under Revenue Demand over IR 10.08.2022
Training of maintenance and operating staff at Centre for excellence developed at Elect Loco shed, Rourkela, SER 02.08.2022
Electric Loco holding Target for August 2022 04.08.2022
Provision of Attacking speed board before graded section 26.07.2022
Review of Co-drivers (Co-Loco Pilot) for High Speed Trains 26.07.2022
Precaution to prevent unusual incidences due to cattle run-over - provision of GR 4.40 21.07.2022
Elect. Loco holding Target for July'2022 04.07.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Component failure of Elect Locos during May'2022 22.06.2022
Implementation of the Report of Multi disciplinary committee on Mission 3000 MT by Year 2027 availability of Locos 01.06.2022
Increasing efficiency of Indian Railways Locomotives maintenance and operations regarding Trip schedule 12.05.2022
Signal Passing of Danger (SPAD) 04.05.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding target for May 2022 04.05.2022
2015/Elect(TRS)/440/5 Pt. Action to be taken for improving Electric Locomotive equipment reliability & warranty compliance 26.04.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/1 (Safety Misc.) Maintenance of assets to achieve ’Zero Defects’ 18.04.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/1 (Safety Misc.) Action to be taken for prevention of SPAD 18.04.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding target for April 2022 04.04.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/440/1 (Maint.) Maintenance of electric locos in newly converted diesel loco sheds 22.03.2022
2000/Elect(TRS)/440/6 Pt. II Deployment of WDG 4 diesel locomotives in multiple unit formation 17.03.2022
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness 14.03.2022
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/10 Pt. II Dedicated HOG Compliant (WAP-7/WAP-5) Locomotives to be provided for each HOG rakes 04.03.2022
2002/Elect(TRS)/440/18/9 Pt. Axle Lock failure in Loco no. 32290/WAG9 of NKG/WCR 03.03.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding target for March 2022 03.03.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding target for February 2022 03.02.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/113/1/Misc.(Safety) Safety & Reliability of Train operation 20.01.2022
2022/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for January 2022 04.01.2022
2018/Elect.(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding for the month of Dec. 2021 01.12.2021
2005/Elect.(TRS)/440/23 Winter Preparedness drive 05.11.2021
2018/Elect.(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Sept.' 2021 03.09.2021
2018/Elect.(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding August 2021 04.08.2021
2018/Elect.(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding for the month of October 2021 01.08.2021
Grievances received through CPGRAM 20.07.2021
Electric Loco Holding July 2021 02.07.2021
2021/Elect.(TRS)/462/1 Funds constraint in ECR under Revenue 15.06.2021
Electric Loco Holding June 2021
2021/Elect.(TRS)/480/1 Works kept in Abeyance 02.06.2021
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/14 (Co-Driver) Review of Co-Drivers (Co-Loco Pilot) for High Speed Trains 24.11.2020
2020/Elect.(TRS)/225/1 (Sys. Imp) System Improvement for claiming a firm to be an authorized agent of an approved supplier submit tender specific authorization letter. 20.11.2020
2020/Elect.(TRS)/138/1 (MR) Mid Year Review of Zonal Railways by Hon'ble MR 07.10.2020
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/14 Pt. Condemnation of over-aged electric locomotives 29.09.2020
2020/Elect.(TRS)/225/1 (loco ins.)

Increasing efficiency of Indian Railways : Locomotives'

maintenance & operations regarding Trip Schedules

2007/Elect(TRS)/440/15Pt./PP-timetable Monitoring of Push Pull trials of Rajdhani trains with 22 LHB coaches 01.09.2020
2008/Elect.(TRS)/440/23 Running of Diesel under wire 24.08.2020
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Winter preparedness drive. 22.08.2020
2020/Elect(TRS)/225/1 (maint. staff)

Analysis of provision of maintenance staff vis-à-vis maintenance

workload for various departments on Indian Railway.

2020/Elect.(TRS)/225/1 (E&R pred maint) Predictive system with data acquisition, diagnostics and remote monitoring facility for all assets on Indian Railways 05.08.2020
2020/Elect.(TRS)/225/1 (Sys. Imp) System Improvement for manpower based contracts 12.06.2020
2020/Elect.(TRS)/225/1 (VC) Action Plan to control Expenditure 10.06.2020
2018/Elect.(TRS)/113/1/safety Measures to be adopted to prevent trespassing on Railway tracks 08.05.2020
2018/Elect.(TRS)/441/3 RE 2019-20 for Demand No.82 03.02.2020
2002/Elect.(TRS)/122/2 Movement of defective locos over Zonal Railways 22.01.2020
2019/Elect.(TRS)/113/Safety Misc. Prevention of SPAD incidences 17.01.2020
2018/Elect{TRS)/412/2 Availability of Electric locomotives - actual outage vis-à-vis target 13.12.2019
2019/Elect(TRS)/113/Safety Misc. Prevention of SPAD incidences 14.11.2019
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/15 Pt. Operation of trains in Push-pull mode 11.11.2019
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/15 Pt. Wiring of trains for Push-pull operation 31.10.2019
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Winter preparedness drive 11.10.2019
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/14 Pt. Filling up of sand as per specification no. AAR M-916-51 and proper functioning of sanders of electric & Diesel locomotives 02.09.2019
2016/Elect(TRS)/113/Safety Misc.

Prevention of accidents and SPAD incidences - modification

regarding continues night duty for running staff

2003/Elect(TRS)/440/4 Generate Non-Fare-Revenue through branding of Locomotive 09.07.2019
2007/Elect.(TRS)/440/15 Pt. Reliable scheme for operation of trains in Push-pull mode 09.05.2019
2000/Elect(TRS)/441/11 Pt-II

Distribution of sanctioned Umbrella work under Plan Head-41 against Pink Book 2018-19 item 1177 of NR "Simulation,

equipment and application for Crew" - Three Phase electric

loco simulators

2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness 13.03.2019
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/18/4 (Hotel Load) Measures to be taken for reduction of Diesel consumption – Head on Generation (HOG)n & Regenerative braking failure of locomotives 17.12.2018
2016/Elect(TRS)/138/17 Posting of Junior Scale electrical officers in diesel loco sheds homing electric locomotives 27.11.2018
97/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt Uploading of details of the firms banned/suspended for business dealings with the Government Departments 16.07.2018
2005/Elect.(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness 21.03.2018
2016/Elect(TRS)/440/1 Pt. IV Orientation programme for Mechanical officers at IRIEEN 16.02.2018
2000/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Pt. I Initiatives for making Diesel loco operation free Delhi region - homing of electric locomotives in Diesel shed, Tugalakabad & Ludhiana 25.01.2018
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Pt. I Action plan to mitigate Diesel loco operation from Delhi area 08.01.2018
2017/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt Provision of retro-reflective Sigma boards in Electrified and Non-electrified territories 20.12.2017
2007/Elect(TRS)/412/2 Training of loco pilots about the regeneration of traction energy 01.12.2017
2017/Elect(TRS)/113/Safety Misc. Rolling down of stabled electric locomotive at WADI station of Solapur division of Central Railway on 08.11.2017 13.11.2017
2017/Elect(TRS)/138/17 Pt. I Phase wise homing of Electric locomotives in Diesel sheds 23.10.2017
2016/Elect.(TRS)/138/17 Maintenance of Electric Locomotive in Diesel Sheds 28.09.2017
2004/Elect(TRS)/412/6 Pt. I

Correct accountal of GTKMs and use of regenerative brakes

on three phase electric locomotives

2016/Elect(TRS)/113/Safety Misc Attention towards restrictive aspect of signals 21.07.2017
2016/Elect(TRS)/113/Safety (Misc.) Safety drive from 29.12.2016 to 05.01.2017 as directed by Hon’ble MR in the Video Conference with General Managers on 29.12.2016 29.12.2016
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/5 Pt. Special drive for fire prevention on electric locomotives 08.12.2016
2016/Elect(TRS)/113/Safety Misc Special Safety Drive for awareness among the  running staff for sounding of loco whistle according to G&SR 24.11.2016
2016/Elect(TRS)/113/Safety Misc.

Special Safety Drive to check efficacy and preparedness of Railway


92/Elect(TRS)/138/5 Pt. III Trip inspection of passenger electric locomotives 26.09.2016
2016/Elect.(TRS)/440/2 Painting National Flag on electric locomotives 05.08.2016
2006/Elect(TRS)/440/7 (3-Phase) Availability of necessary material in ARTs required for lifting of three phase electric loco wheel in locked condition 19.05.2016
2015/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Equipment reliability of electric locomotives during FY 2015-16 12.05.2016
2016/Elect(TRS)/113/Misc. Safety Special drive to improve  safety – preparedness of Railway system 06.05.2016
2016/Elect(TRS)/113/Misc. Safety Minutes of the meeting held on 27.04.2016 in Railway Board on Signal Passing At Danger (SPAD) incidences by Electric Loco Pilots 04.05.2016
2012/Elect.(TRS)/113/7 Timely communication of accidents/unusual occurrence 12.01.2016
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/18/4 3ph Allotment of Hotel Load Converter fitted WAP7 Electric Locomotives 02.11.2015
2015/Elect (TRS)/155/1 Pt.V Allotment of punctuality performance of Electric locomotives on Territorial & Ownership basis during 2nd Quarter(July – September) of 2015-16 23.10.2015
2015/Elect.(TRS)/225/1 Misc. Training in igh Speed Rail (HSR) Technology & Operations and Speed raising at SWJTU, China 28.09.2015
2014/Elect(TRS)/113/5 Misc. Safety Special Safety Drive to check efficacy and preparedness of

Railway Systems.

2014/Elect.(TRS)/225/14 Pt. Filling up of vacancy of maintenance staff in Electric Loco Sheds. 19.09.2015
2015/Elect (TRS)/155/1 Pt. V Allotment of punctuality performance of Electric locomotives on territorial & ownership basis during 1st Quarter(Apr – June) of 2015-16 15.07.2015
2005/Elect.(TRS)/480/2 Pt. VI Manpower planning norms for three-phase electric locos in Electric

Loco Sheds

2015/Elect.(TRS)/285/1 Status of Pronouncements in Hon’ble MR’s Budget speech for 2015-16 21.04.2015
2014/Elect.(TRS)/113/5 Misc. Safety Special safety drive to check efficacy and preparedness of railway systems. 28.05.2014
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Revised norms for Unit Exchange spares for maintenance of AC conventional electric locos 13.05.2014
2007/Eect.(TRS)/441/8 Pt. Maintenance Instructions to prevent crack/breakage of TM mounting bogie nose in WAP7/WAG9 locomotives 07.05.2014
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/14 Mail / Express trains run by Goods Loco Pilots in emergency 07.04.2014
2013/Elect(TRS)/155/1 Monitoring of Trip inspection on Electric Locomotives 26.02.2014
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Preparedness for taking over of trains on electric traction 20.02.2014


2013/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Revised allotment of spares for three phase electric locos 01.05.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)/225/4 Pt. Running Shield for 'Best Zone - Electrical Department' 23.04.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)/440/1 Electric Loco Coupling failure in 2012-13 10.04.2013
EL/ Reliability improvement of 180 kVA SIV 05.04.2013
2013/RE/225/1/FTS-69915 Proposals for creation and extension of Gazetted posts of Electrical cadre on Indian Railways 25.02.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)138/8 Revised allotment of POH/MTR capacity for 2013-14 for electric locos 20.02.2013
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness 12.02.2013
92/Elect(TRS)/138/5 Pt. III Trip inspection of WAG-9 locos at Trip Sheds 31.01.2013
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/5 Pt. Fire prevention measures on Three phase electric locomotives 31.01.2013
CAO/FOIS/84/Loco/2013 Changes in FOIS for reporting of loco schedule for electric locos in FOIS 30.01.2013
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/22 Tentative allotment of electric locomotives for 2013-14 21.01.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Incidence of Signal Passing at Danger (SPAD) 02.01.2013
2012/Elect(TRS)/225/13 Misc. Reporting of failures of OFF POH & newly built electric locos through 'eLocoS' website) 28.12.2012
2010/Tele/2(1)/1/Pt. JPO for use of CUG/Mobile Phones by Loco Pilots/Asstt. Loco Pilots/Motormen and Guards ) 27.12.2012
EL/8.4.17 Guidelines for Standardization of Speed Boards to be placed on OHE Masts 27.12.2012
MC/BLB/CBC Joint Procedure Order for Coupling / Uncoupling of transition type Centre Buffer Coupler with rake 20.12.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/138/8 Allotment of POH/MTR and TM Rewinding capacity for 2013-14 for Electric locos) 17.12.2012
2003/Elect(TRS)/441/3 Vol.-I Pt.-I Proper functioning of Vigilance Control Device (VCD) on electric locos 13.12.2012
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Pt. Crew Management System (CMS) - Issues & Use cases Specification Running Allowance version 1.16 11.12.2012
2011/Elect(TRS)/480/1 Pt. Homing Capacity of Electric Loco sheds up to 200 locos 11.12.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/225/13 Misc. Pt. I Web based facility for Unusual Occurrence Report (UOR) of Electric Locomotive on Railnet 07.12.2012
2001/M(L)/467/2 Rationalization of supervision of Loco Running Staff. 12.11.2012
EL/2.5.2/2 Optimizing specific energy consumption for Electric Traction and reducing the electricity bills. 12.11.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Indicative Accident cases (under Category " Reporting to Rlys") on Electrical Account. 08.11.2012
2009/Elect(TRS)/113/2 Prohibition of use of mobile phones while on train by Loco Pilots/Guards 07.11.2012
2002/Elect(TRS)/122/2 Movement of defective locomotives over Zonal Railways 07.11.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Equipment reliability of locos during 2nd Quarter (July-Sept.) of 2012-13 01.11.2012
2012/M(L)/466/2(2701) Relaxation of wheel diameter for WAP-7 & WAG-9 electric locos 31.10.2012
2003/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Pt. Formation of JPO for freight train operation on stalling prone area - Modifications to WTT 29.10.2012
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Pt. Implementation of Crew Management System (CMS) 23.10.2012
CMS Ver. 3.9.0 Release of new CMS version 3.9.0 23.10.2012
Runniung Allowance Ver. 1.16 CMS issues & Use case Specification - Running allowance version 1.16 23.10.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Analysis & reporting of indicative accident cases 22.10.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Sparing of material by CLW to Zonal Railways against various sanctioned RSPs with Annex. 12.10.2012
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Winter preparedness drive. 27.09.2012
2009/Elect.(TRS)/113/2 Minutes of meeting held on 14.09.2012 in Railway Board, New Delhi on safety and operational issues. 24.09.2012
2003/Elect.(TRS)/225/7 Pt. Improvement of Running Rooms. 17.09.2012
TPWS LETTERS Important letters & information regarding Train Protection Warning System (TPWS) --
2012/Elect.(TRS)/412/1 Commissioning of new electric locomotives 03.09.2012
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Homing Capacity of Electric Loco sheds 03.09.2012
2002/Tele/WCM/6/Genl./Pt Policy on payment of spectrum charges to Ministry of Communication (Telecom Circular no. 9/2012) 28.08.2012
2009/Elect(TRS)/113/2 Periodical meetings of Sr.DEE(TRO)s to discuss Safety, Crew and inter-Railway Operational issues 28.08.2012
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Tentative electric loco coaching link for trains announced in Budget 2012-13 05.07.2012
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/8 Counseling of running staff to avoid online failure on account of SIV 04.07.2012
2009/Elect(TRS)/720/1 Review of status and redistribution of TAOchi conversion works allotment of sanctions against different Board RSPs. 15.06.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)/113/2 MOM - regarding SPAD cases held on 07.05.2012 in Railway Board 15.05.2012
2012/Elect(TRS)113/7 Timely communication of accidents / unusual occurrence 02.05.2012
2011/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Action Plan to reduce SPAD cases 20.04.2012
EL/3.1.35/2 Electrical Revision '2' of Trouble Shooting Directory of 3-Phase electric locomotives 04.04.2012
2010/M(L)/466/2(2701) Relaxation of Wheel diameter for WAP7 & WAG9 electric locos 04.04.2012
EL/3.6.1/1 Revision in AOH periodicity of WAP-4 class of electric locos equipped with Hitachi TMs 28.03.2012
EL/4.2.15 MOM Performance Review Meeting of MPCS held at Railway Board on 07.02.12 21.02.2012
EL/11.5.5/5 MOM held at ELS/GZB on 09.02.2012 to review reliability of Electronics of three phase electric locos 15.02.2012
EL/ MOM Performance Review Meeting of SIV held at Railway Board on 07.02.12 13.02.2012
2011/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Dispatching of Electric locos from CLW and POH Workshop 10.02.2012
EL/3.2.19(G) Compressor efficiency and pneumatic testing procedure on conventional and three phase electric locos 09.02.2012
EL/ (AAL) Replacement of cooling fan bearing of 180kVA SIV of M/s AAL 03.02.2012
EL/ Implementation of Standardization Scheme in M/s Hind Rectifier make 180 kVA SIV 02.02.2012
2008/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Missing coaching electric loco links 24.01.2012
EL/3.1.35/2 (3-Ph) Revision of root wear limit on WAP-7 locomotives 06.01.2012
2011/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Allotment of POH/MTR and TM rewinding Capacity 2012-13 for electric locos 02.01.2012


EL/3.2.108 (3-Phase) Reliability of axle box bearing for WAG9/WAP7 21.12.2011
2011/Elect(TRS)/440/2 Inclusion of D&G charges in the RSP proposals 26.12.2011
Miscellaneous Tips for better Engineman-ship for Loco Pilots 04.10.2011
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/7 Formulation of JPOs for freight train operation with Traffic department 08.06.2011
EL/3.6.1 Review of periodicity of maintenance schedule of electric locos 25.04.2011


2007/Elect(TRS)/441/6 Opening of brazed terminals of Battery charger ammeter shunt 19.11.2010
2007/Elect(TRS)225/10 Misc. Brake feel & Continuity tests on trains by Loco Pilots 09.11.2010
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/2 (Fog Safe) Use of GPS based Fogsafe device on Electric locos / EMUs 01.11.2010
2002/Elect(TRS)/440/18/9 Pt.

Horizontal keeper pin for retaining vertical pin of nose suspension mounting for Traction Motors

2009/Elect(TRS)113/2 Use of Mobile Phone during train run  13.10.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/113/2 Incidences of Signal over-shooting by Loco Pilots (LPs) 08.10.2010
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Rain water protection and working of wiper and sanders on electric locos 21.09.2010
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Winter preparedness drive 20.09.2010
2007/Elect(TRS)/412/2 (SEC) Expenditure on energy/Fuel consumption on electric/diesel traction 20.09.2010
2003/Elect(TRS)/225/7 Pt. Monitoring of duty hours of Running staff on run 14.09.2010
2007/Elect(TRS)/412/2 Pt. (SEC) Specific energy consumption (SEC) on electric traction on Zonal Railways 13.09.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding and Targets for Sep?2010



2007/Elect(TRS)/441/21 3-Ph Pt. Failure of brake hanger of WAP-7 electric locos 31.08.2010
NIL Equipment failure for the month of June2010 05.08.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding & Targets as on 01.08.10 03.08.2010
2010/Elect(TRS)/138/2 Minutes of the Chief Electric Engineers? Conference 02.08.2010
-- Punctuality loss detail for the month of June 2010 19.07.2010

Punctuality loss analysis for the month June 2010

-- Equipment failures for the month of  May 2010 07.07.2010
-- Punctuality loss analysis for the month May 2010 07.07.2010
-- Punctuality loss detail for the month of May 2010 07.07.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding & Targets as  on 01.07.10 02.07.2010
2009/ Elect(TRS)/441/4 Assembly of new electric locos in Workshops 21.06.2010
2004/Elect(TRS)/440/19 TPWS on electric locos - installation and maintenance 09.06.2010
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/5 Pt. Fire incidences on electric locos - maintenance drive 07.06.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding & Targets as  on 01.06.10 02.06.2010
-- Punctuality loss cases April 2010 15.05.2010
RDSO EL/3.2.30

Standardization of maintenance kits & rehabilitation/reconditioning Policy for N-32 tap changer used on conventional electric locos


Up-gradation/modification of  single  bottle  VCBs  type  BVAC 25.10 (Older version)  and  BVAC 25.10 M07 (Old)of  Secheron  design  supplied  by   M/s  BT  to  VCBs  type   BVAC  25.10. M07 (New)

2009/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding Target for May 2010 04.05.2010
2009/Safety(A&R)/19/29 Use of Walkie-Talkie sets 10.03.2010
Nil Punctuality analysis for the month Mar?10 Mar'2010
Nil Equipment failures for the month Mar`10 Mar'2010
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Condemnation of overaged electric locos 19.04.2010
2009/Elect.(TRS)/441/3 Procurement of 1000 Nos. Vigilance Control Device Sactioned in Supplementary Budget 2009-10 12.04.2010
2003/Elect(TRS)/440/1 Pt. Integrity of BP & FP circuit on electric locomotives 05.04.2010
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Summer and Monsoon preparedness 04.03.2010
Nil Comparative Equipment Failure E&R Jan-2010 01.03.2010
Nil Punctuality loss analysis for Jan-2010 01.03.2010
2010/Elect(TRS)/138/2 Minutes of CELEs? conference held at ELS/BZA, SCR on 22.01.2010 22.02.2010
2006/C&IS/WP 2007-08/DSS/18

Transfer of the Work of ?Central Railway ? Decision Support System for electric loco maintenance and operational management? PB Item no. 39 of 2009-10 from Central Railway to Northern Railway

No.2009/Elec(TRS)/412/1 Electric Loco Holding target for Martch - 2010 04.03.2010
97/Elect(TRS)/440/18/44(3-ph) Pt. Failures of traction housing and link flange /bolts in 3 phase locos 18.01.2010
98/Safety(A&R)/19/16 Precautions for the Safety of Passengers in Rear SLR during fog 16.01.2010
2006/Elect(TRS)/441/11 Pt. Healthiness of VHF sets given to loco pilots and guards 14.01.2010
EL/3.6.1/3 Sources for repair/rehabilitation/overhauling of major equipment of electric locomotives 08.01.2010
2009/Elect(TRS)/441/3 Transfer f HS15250 A TM armatures and stators 07.01.2010
2002/Elect(TRS)/113/13 Extraction of data from ESMON at the time of accidents 05.01.2010


2009/M(L)/466/2 (19) Policy Policy in regard to premature condemnation of locomotives damaged in accidents. 23.12.2009
2009/Elect(TRS)/138/10 Allotment of POH/MTR and TM rewinding capacity for 2010-11 for electric locomotives. 29.12.2009


Punctuality details for the month of December 2009 Dec'2009
98/Safety(A&R)/19/16 Precautions for Train operation during Fog 07.12.2010
2007/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Pt. Development of test set up for Signal conditioning cards (SAP) 19.11.2009
2002/Elect(TRS)/113/13 Extraction of data from ESMON at the time of acciednts 09.11.2009
E(MPP)2009/3/36 Revised Training Module for Loco Pilots (Goods) 26.10.2009
2007/Elect(TRS)440/4 Uniform costing of POH of electric locos in workshops 23.10.2009
E(W)2009/WE/5/8 Nominated Senior Welfare Inspectors (SWI) exclusively for Loco pilots (LPs) and Assistant Loco Pilots (ALPs) 23.10.2009
2009/Elect(TRS)/441/3 Re-distribution for conversion of plain suspension bearing to roller on TAO-659 traction Motors. 12.10.2009
2005/Elect(TRS)/113/6 Report of CRS / Southern Circle on rear collision of MEMU train no. M165 with Passenger train no. 355 on SC Rly on 30.09.08. 01.10.2009
99/RS(IC)/165/SRC Pt.2 Revised list of safety items for electric locos 09.09.2010
94/Elect.(TRS)/441/1 Pt.III Eligibility criteria for award of works contracts to undertake repairs/rehabilitation of equipment of electric locomotives, EMUs/MEMUs and AC TL coaches including power cars 09.09.2009
2004/M(L)/466/7101 Practical Loco Handling training before promotion of LP(Goods) 31.08.2009
2004/M(L)/466/7101 Prevention of accidents on crew account 20.08.2010
2008/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Simulator training of newly promoted loco pilots. 20.08.2009
94/Elect.(TRS)/441/1 Pt.III. Eligibility criteria for award of work contracts to undertake repairs_rehabilitation of equipment of electric locomotives, EMU/MEMUs and AC/TL coaches including power cars 06.08.2009
2009/Elect(TRS)/155/1 Training of Loco Pilots for proper communication. 16.07.2009
2004/M(L)/466/7101 Monitoring of breach of rest and 10 hours duty rules. 14.07.2009
E(MPP)/2009/3/26 Introduction of Training Modules for training of Loco Inspectors (Diesel and Electric) 13.07.2009
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Reliable power supply to crew Management System (CMS) 25.06.2009
2007/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Pt Procurement of Crown Gear Coupling (Hurth Coupling) and membrane for WAP-5 electric locos 15.06.2009
E(MPP)/2009/3/14 Revised Training Program for Assistant Loco Pilots. 05.06.2009
97/Elect.(TRS)/113/4 Pt. Approval of Sources for procurement of safety items pertaining to electric locos 15.04.2009
2008/Elect.(TRS)/225/20 Reporting of abnormalities affecting mainline and sub urban operation 06.02.2009
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Pt. Provision of VCDs on electric locos. 04.02.2009
2003/Elect.(TRS)/440/12 Pt. Fitness of WAP-4 class of electric locos at 140 kmph 09.01.2009


2004/Elect.(TRS)/440/40 Pt. Failure of electric loco wheels due to cracks  and guage widening 23.12.2008
2008/Elect.(TRS)/720/1 Manufacturing of wheel sets of conventional electric locos against sanctioned RSPs 22.12.2008
2007/Elect.(TRS)/138/9 Pt. Repair/ rehabilitation of electronic cards(PCBs) of three phase electric locos 16.12.2008
2000/Elect.(TRS)/113/2 Pt Nomination of different types of electric rolling stock for finalisation of fitment schmes of ACD and accessories 15.12.2008
EL/3.1.10/1 Schedule of crew friendly cab modification during POH of conventional electric locomotives 27.11.2008
2007/Elect.(TRS)/412/2 Pt. Reducing intensity of energy consumption in Rail Transport 18.11.2008
D.O. 2007/Elect.(TRS)/440/15/Pt. Operation of freight trains at maximum permissible speed 25.09.2008
2005/Elect.(TRS)/412/6 Pt. Classification of WAG-5 Locos in FOIS 23.09.2008
2005/Elect.(TRS)/480/2 Pt. Stores Depots for new Electric Loco and EMU Maintenance Sheds 16.09.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/720/1 Pt. Selective Electrochemical metallising (DALIC) process for reclamation of TM armature shafts 16.09.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/720/1 Wheel set for three phase electric locos 15.09.2008
EL/3.2.19/7 Re-hablitation of tri plate pheumatic panel of E-70 Brake system of 3-Phase Electric Locomotives 03.09.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Enhancing the speed of CC+6+2 T trains to 75 kmph 28.07.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/155/1 Drive to counsel loco pilots on revised TSD for three phase locos 27.08.2008
2007/Elect.(TRS)/440/15 Planning for Running staff during XI plan 15.07.2008
2000/Elect(TRS)/440/6 Pt.II Deployment of WAM4 locos in MU formation in CONRAJ trains 14.07.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Conversion of plain suspension bearing to roller suspension bearing on TAO-659 Traction Motor 01.07.2008
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/8 Action plan for improving reliability of Static Inverters on electric locos 23.06.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Re-appropriation of spare and sanctions of DBRs on various Railways. 19.06.2008
2008/Elect(TRS)/441/5 Pt. Procurement of cast & fabricated bogies and traction motors for conventional and three phase electric locos 19.06.2008
2007/Elect(TRS)/138/5 GMs Conference held on 26th & 27th May'2008 in Railway Board 12.06.2008
EL/3.2.21 Cable Head Termination(CHT) for Electric locos and EMUs 11.06.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/18/5 (3 Ph) Pt. Action plan for improving reliability of Rotors of 6FRA 6068 used in WAG9/WAP7 locomotives 27.05.2008
2004/Elect(TRS)/441/12 Transverse flexibility of Pantograph - Articulated system. 23.05.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Pt. Right powering of trains with 59 BOXN or 41 BCN wagons 21.05.2008
97/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt.II Procurement of material for electric locos from aproved sources 05.05.2008
2005/Elect.(TRS)/441/13 Adoption of tri-plate pneumatic brake panels on conventional electric locos 02.05.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)/441/7 Pt. Revised norms for Unit Exchange Spares for maintenance of AC conventional electric locos 28.04.2008
2007/Elec(TRS)/138/10 Decision on items of XXXIIth Maintenance Study Group meeting held at Garden Reach, SER, Kolkata on 10th & 11th Jan 08 31-03-2008
2008/Elect.(TRS)225/5 Pt. Running Shield for "Best Zone-Electrical Deptt." 05-03-2008
2007/Elec(TRS)138/1 Allotment of Electric Locomotives for MTR during 2008-09 28-02-2008
2007/Elect(TRS)412/2 Revised formats for reporting Electric loco performance in CEE's MCDO to ML 12-02-2008
2007/Elect.(TRS)/441/10 Upgradation/ modification of single bottle VCBs type BVAC 25.10. of Secheron design supplied by M/s AAL 06.02.2008
2005/Elect(TRS)440/18/5(3-Phase) Action plan for removing for improving liability of traction motor stators of 6FRA 6068 used in WAG9/WAP7 locomotives 21-01-2008


2005/Elect(TRS)/441/13 Adoption of Tri Plate Brake Panel in Electric locos 26-12-2007
2002/Elect(TRS)/113/1 Timely Communication of accidents/unusual occurences 12-11-2007
2007/Elect(TRS)/441/8 Pt. Current rating of traction motor for Electric Locomotives 07-11-2007
2005/Elect(TRS)/138/9 Pt. Report of the Committee to address issues concerning reliability/availability of three phase locos 22-10-2007
2007/Elect(TRS)/440/17 Condemnation of overaged electric  locomotives 03.09.2007
2002/Elect(TRS)/122/2 Rectification of defects on Electric locomotives on territorial basis 16-08-2007
2004/Elect(TRS)/412/6 Accountal of GTKMs through FOIS 25-07-2007
2002/Elect(TRS)/441/18/9 Sources for rehabilitation/overhauling of bogies for electric locomotives 19-07-2007
2006/Elect(TRS)/155/1 Bending/fracture of wheel discs of electric locos 29-06-2007
2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Proper working of sanders on electric locos 20-06-2007
2007/Elect (TRS)/441/6 Electric loco batteries 16-04-2007
2005/Elect (TRS)/440/17 Right Powering of freight trains 13-04-2007
2005/Elect (TRS)/440/23 Summer and pre-monsoon preparedness. 04-04-2007
2007/Elec (TRS)/138/1 MTR of electric locomotives 29-03-2007
2006/Elect.(TRS)/155/1 Pt Wheel fracture on loco No.22586, WAP-$, SRC,SER 13-03-2007
98/Elect(TRS)441/4 Pt. Microprocessor based control and Fault Diagnostics system for electric locos. 22-02-2007
2003/Elect(TRS)440/4 Polyurethane paint on the body of electric locomotives 21-02-2007
2005/Elect(TRS)/441/14 Overhauling and reconditioning of DI/DU relays of electric locos from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) 12-01-2007
2006/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric loco holding as on 01.01.2007 and target for January 2007. 04-01-2007


97/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt II Approval of sources for procurement of material for electric locos. 28-12-2006
2006/Elect(TRS)/440/19 Change in the nomenclature of WAM4 locos(with 15:62 gear ratio) to WAM 4G for dedicated freight operations 12-12-2006
93/RS(G)/779/5 Pt II Operation of option clause in supply contracts 05-12-2006
2006/Elect.(TRS)/441/3 Distribution of fund for Bulk RSP and Green Book items for the year 2006-07 for electric locos(amendment ii) 16-11-2006
2006/Elect.(TRS)/138/1 Revised periodicity of POH and IOH schedule of WAP1 & WAP4 class of electric locos . 13-11-2006
No. 97/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt.II Approval of sources for procurement of material for electric locos 11-10-2006
No.2005/Elect(TRS)/440/23 Proper functioning of sanders on electric locomotives 21-09-2006
No.96/Elect(TRS)/113/8 Pt Proper functioning of microprocessor based speed-cum-energy monitoring on electric locos. 21-09-2006
No.2005/RS(G)/779/12 Procurement policy for signalling, telecommunications and electrical cables 14-09-2006
No. 96/Elect(TRS)/113/4 Pt.I Policy for approval of sources of loco spares 13-09-2006
No. 2006/Elect(TRS)/412/1 Electric loco holding as on 01-08-2006 and target for August 2006 03-08-2006
No. 99/RS(G)/709/4 Pt. I Procurement of items reserved to be purchased from RDSO approved firms 19-07-2006
No. 2006/Elect.(TRS)/132/1 Rehabilitation of N-32 Tap Changers in electric locomotives 19-07-2006
No. 2000/Elect.(TRS)/441/3(B)Pt. Procurement of Arno Converter for maintenance replacements 06-07-2006
No.2006/Elect(TRS)/440/10 Multi Disciplinary Task Force to study Asset failure, maintenance and recommending system of "Zero Defect Regime" 20-06-2006
E(NG)1-2006/PM7/12 Command Structure, promotion and seniority of loco running 02-06-2006
2001/Elect(TRS)/440/5 Movement of Dead Locomotives 12-07-2006
93/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Pt.II

Policy for undertaking repair/rehabilitation and procurement of equipments of electric locos.


Procurement of DBR by CLW.

2006/Elect(TRS)/440/7 3-phase

Provision of wheel set trolley (Towing Equipment) for moving 3-phase locos with wheel locked.

2002/Elect(TRS)/441/1 Pt. III

Approval of Draft Specification in Board's Office.


Disribution of funds for Bulk RSP and Green Book items 2006-07.

2005/Elect(TRS)/440/17 pt Right Powering of Freight Trains on Electric Traction. 23-12-2005


Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-07-2024  

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