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Electrical (RE)



Letter No.


Issued date

ACTM Correction Slips

1. 2004/RE/161/1 Pt-III(ACTM) Advance Correction Slip No. 12 to Railways Manual of AC Traction (ACTM) Vol.-II Pt. I, 1994. Details regarding – Temporary Speed Restrictions and inclusion of additional proformas in conformity with Railways (Opening of Public Carriage of Passengers) Rules 2000. 03.05.05
2. 2004/RE/161/1 Pt-III(ACTM) Advance Correction Slip No. 13 to Railways Manual of AC Traction (ACTM) Vol.-II Pt. I, 1994 – Revision in the Maintenance Proforma of ACTM. 01.07.05
3. 2004/RE/161/1 Pt-III(ACTM) Advance Correction Slip No. 14 to Railways Manual of AC Traction (ACTM) Vol.-II Pt. II, Para 3.0 and Appendix IV, 1994 (Regulations for power line crossing of Railway tracks). 24.05.06
4. 2004/RE/161/1 Pt-III(ACTM) Advance Correction Slip No. 15 to Railways Manual of AC Traction (ACTM) Vol.-II Pt. II, Appendix IV, 1994 (Regulations for power line crossing of Railway tracks). 24.05.06
5. 2004/RE/161/1 Pt-III(ACTM) Advance Correction Slip No. 16 to Railways Manual of AC Traction (ACTM) Vol.-II Pt. II, Appendix IV, 1994 (Regulations for power line crossing of Railway tracks). 18.09.06
6. 2000/RE/161/1 Pt III Advance Correction Slip No. 17, Simplification (Modification/Revisions) in Paras  of Railways Manual of AC Traction (ACTM) Vol.-II Pt I, Para 21005 (item 6), Para 21007 (item 2 (i)), Para 21009 (Sub-para 1(c)), Para 21010 (Sub-para 1(a), Sub-para 1(b), Sub-para 1(c), Sub-para 3(f)). 12.08.08
7. 2001/Elect(G)/ 138/4 Pt.-I

Advance Correction Slip No. 24 to Railways Manual of AC Traction (ACTM) Vol.-III Pt I, Para 20970-05.



2000/Elect(G)/161/1 Pt. III

ACTM  Correction Slip No. 18




ACTM  Correction Slip No. 19



2000/RE/161/1 Pt.III

ACTM  Correction Slip No. 20



2000/RE/161/1 Pt. III/ACTM

ACTM  Correction Slip No. 21



2000/RE/161/1 Pt. III/ACTM

ACTM  Correction Slip No. 22



2000/RE/161/1 Pt. III

ACTM Correction Slip No. 23


Standard Implantation

1 2014/RE/161/10 Special OHE arrangement under Hancock ROB in Mumbai Division of Central Railway 09.10.2014
2 ----- Heights of different rolling stocks 26.03.2014
3 2007/RE/161/5 IRSOD condonation cases coming to Railway Board’s office 18.07.2012
4 TI/CIVIL/FND/12 OHE foundation Drawings for increased Implantation from 2800 mm to 2900 mm from center line of nearest track. 26.03.2012


2000/RE/161/1 Pt. III

OHE Implantation


6 2000/RE/161/1/Pt III Standard Implantation for new electrification works. 3.11.2010
7 2006/RE/138/4 Standard Implantation for new electrification work 26.02.2010
8 2006/RE/138/4 Standards for implantation to be adopted for RE 17.09.2008



Standard implantation in future RE


Clearances Under ROB/FOB



Insulation Paint




Clarification regarding raising of under FOBs/ROBs


Cost Cutting Measured for RE


92/RE/161/9 Pt. I

Reduction of Cost of RE Projects – Use of Spun PSC Masts


2 2001/RE/220/4 Traction power supply arrangements- augmentation for meeting present traffic need. 05.07.2004
3 92/RE/161/9 Reduction of cost of Railway Electrification 25.03.1994

RVNL Policy Issues

1 2004/W-I/RVNL/15 Enhancement of the revenue stream of RVNL 02.06.2010



D&G Charges




Sanction of DE, Revised estimates


IRSOD Correction Slips

1 2011/CEDO/SD/IRSOD/Elect./02 ACSs to IRSOD(BG).2004 21.07.2014
2 2011/CEDO/SD/IRSOD/Elect./02 ACS No.15 to Indian Railways SOD (BG) 2004 19.06.2014
3 2011/CEDO/SD/17/O/Pt.II ACS No.2 to SSODs for Dedicated Freight Corridors of Indian Railways,2013 19.06.2014
4 2011/CEDO/SD/IRSOD/Elect./02 ACS No. 13 to Indian Railways Schedule of Dimensions (BG)2004 21.10.2013
5 2012/CEDO/SD/IRSOD/O/1 Addendum & Corrigendum Slip (ACS) No. 11 to the Indian Railways Schedule of Dimensions (BG) 2004. 28.12.12
6 2011/CEDO/SD/IRSDO/Elect/2 Addendum & Corrigendum Slip (ACS) No. 10 to the Indian Railways Schedule of Dimensions (BG) 2004 08.11.12





Other Reliability Issues

2 2002/AC-II/2/10/Vol.II Revised Codal Life of Assets 22.08.2012
1 2002/AC II/1/10(Vol.II ) CODAL LIFE OF OHE 25/02/2009

RDSO Issues

1 2007/CE-I/CT/18 Pt-19 Price variation Clause-46.A to IR's General Conditions of Contract (GCC)-'General Instruction'. 14.12.12
2 2006/RE/161/4/Vol-VI/FTS -30831 Provision of Numerical Relay Panels on traction sub-stations. 17.07.12


2008/RE/161/4 FTS-761

Vendor Developmental procedure for contact wire from indigenous CCC Rods


Procurement of RS and T/Wagon Issues

1 2012/CEDO/SD/RS/04 Condonation of infringement to IRSOD for 4-wheeler Self-Propelled MEMV 16.10.2012
2 84/RE/158/PL Norms/yardsticks to be followed for provision of 8 wheeler tower wagons/4-wheeler tower wagons on electrified Railways. 19.01.2006

Stores Matters

1 DG/Misc. Merging of Part-I and Part-II sources for contact wire, cat. Wire & SCADA 28.08.2014
2 99/RS(G)/709/1/Pt-I Placement of full quality orders on sources under part -II for items where there is no part-I source. 28/4/2004
Post Creation and Yardsticks
1 2013/E&R/3(1)/1 Yardsticks for gazette staff in construction Projects for the year 2013-14 29.08.2013

Policy Issues  for Outsourcing, Maintenance

1. 2008/Elect(G)/150/12 Out sourcing of PSI/TRD maintenance activities for newly electrified sections, transmission lines and sidings. 15.05.13

High Rise OHE

1 2006/RE/161/4-Vol. VII Allotment of execution of RE works included in Railway Budget 2013-14 19.03.2013
2 2008/RE/161/8/Vol.II FTS-61292 Decision to be taken for high rise OHE on Rewari-Manheru-Hisar-Ludhiana 11.01.2013


3 F(X) II-2006/PW/17 Delegation of Powers To General Managers 18.10.2006
2   CORE's SOP for consultancy contracts.  
1 F(X)-II - 2006/PW/3 Delegation of powers to DRM's for consultancy contracts. 16.05.06
  F(X) II-2003/PW/1 Delegation of Powers To General Managers 09.01.2003

Contractual Issues (Works tenders)

1 2007/CE-I/CT/13 Power of acceptance of Works Tenders 27.08.2013
2 2002/CE-1/CI/37 JV Pt.VIII

Participation of Joint Venture Firms in Works Tenders on Indian Railways-Additional Provisions for GM/ CORE & CAO/USBRL/NR.


3 2002/CE-I/CT/37 Participation of Joint Venture Firms in Works Tenders on Indian Railways 07.09.2011

Railway Electrification Issues

1 2006/RE/161/4/Vol.II(FTS-R 58430/2015) Provision of TRD estimate in proposal for doubling/3rd line (PH:15) in electrified/undergoing electrification sections. 11.06.2015
2 2013/RE/161/3 OHE span in Alwar-Rewari section of NWR for new RE works 27.06.2013
3 2003/Tele/RCIL/1 Pt. lX Procedure for undertaking digging work in the vicinity of signaling, Electrical 24.06.2013
4 2013/RE/161/3 OHE design in view of changed wind zones 20.05.2013
5 2013/W-2/ER/DL/05 Provision of Electrical estimate (Electrical/TRD) in initial stage while considering the proposal of doubling/ 3rd line in the Electrified territory. 03.04.13
6 F(X)-2008/RE/1 Methodology and evolution of Railway Electrification Projects 12.06.2008
Safety Issues
1 2009/RE/161/4 Precautions in25 Kv AC system 26.08.2014
Sanction of RE Projects
1 0-140 15/01/2011-PAMD Guidelines for  Plg. Comm.for In Principle Approval to RE Projects 23.08.2013
RE with New Line, GC, Doubling
  2016/W-II/ECoR/Misc/24 Revision in OHE parameters. 31.01.2017
1. 2016/W-I/Genl./NL-RE OHE Layout Planning in RE Works on Single Line 27.01.2017
2. 2014/RE/161/14/ Letter of AM/Plg. For RE with doubling/tripling etc. 02.09.2014
Issues With CRS,CCRS
1 200O/RE/161/1/pt.-lll (ACTM) pt.-l Introduction of Rolling Stock on Newly Electrified Section 19.01.2012

Tower Wagon Issues

1. 84/RE/158/1/2 FTS-2862 Future policy for Procurement of Tower Wagons 16.12.11
2. 2012/CEDO/SD/RS/04 Design and Procurement of only 8 -Wheeler rolling stocks on Indian Railway System 17.10.12
3. 2002/AC-II/2/10/Vol-II Revised Codal life of Assets 22.08.12



Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 31-01-2017  

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