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2023/Safety(Inquiries)/16/2 12.12.2023 Installation of Signals on Gantry
2023/Sig/17-Sig Equip/Maintenance/Part 06.11.2023 Streamlining Signalling functions Description writing at Signalling installation.
2023/ABSCOMMITTEE/RailwayBoard 16.11.2023 Guidelines for provision of Automatic Signalling and Twin Single line working over Indian Railways.
2020/Sig/31/Misc/24/Precautions 17.10.2023 Winter and Fog precautions for Signalling System.
2021/Sig/TCAS 04.10.2023 Kavach Working Group
2023/S&T/Dev/Kavach Corrres 11.09.2023 Advance execution of Infrastructure works Towers, OFC, Buildings & Feeder Power Supply on GQ, GD routes.
2020/Sig/18/EI/GEN-Part(2) 29.08.2023 Conceptualization of and Advance Version of EI
2023/Sig/17-SigEquip/Maintenance 24.08.2023 Signalling gears description writing and painting
2020/Sig/IRISET 08.08.2023 Competency in carrying out Signalling Modification/Alteration works.
2023/Sig/17/Cable Laying 07.08.2023 Protection of cable while executing works in vicinity


Commissioning of New works or Alteration to existing signalling installation.



Sections identified for survey of Kavach on GQ/GD Routes.

2021/Sig/21/Safety Performance 28.06.2023

Verification of Indoor and Outdoor writing work details of Signalling gears at stations.

2012/Sig/ATSS 27.06.2023

Compliance of stipulations – TSAA of EI & other sanctions at PCSTEs level.

2018/Sig/18/6-Data Logger/1 27.06.2023

Data Loggers – Upkeep, maintenance and usages.

2021/Sig/Estimates/DPR 22.06.2023 Checklist for S&T sub estimates submitted with DPR.
2022/Sig/33/1/SEM/Misc. 20.06.2023

CS no. 2 of India Railway Signalling Engineering Manual (July 2021 Edition)

2020/Sig/21/Safety Performance 10.06.2023

Issues related with Safety of Signalling.

2021/Sig/21/Safety Performance  10.06.2023

Joint Procedure Order Disconnection/reconnection for S&T gears.

2022/Sig/25 Conf/87th SSC Mtg. 01.06.2023

Minutes of 87th SSC meeting (2023)

2020/Sig/IRISET 31.05.2023

Special courses on ‘Kavach’ for Dy.CSTEs/Sr.DSTEs

2018/Sig/36-SD/1/Pt. 30.05.2023

Nomination of Committee members for “Standing Committee for standardization of typical circuits for EI and development of SigDATE”

2017/Sig/WP/Works Progress/1 18.05.2023

Gazette Notification for exemption in “The Railway Act 1989’-Dispensation of CRS sanction for identified siganlling works.

2020/Sig/TCAS/Estimates (e3316629) 18.05.2023

Components of Kavach/CTC inclusion in yard remodeling/ABS/LC gate/Signalling works

2020/Sig/21/Safety Performance 17.05.2023 Instruction for safe working in Relay Room at Stations Cabins.
2017/Sig/WP/Double Distant 11.05.2023

Raising of Sectional Speed to 130 kmph on BG Routes over Indian Railways

2022/Sig/33/1/SEM/Misc 31.03.2023

Addendum and Corrigendum Slip No. 1 of the IRSEM, July 2021 – Para no. 9.2.1, 9.2.2, 22.3.1

2020/Sig/SGF/7 30.03.2023

Proposed criteria for indigenous development of Software embedded system except systems having cab mounted equipments

2020/Sig/25A/6/Board Meeting 03.03.2023

Review of Safety.



TSAA of Electronic Interlocking



MRVC for approval of interface/logic circuit for EIs and PI/RRI






Source : Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-02-2024  

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